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  1. Obagi Clenziderm M.D System

    I tried it and while I initially liked the feeling of the products on my skin I don't feel I really see a huge difference.  Using them over a period of time really dried my skin out.  I'm not telling you this to discourage you.  Where it didn't work for me it may work great for you.  I have cystic acne that I have to treat using spironolactone, not eating any sort of dairy whatsoever, and have to watch my sugar intake.
  2. Pcos Girl - Starting Spiro Today

    I'm on 100 mg a day. Stay with it. I got off of it briefly because I ran out and wasn't able to get back to the doc...horrible mistake. Cystic acne flared up within that month. So I reckon I'll never be able to get off it. Oh well, as long as it continues to keep the cystic acne at bay, so be it.
  3. Birth Control Help?

    If you go back on it I wouldn't take it every other day, I'd take it as prescribed...every day. I'm currently on Tri-Sprintec and it works fairly well for me as far as acne, but it definitely helped regulate my cycle.
  4. Spending time in nature helps me. Just observing things. Back when my dog was still alive he helped a lot. Petting him, talking with him, etc.
  5. I definitely think stress influences acne. I mean, anytime you're stressed that raises cortisol in the blood. Like you, I never had serious acne problems until I went through a traumatic experience. It's forever altered me.
  6. I'm 35 years old and will be 36 in March and I still break out. My husband has a new job and we finally have insurance again so I'm going to an endocrinologist to get a full panel done. I already know I have something "off" with my testosterone and perhaps my estrogen (I'm on spiro and BC) but by God I'm going to do whatever it takes to figure this $#!+ out. I also had an ovarian cyst years ago and think I may be prone to them so I need to get that checked out as well. I accidentally ran out of spiro and wasn't able to get back to my doctor for approximately a month and broke out like MAD...huge cyst and several nodules. I've been back on my spiro for a little over a month now and while I don't have the cysts and nodules I had I still break out. I'm effing sick of this.
  7. Terrible Acne Only 15 Years Old

    Good deal! And good luck!
  8. Terrible Acne Only 15 Years Old

    What's your diet like? I've found that dairy is the devil! Try cutting out all dairy for a few weeks to see what happens.
  9. Getting A Tanda Clear

    I've had two Tandas. I find that they start acting goofy (not wanting to hold a charge) and shut down (overheating?) rather quickly. At times I've thought I saw improvement of my acne, other times I wonder if money was wasted on the dang thing! Lol. I don't use it EVERY day, just when I feel one coming up or else when I'm just sitting around the house and decide to use it. The heat does feel good on your skin, and the one I have now vibrates as well. I can't remember what the purpose of that is...? But I do think the heat helps to thin out sebum.
  10. So Confused! Hormonal Acne

    I believe I have PCOS as well. I feel that my testosterone is elevated although I haven't had a panel done yet. I know I had an ovarian cyst before because my gyno discovered it with an ultrasound. I was put on a week's worth of estrogen to shrink the cyst. BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE! Lol. I wasn't on spiro at the time, that I recall. Years later I think I got another cyst due to pain and pressure that was very reminiscent of what I experienced before, but apparently it took care of itself. I've been on spiro for years except for last month I was off of it for about a month because my prescription ran out and wasn't able to get back to the doc for a new script. I broke out HORRIBLY!!!!!!! Needless to say, I won't get off of it again. I'm on the pill, but I'm not sure I really see a difference one way or another. I'm actually on it due to incredibly erratic periods. If you don't mind me asking, what BCP are you taking and what's the dosage of your spiro? And why are you deciding to get off both? I'm on Tri-Sprintec and take between 100-200 mg of spiro a day (2 pills). I should be getting insurance again soon and plan to get a full blood panel done...hormone levels as well as blood sugar, since there's apparently a connection between elevated blood sugar and PCOS. Like you, dairy and sugar are triggers for me. Initially it was just milk, ice cream, and yogurt that gave me trouble. Now it's progressed to all cheeses (used to be able to eat Parmesan or the melted white cheese at Mexican restaurants without any trouble), ranch dressing (even powder!), cheese powder, butter (used to be able to eat that)...I mean, ANY and ALL dairy. Even Cheese Nips. So I've cut absolutely EVERYTHING dairy out of my diet. I'm thinking I see a problem with sugar, too...I'd drink iced coffee with almond milk and started noticing breakouts, so I've cut back on that, too.