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on 26/08/2012
DO NOT BUY PROACTIVE!!! These money suckers hire INSANE people who will blow out your ear drums whenever you come across any problem with their product. People, the medicine they use WILL make your face red and dry but that's not the point, the point is using a regime that WORKS. Who the hell do these people think they are? Their company sucks, their employees suck, and they have more "Consumer Reports" and "Scams" (Google it) than any other TV advertisement I have seen or care to read up on. Do some research on the company and THEN review it when you get off the product. I bought their product and tried to cancel two weeks later when I found out what these people do for a living, but it was too late because they ALREADY sent out the second package for twice as much! We tried canceling the order but they refused to leave our bank account alone. We closed our bank account next month JUST to get these people off our ass but they CALLED OUR BANK demanding us to pay for the second AND third month! We ended up pouring everything the sent us down the drain! The regime takes way too much time, makes your skin smell and feel like ass when you get off it, and their customer service literally harasses you AND your bank/credit card company making sure that you make payments you never authorized on. RESEARCH the company people!!! RESEARCH!!! Screw these people for taking several hundred dollars away from us and for wasting our time. Be weary of positive reviews here.
on 21/01/2012
After reading and researching Dan's daily regime online, I decided to go to my local pharmacists and ask what kind of Omega-3 pills they recommend for average daily living/skin. They pointed out these gel like fish pill capsules and said that the only common side effect I may have is diarrhea, but only if I started with all three at once.<br/>I went home and decided to only start with one capsule (on a full stomach) the very next morning. The morning after that (day two) I didn't really have much of an appetite for anything, even water, which was very strange to me. Regardless, I lasted the whole day, becoming VERY tired when I got home from not eating much. Then the very NEXT morning (day 3) I woke up a little dizzy and light headed. I came home from work later that evening only to lay in my bed for 5 misserable hours from terrible stomach pain. Finally I threw up everything I had and DEFINITELY some nasty fluid that smelled and tasted like the fish oil. I felt better of course, but my puking lasted all night until mid-afternoond the next day.<br/>I haven't gotten sick like that in almost 3 years. So without eating anywhere else but at home, and my entire family eating exactly what I did and NOT throw up, it just seemed like way too much of a coincidence for me. I must assume the most likely source and warn everyone that the fish oil made me sick.<br/>Overall, I am sure this works for some people, but it made me as sick as a dog. Everyone is different, so always be careful what you are taking before you stick it in your mouth, no matter how harness the internet/pharmacists claims they are.
on 31/12/2011
The ENTIRE Proactive kit, including larger sizes and mask and "secret spot treatment" took a HUGE chunk out of all my paychecks, and for what? The promise of COMPLETELY CLER SKIN? Well, it didn't work for long, and I tossed the medicine where it should have been before... in the trash.<br/>I have had my acne for over 10 years and used Proactive about a year ago... up till now. Because I was gentle and generous, I continued to pre-order and use this product with the promise of better skin.<br/>The first day I used it, I woke up refreshed and quite smooth actually. My skin itched a little but that was to be expected.<br/>A few days later my skin has now dyed itself red, but once again this is EXPECTED and I tolerated every horrible dry skin flake up that I could. Please keep in mind I did NOT wear makeup this entire time, earning myself weird looks from both my job and classmates. But hey, it's a PROMISE of clear skin, right?<br/>Exactly one month later, a lot of my acne has vanished, but I got a few more cysts that seemed to be greatly unaffected by everything, even the mask.<br/>Two months later, the redness has finally subsided, but the dry skin flakiness was still present and extremely irritating.<br/>Four months into the treatment and some acne was beginning to come back. I also noticed that this didn't do a THING for a lot of my current acne. Medicine smell was assuring and crisp though, so I swallowed my doubt and continued to use the product.<br/>Six months later and my skin had a weird smell to it, not the gentle softness that was promised. At this point my eyes are completely dry from the medicine evaporating into my face and I am beginning to have my doubts. But the numbers advertisements and product reviews online CONTINUED to encourage me, so I swallowed my pride and proceeded.<br/>After almost a year now, my skin looks as though only 1/3 of my acne has really vanished. Into the trash everything goes.<br/>OVERALL: FAR to h