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  1. Epiduo...Ouch!

    Oh dear, that does sound like an extreme reaction so perhaps you are allergic. What you're using sounds great, but jojoba oil might also help as it's very gentle and very moisturising. Hope your skin makes a speedy recovery!
  2. Thanks. I feel like sugar is in absolutely everything though! Do you just avoid obvious stuff like cake, puddings etc? I've had good results from avoiding dairy and animal fats (and break out badly if I touch either of these).
  3. Anybody had success with saw palmetto for female acne?

    Ah thank you! That gives me some ideas for combining as well. But I think you're right that starting out on just one to make sure I don't get side effects is a good idea. I've bought some 160mg standardised saw palmetto capsules so was going to try taking those twice a day. Really hope it works for me! I didn't even realise the Dianette was doing anything much until I came off it and all hell broke loose on my skin.....
  4. Anybody had success with saw palmetto for female acne?

    Hi, thank you so much for replying! Your thread is really interesting and I'm so glad you've had success with it. I've not heard of using stinging nettle or pygeum, do they have a similar kind of effect to the saw palmetto? Really hoping it will help me as I'm at my wit's end since coming off birth control. My skin is just horrible. Thanks again!
  5. Can I ask how you cured it on your own? Sorry you had such a rough time with derms. I understand the feeling too well, mine have always been useless too, wouldn't even prescribe me Accutane.
  6. Replacement for jojoba oil

    I got my jojoba oil from Holland and Barrett and it seems pretty good and has lasted me years!
  7. Epiduo...Ouch!

    I'm no dermatologist..... but I've been using Epiduo for years and my skin responds really well to it, and I would say that two pea sized amounts twice a day is way, way too much to start out with. Half a pea size for your entire face once a day followed by a good moisturiser is absolutely plenty. I would advise not using it at all for a day or two and just moisturise, moisturise, moisturise, then try again with this tiny amount and see how it goes. It's a very strong product, so less is always more!
  8. Anybody had success with saw palmetto for female acne?

    Please help I'm breaking out horribly right now and desperate to hear people's experiences to give me some hope.
  9. SSRI affecting hormonal acne?

    I had a dreadful cystic acne breakout 3 weeks into taking sertraline/zoloft (another SSRI) but had no skin problems in several years of taking venlafaxine/effexor (an SNRI). I certainly would never touch sertraline again, but with others it's probably unfortunately a case of trial and error as everybody reacts differently (my doctor said she'd never ever seen that kind of skin reaction with sertraline before but it was definitely that because as soon as I switched it got loads better). My advice would be to try whatever the doctor recommends but keep a really close eye on your skin and be aware of any changes. You can also try other kinds of meds like beta-blockers if it is just anxiety rather than depression you are dealing with. I've never found antidepressants much help for anxiety anyway.
  10. Hi guys, so I am back on this forum after having relatively clear skin for the past couple of years because having come off the Dianette I am now breaking out horribly again! My doctor won't prescribe me Dianette anymore because I've been on it for about 3 years and they're worried about the blood clot risk (as am I) but since coming off it I seem to be breaking out all the time again (at least one new spot every single day) and it's making me really depressed and miserable all over again. So now I'm looking into alternatives that might help with my acne. I'm fairly convinced my acne is hormonal because of my age (24) and the fact that Dianette seemed to help it so much when I was on it. So my questions to you guys are: Have any of you had significant success with saw palmetto for female acne? If so, what dosage and brands did you use and how long did it take to see a result? (I'm really not keen on megadosing so am hoping people might have had success with lower doses here!) And did you have any side effects? Is it safe to use? Thank you all in advance
  11. Anybody found anything that actually works for oily skin?!

    Thank you purplxed, that's really good to know and I found other people saying the same thing when I looked it up as well. Will have a search for the products you mention but not sure if I'll be able to find them in the UK. Hopefully amazon might have them! Thanks for the suggestions
  12. Anybody found anything that actually works for oily skin?!

    Thank you!
  13. Anybody found anything that actually works for oily skin?!

    Thanks Mitsu! Would I be able to get that in a drugstore too or do you find it more in those natural remedies kind of shops? What form does it come in and how do you take it? Sorry for the questions, I've just never heard of it before....
  14. Will Benzoyl Peroxide work for me?

    Your skin doesn't become immune to benzoyl peroxide no matter how long or how much you use of it so I'd say it's definitely worth a shot. The 10% will probably be very drying and the irritation itself might be causing more acne. The 2% will be much gentler so you may even see improvements and it's definitely less harsh for your skin in any case!
  15. Anybody found anything that actually works for oily skin?!

    Ah great, thank you! Is it not meant for skin then? Will have a look next time I'm out.
  16. Acne For 9 years

    I know the feeling..... 24 and been dealing with it 10 years as well. That said it's been a lot better the past year *fingers crossed* because of a combination of Epiduo and cutting out all dairy from my diet. If I eat dairy by mistake I always break out again, sometimes with cysts. It's not pretty! Maybe test to see if there are any food types that might be triggering your continued breakouts.
  17. Should I take my dermatologists advice...?

    I tried the regimen ages ago and my skin was just red raw the whole time even after several months. I don't think bp is supposed to be applied more than once a day personally so I would go with what your dermatologist says. I've had much better results applying Epiduo (containing bp) once a day than I ever did on the regimen applying twice a day because it irritated my skin so much.
  18. Anybody found anything that actually works for oily skin?!

    Thank you for replying snarkygirl. No I haven't tried milk of magnesia. Where would I go about getting some? I've been on birth control before and it didn't seem to make any difference unfortunately. But I'll try your other suggestions, thank you
  19. Please please please please please help. I am going out of my mind here. For the fourth time in as many weeks doing my volunteering with children a child has asked my why I look so sweaty and I know it's the oily shine they're noticing but I feel like I've tried everything to help it and nothing works. Has anyone had real success with any product for reducing oil and shine?! Things I've tried: Epiduo and other topical retinoids Blotting papers Garnier long lasting shine control moisturiser Facial antiperspirant Loads of different "mattifying" make up products Dianette oral contraceptive Please does anybody else have any other suggestions for stuff that has actually worked for them?