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  1. titoziot added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    Don't do it! I mean, do it! GO ON THE DATE. If you cancel, she will think your not into her...

    As for me... Feeling creative/erratic. The only thing on my face that really can't be covered is a rather sharp looking zit on my upper lip. It's exactly where you would get the marilyn pearcing... So from far away, it looks like I have a sweet beauty mark. Debating if I'd feel any more insecure about it if I penciled it in black....
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  2. titoziot added a post in a topic urgent, urgent, urgent (please help me)   

    Those pics are tame, I imagined something BAD. Honestly, going out when you feel less than decent looking builds character. I bet 5 people in your class have serious acne. And another 10 have pungent enough body odor to confuse and disorient anyone who's an asshole enough to try and stare at that freckle on your nose

    It isn't the end of the world if you take a semester off... but the 6yr-BA student in me tell you not to. Professors are usually really receptive to things like this, just don't say its for a zit!

    Better solution. Invest in some makeup. Here's some Zit-Cover-Technique 101, in case your new to makeup. You can find these products at any drugstore.

    1. Primer: I'd buy Olay's Magic Perfecting Base. 13$ish, little pink jar, sold in a small box. It'll prevent concealer from soaking in. Apply the primer after you moisturize (if you do, you perfect complexion animal!). You want to pat it into your skin to fill any holes/pores. This won't clog them, but its meant to give you a smooth canvas so to speak. Let it dry 2-3 minutes.

    2. Concealer: Pick one a liquid one, it'll comes in a tube with a wand to apply it. Neutrogena/Almay are good brands that probably have a sensitive skin type that won't be irritating. You want to get color that is about a shade lighter than your skin. The green concealer is OK ... but its GREEN. If you buy that, you'll need a skin colored one too. Physicians Formula has a Peach/Pink toned concealer that also works to counteract the redness of your blemish. Use your finger to dab the concealer right on your freckle (hehe). You might need to let it dry, and apply another layer again, and maybe again, depending how you want it to look.

    3. Powder: Cover Girl, or some other cheapy brand, is fine. Get the loose power or the compact (which has a mirror so you can touch up whilst at school) in a medium color tone to match your skin. To cover just a spot - I'd use a Q-tip to break up the powder and dot it on top of the concealer to set it. It'll make the concealer last longer, but not a necessary step.

    I'll warn you that concealer never works so well that the spot/pimple will vanish. If you use enough to really cover the color of the spot, the skin will look cakey. But sometimes that's better than bright red!

    Good luck, and breathe! man! breathe!
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  3. titoziot added a post in a topic Masturbation / Acne Experiement 2010 // 2011 // 2012 !   

    I know we are suppose to read the whole thread, but this is SO long, so forgive me if I'm asking something that already has been. The initial post says something to the effect of, "we all know the connection between sex/mastrubation and acne".

    We do?? I don't! I guess I don't follow the premise... Orgasms tend to give my skin a nice glow in fact. I may or may not be known to do so before I apply makeup. *cough*
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