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  1. I think I ruined my face with TCA please help!!!

    Hey guys! Sorry for the late update...yeah my skin peeled fine I was freaking out over nothing! Haha yeah my skin looks a little better, but I can't really tell right now. Ima wait maybe a month then get back at it with the dermastamp again, and hopefully a 25% Tca peel after that. I've gotten pretty good results by alternating from stamping and chemical peels. Thanks for all the help everyone!
  2. I think I ruined my face with TCA please help!!!

    Do you think it will peel? When scrunch my skin up, it looks crepey and wrinkles up
  3. I did a Tca peel using 15% solution 5 days ago and I haven't peeled at all, my skin feels rough and hard on some areas, but overall it's made me look way worse. My pores look bigger, my skin feels rough and dry, it looks uneven and has this horrible shiny bumpy texture to it. Is it going to peel soon? Have I ruined my skin! Please help! :(
  4. How severe is my scarring?

    Whats up everyone, I did a Tca peel, so I thought I'd put up some pics to show my progress...obviously the pics above is how I looked before the peel. I used a 15% concentration and nuetrilized it after 5 mins. This is right after I nuetrilized: This is is day 2: Day 3: Day 3: When do you guys think I'll start peeling? I mean my skin feels dry and leathery and rough...really hope I peel soon :/ My cheeks feel tight and parts of my temples; however, I did put solution on my nose and forehead and those parts don't feel like they're gonna peel at all...what do you guys think is up with that?
  5. How severe is my scarring?

    Thanks everyone, yeah I might try Tca cross/subscision and somechemical peels for the the color/roughness issue. I really don't mind having light scarring though, I think it gives me character gotta stay positive! I know things will get better!
  6. How severe is my scarring?

    Anyone? Please....
  7. How severe is my scarring?

    How bad are my scars...light, moderate, severe? Honestly it only looks bad in certain kinds of light. I think it's the roughness and huge pores and texture that makes it look worse than it really is. It used to look sooooo much worse but using various at home treatments I got it to look a little better. How can I get my skin to look better. I don't trust lasers, and I think the cost and risk out weighs the benefits. I don't want to mess my ski up even worse. What do you all think? Dermastamp, subscision, peels? I hate the orange peel texture so much and if I can get rid of that I feel like if look so much better, even if my scarring only improves a bit. I hate looking in the mirror so much, how can I help the orange peel skin, pores, and scars...sorry for the long post. Thanks to everyone! You are all always so helpful!all of these pics are in the worst lighting possible btw