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  1. Worst skin I've ever had and at 25 years old

    You're definitely not alone. My major cystic acne struggles started when I was 27 years old. I'm 36 now. I've had some pretty good success with various prescription drugs, but since you want to go the more natural route, I feel like zinc supplements have been a godsend. I also started magnesium glycinate. As "bad" as it is to say, spending lots of time at the beach in the sun and salt water helps dry up things for me. I apply Epsom salt dissolved in water all the time and it really helps me, as well.
  2. Cystic acne in over drive

    I'm prone to cystic acne. I gave up ingesting dairy, but I do like to apply Greek yogurt on my face. It's even better with turmeric mixed in, imo. Beware, turmeric stains!!! Use old bath cloths, towels, clothes, etc. if you decide to do it. Your skin/eyebrows/hands may look a little yellow for a day or two as well, lol. If you wear makeup that covers it up, though. The turmeric yogurt mask feels so good to me. Some people dislike the smell but I love it. My absolute favorite thing to do is apply water with a crap ton of dissolved Epsom salt to my face. I just dip cotton balls in it and apply it all over while I'm watching tv or reading or whatever. I do it before bed and go to bed with a white crystallized face but my husband doesn't give a crap, lol. I find that helps my skin out a lot.
  3. Acne on chin area only

    Sounds hormonal to me. I take spironolactone to get rid of excess androgens (I had really oily skin and was prone to cysts) and am on Tri-Sprintec for my birth control. I went to an endocrinologist who prescribed me metformin, which is used to control blood sugar (spikes in blood sugar messes with hormones which can equal acne). After a full blood panel, I learned I'm deficient in zinc. It can happen the older you get. So I take that daily. Zinc helps regulate hormones. I started magnesium glycinate as well, since I was borderline low on that. Talk with your gyno, general physician, and derm. See what they think.
  4. Any link between acne and magnesium deficiency?

    I've seen and felt an improvement in my body, face, and mood since starting zinc. I started magnesium glycinate (not a full dose daily, though) about a month of so after the zinc and I feel as though that's working very well, too. I had a full blood panel done and learned I was very deficient in zinc. My endocrinologist wanted me to take folic acid since I was low in that, but I broke out after taking it. My magnesium was borderline so I started that on my own. I'm learning that nutritional deficiencies truly screw a person up...body and mood.
  5. Have you ever applied any steroid such as cortisone or any hydroquinone? It sort of resembles perioral dermatitis. I've had perioral dermatitis twice, and while it didn't look just like that it just kinda reminds me of it. The location and all.
  6. Simple acne cure after 7 years of suffering

    I'm lucky in that I live in Florida along the Gulf of Mexico, so I spend as much time as possible in the salt water and get sun on my face. I bottle some salt water and bring it home to use. I've also noticed that Epsom salt mixed in water has done wonders for my face. I apply it all the time. I use a crap ton of Epsom salt so I have a crystallized face but I don't care, lol. Makes my skin feel great.
  7. dental health

    I've often wondered about this myself. There were times when I'd get an ulcer in my mouth I get a zit somewhere around my cheek/chin area...generally within distance of the ulcer. Like Snarkygirl said, I think there's a connection between inflammatory conditions within the body and acne breakouts.
  8. Can You Recommend a Moisturizer?

    I use CeraVe. It's gentle on my skin and has never caused a breakout for me. You can get it at any ol' store.
  9. This has happened to me and unfortunately for me they never filled back in on their own. I've had pretty good success with fillers...particularly Juvederm. Edited to add: Oh, and I heard similar things about lasers. They never really helped, either. This isn't said to bring you down...it's letting you know I'm in a similar situation as you. You might want to check with your derm or a plastic surgeon about fillers.