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  1. Hi,

    What results did you have from your subcision and PRP?  How long was the downtime?  I think we may have gone to the same Dr.  I had mine done with Dr Rapaport and am having a second round on August 8th.  

    1. 51WithSkin


      Hi Sorry for the late reply.
      I did not go to Dar Rapaport although I did get a consultation from him.
      I only had one session with subcision and PRP.  I am supposed to get 5 sessions.
      The results were okay with one. But I will need 5.  My scars still bother me. I really want them to improve more.

  2. This is awesome. I wish I started dermarolling years ago. It's time to start. Did you dermaroll yourself or did you hire a professional to do it?
  3. Read the Q&A it's in the main sub forum ;-p Thanks. I will. I am wondering if the filler is permanent. Oh, after reading your post again I see it's not permanent. That can be costly. But it's safer.
  4. Thank you for your reply. What are the names of some of these fillers? I can do a google search.
  5. I purchased some acne body wash. It is working. The acne cleared up. Thank you for your reply. Thank you or your reply.
  6. Dermaroller Sanitizing Question

    Thank you for your reply, beautifulambition. Thank you for your reply acne scar obsession.