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  1. I've been clear for 6 months here's what worked for me :)

    Hi snarkygirl, thank you so much for sharing your success story, it is literally exactly what I needed to read right now! I'm dealing with acne in my mid-20s and started taking Dianette about 4 months ago with no real improvement but a month ago my dermatologist put me on 50mg of spiro and last week increased it to 100mg. I'm really frustrated with my skin at the moment because I don't feel it's improved anything like as much as I'd hoped by now, but reading your story has given me hope. I really hope I see results as good as yours by the time I reach month 3 of spiro. Congrats on the clear skin and long may it last!
  2. Most Effective Alternative to Spironolactone?

    Thanks for the info on your spiro treatment, that's really encouraging for me and I hope my experience is the same! I've heard of it temporarily affecting male fertility (this being reversible once you come off the drug) but haven't seen any mention of it affecting female fertility. To be honest, if I found a drug that kept my skin clear and didn't come with nasty side effects for me I'd probably keep taking it until I actually wanted to conceive. I tried a combination of saw palmetto and nettle but unfortunately it wasn't strong enough to deal with my skin. I'm 24, so I totally hear you on being fed up of acne and just wanting normal skin! Hope the saw palmetto combo works for you, keep us updated.
  3. Anybody managed to get spironolactone prescribed in the UK?

    So I was expecting to have to have to work really hard to persuade a dermatologist who wouldn't have even heard of spiro to prescribe it for me. Turns out she'd not only heard of it but had even prescribed it before, so with my profile and the fact that my mental health is a contraindication for isotretinoin she actually thought it was a really good idea to try this first. Just took my first 50mg pill and upping to 100mg after three or four weeks if it's not doing anything by that point. Fingers crossed it works for me and doesn't have hair loss as a side effect! Or a nasty initial breakout....
  4. Most Effective Alternative to Spironolactone?

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience svuchic! Glad to hear it's starting to work for you and that the initial breakout wasn't too dire. Hope you keep seeing improvements from here on in.
  5. Anybody managed to get spironolactone prescribed in the UK?

    Thank you! I'm not expecting to get very far..... I'm fully expecting them to have never heard of spiro and just want to shove me on some other useless antibiotic. But I'll let you all know. I'll probably come on here moaning about it afterwards!
  6. Most Effective Alternative to Spironolactone?

    Saw palmetto theoretically does the same, but it's nothing like as strong as spiro and it's not strong enough for me. I will be desperately trying to persuade my derm to prescribe me spiro when I see them on Friday! Glad to hear it's had such good results for you. Do you mind me asking what dose you started on and what dose you had success with? Did you get an initial breakout or did it just clear up? Trying to get as clued up on it as possible. Also there's a post on here by Green Gables called something like "The Big Hormone Post for Both Men and Women" which has loads of natural antiandrogens listed and effective doses for each. Definitely worth a look.
  7. Anybody managed to get spironolactone prescribed in the UK?

    Hey everyone, so I managed to get an appointment cancellation just before Christmas this Friday. So posting here again to ask if anyone has managed to get spironolactone prescribed by an NHS dermatologist in the UK? I still feel this is my best option if I can persuade them, but I'm not convinced I'll be able to. Thanks!
  8. Setting powder/setting spray recommendations?

    Hi, thank you for replying! Not sure how easy it will be to get hold of that in the UK but I will have a search. Do they do a spray or only powders? My skin feels so dry at the moment I don't even know if it could handle powders. Thanks again
  9. Natural Anti-Androgens

    I've tried saw palmetto and stinging nettle root extract. Of the two I found saw palmetto more potent and still take it regularly, but it's still not strong enough to keep my skin under control without the pill unfortunately. People often have better luck combining two or more. I really recommend a post on here by Green Gables called something like "The Big Hormone Post for both Men and Women", it's really informative and gives lots of ideas for natural antiandrogens.
  10. Does this look like improvement (pics)?

    I definitely think it looks better, much less red and angry and the under the surface bumps have gone down so it looks much flatter too. I'd say this is good progress for only a few weeks so keep going! The red marks will fade in time.
  11. Hey guys, I need your help. I've only recently come across the idea of using setting powders or setting sprays to make your makeup last longer. This is something I really struggle with due to oiliness as my foundation tends to become a bit of a mess by a few hours in. So I could really do with some recommendations! My main concerns are a ) that it won't break me out and b ) that it won't disturb the makeup underneath that I will have spent a lot of time perfecting to hide all my horrible spots! Very especially the first one..... My skin also tends to be quite dry because of my treatments which can make it look cakey under too much makeup, so nothing too drying either. Maybe that means a spray would be better? I'm totally new to this so a bit clueless! Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  12. That's just blatant discrimination, I'm so sad to hear you experienced this. Well done for standing your ground. They had no right to ask you to leave. Although I would personally never go back there because an establishment with those values doesn't deserve your money, it deserves boycotting.
  13. Saw Palmetto for girls - need advice!!

    I take saw palmetto. My only complaint with it is that it wasn't strong enough for me so I've ended up back on birth control anyway (but my cystic acne was quite bad so doesn't mean it wouldn't be strong enough for other people). As far as I'm aware it has no effect on estrogen, it just blocks DHT. I did a lot of research on side effects etc. before taking it. Some people get mild stomach upset if they don't take it with food and there was a worry in the case of one individual who had surgery whilst taking it that it might have played a role in his excessive bleeding but I personally think it's an unlikely correlation. There's certainly no evidence of it causing blood clots as that would require thickening of the blood when the only suspicion is that it might thin it slightly. Other than that there are practically no side effects reported and I've personally experienced none. I read about people saying it prompted breast enlargement as well but I think this is probably wishful thinking. I've noticed no such effect myself and the supposed mechanism of action shouldn't cause that in any way so it makes no sense. If you can't tolerate saw palmetto, another one I've tried is stinging nettle root extract (the root not the leaf). Apart from tasting pretty disgusting I've had no problems with that either, but again for me personally it wasn't strong enough. Hope that helps!
  14. Anybody managed to get spironolactone prescribed in the UK?

    Oh no, I'm sorry to hear that! I have heard stories (on these boards) about Spiro causing hairloss. I had really bad hairloss from coming off Dianette but that was 3 months later because a hair's life cycle is about 3 months so it takes that long to respond to whatever's causing it. Not sure if maybe lashes and eyebrows have a shorter life cycle and that's why they've been hit first? I think you're wise to come off the drug if it's causing problems and I really hope it resolves itself for you soon! Also hope the hormone tests bring some clarification. Sorry this is happening to you. Sending hugs xxx
  15. Anybody managed to get spironolactone prescribed in the UK?

    Sorry to hear you've been going through the same. I think people without acne can't possibly understand how much it affects you mentally and impacts on every area of your life. I know I shouldn't let it, but I can't help it, it just upsets me so much and I feel like such an inferior, sub-human, disgusting monster. When my skin's good I can fight the mental health problems and lead a vaguely normal life but when the skin's bad my mental health goes completely to pot and I just get paralysed. That's why I need it to get better so badly! I wish I could be one of these people who remains confident and active even with acne, but I just can't. Yeh, my first one! Wasn't much fun and they've never been regular since except when I'm on the pill. They've never shown any interest in investigating the cause, just shove me back on the pill again, but I'm convinced that and the acne are linked and that my hormones are seriously messed up in their natural state which is worrying for lots of reasons. I think it's wise to give the Spiro a chance to work on its own and it sounds like it's starting to which is great and makes me want to try it even more! Trouble is my appointment is so far away and even when I get the appointment I highly doubt I can convince any NHS dermatologist to prescribe off-label like that. That's really interesting.... I'm 24 and a couple of years ago I grew a couple of inches as well! That was when my doctor ordered the hormone panel because she said I shouldn't be growing at that age so she wanted to check there was nothing sinister going on but everything came back "normal" (or within what they call normal and don't do anything about anyway....) It sucks still dealing with this in your 20s doesn't it? It feels so unfair when everyone else grew out of it in their teens and now has beautiful skin. *sigh*
  16. Anybody managed to get spironolactone prescribed in the UK?

    Pretty hopeless to be honest.... my dermatology appointment isn't until 20th January and I feel like I'm doing everything I possibly can in the meantime but to no avail, because I'm still breaking out and getting cysts. *sigh* Can't even leave the house at the moment so my life is just on hold and it feels terrible. I had clear skin 8 months ago but I ruined it by coming off the pill and now I can't get it back. Sorry to hear the doctors aren't taking your thyroid problem seriously, but that sounds exactly like the kind of reaction I've had from doctors as well. They just don't want to know. I hope the holistic doctor takes the time to help where the others haven't, but you could always try going to a different regular doctor as well because you clearly have persistent symptoms that need addressing. There are some good doctors out there who will listen (or so I've heard!) When I first started my periods I was on constantly for about 6 months and had to go on a pill just to stop it so my cycle has never been normal and I got none at all off the pill which was quite worrying along with the hairloss but when I told the doctor they just shrugged it off and said I could go back on the pill if I wanted, which I did in the end because of my skin. Hasn't helped with the skin yet but at least the hairloss seems to have slowed down a bit. Just wish the skin would follow! I didn't know it was the progesterone that helped skin, I thought it was the estrogen (and in the case of my pill the antiandrogen). There are some foods and supplements that are supposed to raise progesterone but I'd understand you not wanting to try that if you've had bad experiences. It's hard to know what to do to balance out your hormones when you're not really sure where the problem lies. Have you considered going back on the pill or are you trying to stay off it? Think it probably does more harm than good in the long run but I just can't seem to cope without it. I can sympathise with that, I have quite a love/hate relationship with makeup as well. Can't leave the house without it but almost every one seems to make me break out. My old reliables are Garnier Oil Free BB Cream (though sadly that's not enough coverage for me anymore) and Maybelline Pure Liquid Mineral Foundation which is really hard to get since they discontinued it but the Affinitone one is the same ingredients. How long have you been taking Spiro now? Sorry you're having to deal with an initial breakout, they're horrible. Hope you get through it soon and come out the other side with beautiful clear skin!
  17. Anybody managed to get spironolactone prescribed in the UK?

    Hi, thank you so much for replying! I had a hormone panel done a few years ago when they suspected a thyroid issue and they all came back within normal (even though every sign in my body says that I have too much androgen or at least am hyper-sensitive to androgens) I'm actually wondering if I might have underlying PCOS because as well as the severe hormonal acne I also have a completely wacky cycle and always have (though it's been masked with the pill for a long time it dates all the way back to when I was 13). When I was off the pill for 4 months I didn't have a single period and my hair started falling out! But the doctors don't seem much interested in investigating it, they just give me the brush off. Yeh I have been taking Saw Palmetto (had it pegged as a natural alternative to the pill before things got completely out of hand) and I thought I'd come off it once I was back on the pill but every time I try to reduce my dose I break out in more cysts! It seems to help a bit with the cystic side of things but not much with the normal smaller stuff. Basically I don't really want to be on it anymore but I'm too scared to try coming off it at the moment unless I can replace it with Spiro. I've been using Cetaphil for years and years because my doctor recommended it. I have been clear whilst using it before so I don't think it can be causing any issues. It's me myself that has a bad mental health history (total breakdown with multiple suicide attempts a few years ago) but that came after them consistently refusing to prescribe Accutane because I was on antidepressants so I felt like I had no way of helping my skin and no way of not feeling depressed whilst my skin was so awful so I felt totally trapped in a vicious cycle. I agree with you that it's a false correlation anyway. I think people with the severity of acne to warrant Accutane are most likely depressed before they start the course and perhaps the initial breakout (which is something that really scares me about Accutane!) exacerbates it in some people. But basically I think with my history they don't want to be held responsible if I do anything, even though I'm much more likely to if I don't find a solution for my skin! Sorry for the long ramble, but I really appreciate your input. Have you been on either Spiro or Accutane yourself? What were your experiences?