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  1. Eating Liver for Acne

    So, I just wanted to chime in and say that I've had great results with adding in food-based forms of retinol (vitamin a) into my diet. I'm 29, have had acne since I was 12. Essentially, cutting out cow dairy in all its forms has been the most impactful for my skin and acne situation. I can eat sheep and goats' cheeses and yogurts with generally no noticeable issues. In addition to eliminating hair and skincare products that were aggravating my acne, the more red, raised spots don't appear if I follow these key preventative measures. However, I still have really bumpy, congested skin. On my forehead, I have quite a lot of milia (those small round and white balls that live under the skin) as well as large pores that like to fill up with crap. Since 2015-ish I've also had a chicken skin-thing going on my neck - bumpy skin that hadn't been there previously. So, January 2017 rolls around - I start to think back to the brief times that I truly had clear (or almost clear) skin. One time was in college which coincided with taking a Costco fish oil supplement (I believe it was a mix of different fish oils). I also started to read about the benefits (and precautions) of taking cod liver oil and vitamin a in general. I started taking Norwegian Naturals liquid cod liver oil, 2 teaspoons a day. The appearance of my skin improved, and some lingering back acne went away. I also decided to cautiously start eating beef liver, about 100-150 g cooked in one meal, twice a week. Shortly after adding the liver into my diet (which was about one month after starting the CLO), a lot of the milia on my forehead began to push out. There was also a purge of hard bumps that had been under my chin and around my mouth area. One longtime milia/hardened pocket of crap on my forehead, dear old frenemy, also came out. The chicken skin on my neck disappeared. I understand that vitamin a toxicity, or merely taking too much, is a real issue. But, given my skin condition, my armchair health investigations have led me to believe that I have problems with keratinization and cell turnover, which seems to be the case for many acne sufferers. These vitamin a-rich foods appear to have a positive effect on my skin. Side note: I also see an esthetician who manually extracts my acne and clogged pores. This does wonders, too. I'm interested in seeing in a month how much my skin will be in need of extraction.