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  1. I am sorry to hear that... are you clear from your acne now? I felt very cheated by my doctors and dermatologists too, who's education and practice brought them to prescribe only topical and oral meds with little more insight than that. It was only when I started research myself that I found dozens of other things and could (and did) help.    "There are people for whom diet has no effect on their acne. It is however wrong to say that diet is not a factor in some people". That is very true. Diet will always help your health and skin, make no mistake about that. Redness can go down, skin regrowth may rise!...  ... But, in the END, let's remember that it may never be enough for some people, or the right thing, to help their skin get rid of their acne. Because I was already doing multiple other things, such as exercise and good sleep, I have no clue if a lazy lifestyle with JUST a healthy diet would have worked on its own. And just avoiding dairy milk was not enough for me... sugary foods and deserts (without milk) also caused many pimples for me... and even THEN I'm not clear! I ALSO in addition have to eat good things, and that's when i'll finally see some improvement over a couple of months, which to many people may seem like a long time. Our skin is always affected by our diets, but for people who do not get acne, their skin may not appear to change that much. It is still a change, but all that may happen is that they will go from "glowing" to simply "averagely smooth" with some slight dryness or rough edges, and without one spot in their entire life. And for those who are paleo/raw/vegan/whatever who eat no junk foods or sugar and have very healthy lifestyles, they may be all over the place with their acne, extremely sensitive from the tiniest of things... such as the sugar in fruits and the starch/carbs in potatoes and rice. Even today I'll still get some pimples, and that's from fruit and lack of proper nutrition (like skipping vegetables for just a day or two!) But I am definitely far better off now then where I was before. I am confident that in over the next couple of years, my 15 years of acne build-ups and sufferings will cease to be as strong as it once was, and that I may one day return to casual cookies... but it is not a terrible fate if I am unable to do so ;).