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  1. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Can I Use Retin A?   

    I would say don't use both at the same time. If I were you I'd keep using the Retin A at night and use the BP in the morning. Also make sure you're using a good moisturiser as the combination might be a bit irritating to begin with.
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  2. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Is This A Cyst?   

    I'd say it's not a cyst but it's hard to tell what it actually is because the photo is quite blurry. I'd spot treat it with Epiduo three or four times a day and see if that reduces it. Usually works for me.
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  3. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Scar Or Just Wound Healing?   

    No offence, but I literally can't even see it! Your skin looks great
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  4. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Will I Grow Out Of Acne?   

    Well there's no sure way of telling, but it sounds to me you have a pretty good chance of growing out of it around the same time your parents did, especially if it's mild at the moment. Sadly I'm 23 and still suffering with it.
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  5. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Best Herbal Anti Anxiety Thing?   

    Bach Rescue Remedy is pretty good. I used it to get me through my driving tests. You put a few drops on your tongue.
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  6. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Is It Safe To Take 1 20Mg Accutane Pill Per Week?   

    You shouldn't take Accutane in any way, shape, or form without proper consultation and instruction by your doctor. It's a very dangerous medication if you get it wrong. Could you see your doctor to discuss a low dose course?
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  7. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Why I Drain My Cysts And Nodules (And Would Encourage Others To Do The Same!)   

    Well my father is a psychiatrist, so not exactly an expert in skin, but he does have a medical degree and did emergency medicine and surgery for a while earlier on in his career. He says the first thing you're ever taught in surgery is that where there's pus, drain it, never leave it sitting there if you can make a small incision to extract it. So he's always encouraged me to drain them, and although it took A LOT of persuading for me to try it, I do now fully agree with him!

    In terms of technique, I use adapalene for a few days beforehand to get rid of some of the surface skin and persuade the cyst to come nearer to the surface. Then I take a hot shower, and when you get cysts hot like that more often than not you'll find a very teeny tiny head starts to appear. If you can't find it then you need to very gently exfoliate a little more off the top and it should come up without too much difficulty. Then it's a case of a sterilised pin and very gentle squeezing until it purges. Then most importantly always follow up with benzoyl peroxide while it's still open to prevent the cyst from reforming.
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  8. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Tetralysal Lymecycline   

    Currently still on it but about to stop over the next couple of weeks so I shall let you know!
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  9. MoonlitRiver added a topic in General acne discussion   

    Why I Drain My Cysts And Nodules (And Would Encourage Others To Do The Same!)

    I know this post will be controversial as it goes against what most people tell you about cysts and nodules and severe acne in general. But my experience has been so different that I felt like I wanted to put my alternative view out there in case it helps someone else.

    So, a couple of years ago I broke out in very severe cystic/nodular acne. I live in the UK, so a referral to an NHS dermatologist takes 2-3 months and I couldn't get cortisone shots or anything like that in between times. My face was unbelievably swollen and painful and I could not take the pressure of all the fluid squashed under the surface of my skin. My dad (who is a doctor) also told me that he would never want infected fluid to stay sitting under the skin on his face for any amount of time and told me I'd be better getting rid of it. So....... I began draining them (very carefully!) of their fluid, then covering them in a layer of benzoyl peroxide and letting them heal.

    Now, bearing in mind we're talking about cysts and nodules ALL over my face, by the usual view I ought to have been covered in deep pitted horrible scars when my active acne finally cleared up right?

    WRONG! I have barely any scarring at all. One or two very slight ones, but nothing very noticeable, and nothing like the scars I see on the scar forum from other people who have had cystic/nodular acne that has healed.

    I suspect that the reason for this is that the longer you leave a whole load of infected fluid, under pressure, sitting beneath the surface of the skin, the greater damage it is going to do to the deeper layers of your skin. Draining them requires you to somehow carefully pierce the surface of the skin in order to get that fluid out, but that mark heals very quickly and doesn't tend to scar. Whereas if you don't drain a cyst or nodule the pressure builds up and up and anyone who's experienced these types of acne knows just how painful that is. Pain is your body's way of telling you that something is causing damage. Draining the fluid out gets rid of the pressure, gets rid of the pain, and therefore gets rid of the thing that is causing permanent damage to your skin. Thanks for reading.
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  10. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Tetralysal Lymecycline   

    Yeh it should say on the leaflet what supplements you shouldn't take with it, can't remember off the top of my head. No initial breakout for me, it just started improving slowly over a couple of months.
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  11. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Dropping Lymecycline Dose, Will I Break Out Terribly?   

    Bump. Please share your experiences of this if you've done it! Thanks x
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  12. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Tetralysal Lymecycline   

    Should definitely help mild acne as it got my severe acne under reasonable control within a couple of months. Do be careful about supplements though as they can interact with it.
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  13. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic HELP!Cystic Acne Left Huge Deep Hole in My Face!!   

    I've had exactly the same experience as MissMia. If I leave cysts they scar, if I CAREFULLY drain them as soon as they're near enough to the surface for me to be able to then they don't scar anything like as bad.

    All that said, what you have here is not a cyst. What you need to do is LET it scab over and leave it well alone for a few days. Wash very very carefully so as NOT to take the scab off again. If it comes off accidentally, dab a bit of benzoyl peroxide on the open wound then leave to scab again. What you will find is that if you give it a few days to heal itself underneath the protection of the scab, the scab will then drop off when it is ready and you will have flat healed skin underneath. The major thing is just to let it be, and let it heal itself. Good luck.
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  14. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic Dropping Lymecycline Dose, Will I Break Out Terribly?   

    Yes I am still breaking out on two doses but the spots aren't the deep nodules like before, more like regular whiteheads. I've been on single dose lymecycline for nearly 2 years now but the double dose only about 4 months.
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  15. MoonlitRiver added a post in a topic How To Stop/decrease Oil Over Production?! Causing My Spots   

    Garnier long-lasting shine control moisturiser helps me.
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