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  1. not good skin is doing badly and making me feel really upset - so hard to keep going anymore
  2. Life after accutane a log for me!

    skin is at its worst it has been a in a long time. Right side picking has left me with alsort of imperfections and getting through the day is becoming near damn impossible. Things i have realised: - right side is always worst for acne, clogging etc - picking and spots spreading has caused havoc on my right side - epiduo is okay but BP alone with AHA maybe better for my skin type - ale doesn't really break me out - food is a big causer of my skin issues - i have been diary free for years going to try remove and experiment - zinc 50mg a day going go try zma which was what i had whilst away and skin was decent not doing well just going to have to ride it out but i have feeling thisis going be so much harder.