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  1. Thanks for the reply. Then I will only get a subcision during the summer.
  2. Thanks for the response. By the way, what is HA filler?
  3. I want to get another round of subcision and laser done. However my skin burns easily in the Sun. Should I wait until the summer is over and get my new subcision and Laser done in the fall? Where is it safe to do it during the summer with sunscreen as long as I don't stay out too long in the Sun? I really want to get there for new treatments of subcision done and the doctors giving me a good deal to have it done with laser as well. In addition, is waiting three or four days long enough to go back to work? Thank you for your help.
  4. Will lump from subcision go away?

    I had my subcision in February also. But the lump is hardly noticeable. It might be for my CPAP machine and not the subcision at all.
  5. If I wait about 4 to 6 months between subcision will I get just as good results than if I get them closer together?
  6. I might have a slight lump from my first subcision I had a few months ago. It's very slight but I can see it in certain lighting. Will this go away? I want to get a few more subcisions. I am kind of happy with the results from my first procedure. Thanks for any info you can reply with.