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  1. Subcision Success!

    Thanks. What do you mean by HA?
  2. Acne Scars - Before and After

    fergyferguson20 Congratulations! I see wonderful improvement on the smoothness of your skin! This is so encouraging!
  3. Subcision Success!

    Hi beautifulambition' Thank you for the feedback. It's really by the bone.... I will have to talk to the doctor about this. What is a derminator? I'll have to look it up. By filler do you think a permanent filler? Thank you for the link.
  4. Subcision Success!

    I am happy to say that the subcision I had last year worked very well on one scar. I also had a laser and prp. On my right cheek I can hardly see the large scar. It was getting worse because I am older. It's much much better! I do still see other scars but they have improved as well. In certain light I see a scar under my eye on my left cheek, but that's under certain light. I wanted to go for the four follow up subcisions but I don't want to deal with my wife nagging me on how vain I am. But after seeing the scars again I really want to do follow ups!! I have a few questions. Around my eyes, where the crowsfeet are, I have two or three deep acne scars. My question is, would a dermapen work better for that area, or should I continue with the subcision? How about dermarolling? Since it's by the temple where the crows feet are and in creases, I'm curious what you think. I hope to get some answers. Subcision really does work!