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  1. I just had subcision with laser and prp!

    Thanks! Should I also use vitamine C cerum on my skin? How about peptides? I will take a lot of vitamin C and drink orange juice. I will also eat right, excercise and try to stop smoking .
  2. I just had subcision with laser and prp!

    I'm a bit down. One larger scar is showing up again. I think I see an improvement. But not much. I am smoking and I know I really have to STOP smoking for the collagen to build up. Will the collagen start building up within the up and coming weeks? I am older so...
  3. I'm hoping my scars rise too. They were flat but I see a bit of them appearing again. I am using a suction device every day. Unfortunately, I am smoking which will not help in the optimization of the subcision. However, I hope to have quit by the next time I get my following 4 subcisions. Should I be using a peptide now? My doctor did not mention it.
  4. Can you suction too much after subcision?

    Thanks. Think I will suction as much as I can.
  5. Can you suction too much after subcision?

    Thanks. I just hope I didn't wait too long to start the suctioning. I got my subcision on Friday and waited until the following Thursday to do the suctioning.
  6. Can the procedure of suctioning be done too often after subcision? I had my first subcision done with co2 laser and prp last monday. I purchased a microdermabrasion suction device and took out the exfoliation tip. I am in love with the process and potential improvement with suctioning. I did wait 4 days before suctioning since my skin had laser. Is it safe to suction every day or can too much suctioning have a reverse effect? Thanks
  7. I just had subcision with laser and prp!

    I went out and purchased a microdermabrasion machine. I took out the exfoliation stick and it works perfectly.
  8. What are you using as a suction device?
  9. I just had subcision with laser and prp!

    jashun49 thank you for the information. I actually think this subcision worked! I don't know if it's due to swelling. But the swelling is going down and I can see an improvement on my scars. It's only going to get better. I HAVE TO STOP SMOKING FOR THE NEXT SUBCISIONS I GET! The doctor claimed I had box scars. I always was told I had rolling scars. This is what he used: CO2 fractional laser resurfacing with PRP and subcision of acne scars Question. I am using Aquaphor. Should I apply this after I put on sunscreen or before?  
  10. Does anyone know if I can purchase a suction machine for the skin anywhere? Thanks
  11. I just had subcision with laser and prp!

    Sorry the photos are not coming out good.
  12. I just had subcision with laser and prp!

    These photos really don't emphasize the indentations on my skin. I will have to take better photos. As I stated I really have to stop smoking for the next few procedures. Will I be sorry I did not do the suction? Is there any place I can purchase the suction device?
  13. I just had subcision with laser and prp!

    I wanted to do the suction treatment but my doctor didn't know about it. Is there a place I can purchase a suction device to do it on my own? My doctor used a co2 partial ablative laser.  I think that's what he did. I am going to get the exact details via email. I know I should know. I will post photos.
  14. I just had subcision with laser and prp!

    My skin feels kind of gross. I really want to wash it with the celaphil. But they said to wait for 48 hours.
  15. I just had subcision with laser and prp!

    Thank you. I wish you the best.
  16. I can't believe I finally did it! I just had my first subcision done along with prp and laser! It was done by a medical doctor I know. I'm swollen right now! He gave me a great break on the price. I couldn't pass it up. He suggested up to 5 treatments. I'm really excited. I have been tormented by these scars for years and years. I will let you all know how it goes. I have no photos to show.
  17. Does Faxel Laser work after subscision?

    Really? Do you have any before after photos?
  18. I saw the doctor. She recommended I do the dermapen and if there is a problem later consider subcision. This surprised me. She was also a fan of ablastive lasers. SHE DID NOT KNOW WHAT TCA CROSS WAS. The price seemed reasonable for 4 dermapen procedures.... 1400. I'm not sure what to think. She did not have photos of dermapen patients. I do kind of know a guy who does dermapens. I went to his wedding years ago. Not sure if he remember me but his wife knows who I am. Maybe I should talk to him. He's a doctor but not a plastic surgeon. They both go under the title of cosmetic surgeon.
  19. Thanks blahblah82. Very informative. I go for the consultation today. Now I am getting a little worried. lol I suppose I can find her medical degree online. Maybe I should play it safe and stick with a board certified plastic surgeon.
  20. Thanks Robertitoo, I am not even sure if this MD is a dermatologist. However, she does have acne scar correction on her website. She's gotten two one star bad reviews on a review website. But the others were good. However, I can't recall if the reviews were for acne scars or not.
  21. I have a consultation with a non plastic surgeon but an MD for subcision. Do you think this is wise? She advertises for this procedure on her website. She certainly looks competent.  
  22. Acne Scars Greatly Improved!

    I'm curious. Would a dermapen have gotten such good results as the great photos above?
  23. Acne Scars Greatly Improved!

    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! This is awesome! I was talking to some doctors today about subcision. Now I am going to get it done! A few times if I have to. Did you get laser? I heard bad things about laser. YOUR SKIN LOOKS AWESOME!
  24. Has anyone had their depressed scars raised with infini rn? I was just recommended it along with subcision. Thanks