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  1. Mandy F added a post in a topic Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?   

    I haven't gone in to see my Dermatologist yet. But, I'm scheduled to next week. However, I've been using Phisoderm's Acne Body Wash with Salicylic Acid and it has improved my chest some. (Not to the point where I feel comfortable wearing a tank-top though) I'll let you know when I see my doctor next week!
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  2. Mandy F added a post in a topic Pityrosporum Folliculitis ?   

    Up until last year my acne was fairly mild on my face (thanks to Differin) and on very rare ocassions I would break out on my back or chest. A few months ago my face went haywire and I began getting cysts on my chin. So, my Derm put me on 100mg Doxycycline which I've been taking for the last 3 weeks. My face is much better. But, my chest is filled with these tiny red bumps that sometimes itch (especially when I get out of the shower) and my back is a total wreck, as well. I'm wondering if it is Pityrosporum Folliculits or just acne. I'm scheduled to go back to the derm next week. Should I ask for a biopsy? It's difficult to see the detail in this pic. But, does anyone have an opinion on what this could be? I'm so frustrated!!!
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