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  1. zazaszai added a post in a topic Has Anyone Ever Used Dermalogica? Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts.. Good Or Bad!   

    I use Dermalogica products from cleanser to sunblock. It does help with reducing my acne and marks. Not all of it work best on my skin. My most favorite Dermalogica products are:

    Gentle Cream Exfoliant - Its a cream based exfoliant that contain AHA and BHA and natural fruit enzymes to exfoliate dead skin and help with skin renewal. Recommended exfoliant/ scrub for every skin condition especially acne-prone skin and sensitive skin as it is gentle. It also exfoliate the skin deeper compare with granules type scrub.
    Sebum Clearing Masque - its a cooling deep-cleansing clay masque. It helps to reduce excess oil, purifies our skin and also to prevent breakouts. It is recommended for oily skin. I have dry and sensitive skin. I use this masque whenever I have breakouts. When I first have moderate/severe adult acne, I use this frequently. Now, I'm using it occasionally as it dries up my skin.
    Skin Hydrating Masque - Recommended for those who have dry skin like me. It helps to soothe the skin especially if you have redness/ inflamed acne. This is my most favorite masque as it can be used on delicate eye area too.
    Skin Smoothing Cream - It is a medium-weight moisturizer cream. It helps to soothe and hydrate my skin. I use this at night because it kinda heavy to use during day time.
    Skin Hydrating Booster - a serum that contain Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol, Glycolipids and Algae extract. This serum can make your skin more supple and hydrates. I use this on day time right now. Previously, I used Gentle Soothing Booster when I had moderate/severe acne.
    Extra Firming Booster - work best on delicate eye area and neck. This serum has nothing to do with acne treatment as it doesn't help.
    Skin Renewal Booster - this serum works best for those who already cleared their acne and want to get rid of the red acne scars. this serum has a hydroxy acid concentrate of lactic acid, salicylic acid and hibiscus extract. it helps to exfoliates dead skin cell, renew skin cell and improving skin texture. I use this at night and the next day, I feel like my skin texture improving. I'm not using this serum whenever I have breakouts because it will make it worse.

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