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  1. How I stay clear!

    Thanks for your post. Are there any drawbacks from using accutane?
  2. Should I get my teenager on some sort of antibiotic treatment for small break outs on the face?
  3. Suctioning Question

    I have a good suction device. Should suctioning be done after TCA Cross? How about just in general after no scar treatment?
  4. ha ha ha a woman just said "I am so handsome" on facebook... right after I posted what I wrote above. LOL
  5. Thank you for your courage and amazing story! Perhaps I will read on of the books you suggested. Thank you for your feedback. I have tried anti-anxiety medications years ago. Now I know a good night' sleep does the best for me. I am going to see my counselor this week. I will bring up my BDD feelings to him. HEY bro or sis but don't worry i think everyone does to certain extent so your not alone ...... best of luck Thank you very much man. On Facebook I usually get "oh you look so good.. handsome... but not this time. Lol makes me wonder if they see my flaws. Pathetic, I know for a man in his 50s to admit this. lol
  6. Looking good again?

    What's the best advice to help my face look good again? I'm not in my late 50s. I also smoke.
  7. I'm pretty sure I have body dysmorphia of my face to a certain extent. I just see all my flaws and nothing else. This torment comes and goes and right now it's here again. I hate it!
  8. Your post is promising. I have a very deep scared pore on the left side of my nose under my eye area that I would like corrected with TCA Cross. Perhaps you can check it out and give me your opinion.
  9. Can TCA Cross help this deep pore?

    Thanks. I actually thought about having it excised and stitched. I would hope that would make it better.I have been reading up on the excise and stitch procedure. It looks a little scary.
  10. Can TCA Cross help this deep pore?

    Anyone have any suggestions?
  11. I have not idea how I got this deep pitted pore. Can TCA help reduce this severity of this type of scar? It's very small but it's deep. Does anyone know a good practitioner in Northern NJ to help correct this? Thanks