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    Dan's Regimen: Month 2
    Hey readers!

    I am currently on my second week of my third month but I was not able to post my Month 2 results! This month was really weird since I was in South Korea for 10 days for a study tour. Although I ran on 5 hours of sleep daily, did not exercise, and ate really delicious/unhealthy foods, my skin got better by the end of the trip. I think it was the cold and dry air because I still strongly believe that there is a correlation between acne and diet. Below is my short diary of my weekly progress. I still have this cycle of having clear skin and then eruptions of breakouts. However, if you compare my Month 1 with this, you can clearly tell that there is a HUGE improvement. My cheeks are also 90% clearer and the only pimples that appear are next my jawline. Thank you for reading and I will hopefully have good news for you for Month 3!

    Month 2
    Week 5: jawline breakout (cheese
    And crappy food), left side perfect
    right side breakout on whole face
    Week 6: breakout died down, March 20th beg. of Korea trip
    Week 7: Korea trip breakout, all healed but one massive one
    Week 8: Back in LA, Clear for 3 days then breakout on whole jawline, very little redness only
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  2. Augustus46 added a blog entry in Dan's Regimen   

    Dan's Regimen: Month 1
    Hey readers!

    So I began Dan's Regimen on February 8th, 2013 and I have been keeping track of my progress on my phone. The Regimen includes being extremely gentle, and using large amounts of cleanser, moisturizer, and benzoyl peroxide. By the time I started this, cysts were already coming back since the time I finished Accutane. Also, I was having weekly breakouts of cysts mainly on my jaw line. For more information, please go check out

    Month 1
    Week 1: Many whiteheads, itchy, breakout on jawline

    Week 2: Itchy, less pimples, redness, right cheek breakout

    - I want to say that the first two weeks were very hard. It was very itchy and I was so red. I would recommend doing the regimen a hour before you sleep. So your skin is calmed down by the time you sleep. As I could not sleep one night because of the itchiness.

    Week 3: Major breakout whole week, no more itchiness/redness

    - I think this week was when my initial breakout peaked. I was so depressed and actually felt emotionally insecure like I did before I went on Accutane. However, the jojoba oil (I will talk about this in another post) I ordered came in and the redness disappeared; at least one good thing.

    Week 4: This week will end on March 8th. I can't believe the change, my cheeks are totally clear and I has like only one active pimple the whole week. I got a cyst on like the 4th day but that is only one and I can live with it.

    I want to say that I was VERY skeptical of this when I began as I used benzoyl peroxide for spot treatments in the past. However, even that had caused irritation and dryness. I will tell you not to worry, because my skin is not peeling or itchy as long as I take it of it. I mean your skin will definitely need time to adjust to the BP so I recommend starting with a very small amount of BP.

    Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more updates. I will make posts relating to the Regimen before month 2. Hopefully I will be fully clear by month 3!

    - Austin
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  3. Augustus46 added a blog entry in Dan's Regimen   

    Post Accutane: One Year
    Hey guys! I have not blogged about my skin since I finished Accutane. However, I recently started Dan's Regimen (Clear Skin Regimen) and I will make another post about that. However, it has been about one year since I stopped using Accutane and I think it is a good time to post an update.

    So after I finished Accutane, my skin gradually worsened; however, I will say that my skin has been clearer this year than before I took Accutane. Do I regret taking Accutane? I don't regret taking it because although it was not the miracle for me, my skin did improve and my back acne and chest acne completely went away. Furthermore, there were way fewer cysts and the pimples I got were not the deep painful type.

    THEN, about 2-3 months after I finished, I began getting these really small, pus-filled, red and itchy pimples on my face. They felt like mosquito bites and were extremely red. So upon researching after I thought it was the sweat I got from exercising irritating my pimples, I discovered that I had folliculitis. Basically, it is the infection of hair follicles from bacteria. When I went to my dermatologist, the intern did not believe me. However, I was pretty sure what I had since the itchy pimples appeared in the areas I used the razor. So I ended up having to take probiotics to restore my good bacteria.

    When that finally disappeared, my skin continued gradually worsening. However, I vowed not to go on another round of Accutane as it is not anywhere near as bad as my acne before. So I researched many things and discovered Dan's Regimen. I will blog about that in another post. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you will stay with my for my new journey!

    - Austin
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  4. Augustus46 added a blog entry in My Accutane Journey as an Athlete   

    My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - End! May 14Th!
    Description -
    Hey everybody! I want to apologize for my delay, I did not forget you guys. I just had too many personal and academic things going on in my life. However, everything has calmed down and I want to tell you guys that I finished my five month on 15th May 2012. My skin is great but there are also some negative effects I will talk about later. I apologize again and happy Olympics!
    Side Effects -
    So my dry lips and everything went away pretty quickly and I am now swimming again! HOWEVER, the small pains in my lower back is occasionally still there when I lay down.
    Advice -
    So I have started reusing many products to take care of my face. I found these two videos on Youtube that may help you guys. I have only tried the honey one but it helped me so much in my black heads and redness.

    Skin Post Accutane -
    My skins is amazing! I have been able to eat and drinks some drinks that are not so good for me. However, I do not really regret it since I need to enjoy my life and my cystic acne is not preventing me anymore. After my course, my oil came back pretty quickly, now that it is summer, oil blotting sheets are my life savior. I do have the occasional teenage pimple, but they go away the next day with the proper care. I have had probably three to four cysts that returned but I will not worry about them. With the oil came the black heads on my nose, the honey mask really helped this. IMPORTANT: From time to time these pimples filled with puss appear on my cheek. They do not hurt and are small but are itchy as mosquito bites. They only appeared after I finished Accutane, but once I pop them they heal the next day. Before and after picture will be posted, I am sorry I only found one picture of me before I took Accutane (I think you will all understand why).
    Conclusion -
    I apologize again and I will definitely do another post on my post Accutane journey in a few months. In the end, I am extremely happy with the results and I can now look others in the eyes when I talk. Many people have noticed my dramatic transformation and complimented my skin, a first. For those who are going through this, the journey will go fast than you think so hang in there! For athletes, I will post a special note at the bottom for athletes. I am so happy and remember to stay busy during your journey and warn your friends of the possible side effects. If you guys want I can post my skin care regimen, but only if you guys ask I do not want to waste my time.
    Athletes -
    My conclusion is that athletes should think VERY carefully before they go for Accutane. Before I say anymore, remember that each person will experience different amounts of side effects. About one month post Accutane, my fragile skin (another side effect) on my pinky was sliced open by the metal bucket as I was playing sponge relay. Now I only grabbed the bucket and I have to get about four stitches. This can be a model for physical contact athletes. Also, maybe it is before I am done with Accutane or because school and track season is over, but I am not as fatigued anymore. Anyways, swimmers should not take this as your skin will bleed from the dryness. All in all, please consider all the possible side effects before you take Accutane!
    Picture -
    This is the only picture I can find and you can not see all the cysts on my jawline and back. I am sorry for the shirtless picture but I have to quickly snap a picture and you can see that there is not more chest acne!

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  5. Augustus46 added a blog entry in My Accutane Journey as an Athlete   

    My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 17,18,19
    Description -
    I combined another three weeks together because everything is going great! I recently calculated how many mg I will have taken by the end of my five months( Which I think is about 115mg/kg but the recommended dosage is 125mg/kg; so I plan to ask my dermatologist to give me one more month. However, I must stress that the dosage amount is different according to the severity of acne (some people get almost 200 mg/kg)
    Side Effects -
    - VERY dry eyes, wearing glasses most of the time to school
    - I am literally applying chap-stick every 5 minutes
    - Very dirty ear lobes, probably because there is no oil to trap the dirt out? Not sure
    - Dry nostrils, dried boogers that will not come out
    - If I apply Vaseline into my nostrils, it starts smelling terrible after awhile
    Advice -
    - Every morning make sure all the Vaseline is wiped from inside your nostrils
    Skin This Week -
    - Little bit more oily
    - Like 1 pimple
    - I got a painful pimple in my ear somehow
    Sports -
    This upcoming week is my Track league finals. I have PR'd (person record) recently However, some things I've noticed is that my dry eyes get very teary when I run because of the wind. I am positive that I accutane is part of the reason I am always so fatigued. Yesterday I got a very long and wide cut on my arm from a nail scratch while playing basketball. This was a result from the fragile skin everyone has while on accutane. Therefore, I believe that every sport will have difficulties with accutane with swimming - painful dryness, contact sports - cuts, and running - possible joint pains and fatigue.
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  6. Augustus46 added a comment on a blog entry My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 14,15,16   

    Oh and I reached day 100! I just felt like it was special haha
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  7. Augustus46 added a blog entry in My Accutane Journey as an Athlete   

    My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 14,15,16
    Description -
    Hey guys! So since nothing major happened I combined the past three weeks. Today I just took my 5th blood test, it's suppose to be my last month. However, I plan on asking my derm to give me 6 months to be on the safer side. Furthermore, since it might be my last blood test I decided not to look away during the blood drawing. Let me tell you, it was pretty nasty even though I am not scared of blood. When I was told to open my fist my blood literally squirted two inches inside the tube (the lady just laughed at my expression). In addition, this week I forget to eat one pill, my second time (shame on me)! So recently I found a very rare picture of me when I had terrible acne. Therefore, when this is all done I will be happily posting a before and after photo!

    Side Effects -
    - PEELING LIPS! (I barely keep this in check by exfoliating with a wet towel)
    - Drier eyes for some reason (But I can wear glasses since my face is currently not oily)
    - FRAGIL skin! I went to the beach the other day and I got so many scrapes. In fact, I tripped and was holding a plastic shovel that pushed into my skin. With Accutane the shovel took out many layers of skin, even the life guard said it was deep.
    - red rashes with small bumps, I am guessing it's eczema. I can control this with lotion so no worries

    Advice -
    - Buy a good moisturizer, no matter how expensive it is since I have used my moisturizers for about one year now (I have one for morning and one for night)

    Skin This Week -
    Pretty good! except I am guessing a white head just inside my nose
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  8. Augustus46 added a blog entry in My Accutane Journey as an Athlete   

    My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 12 & 13
    Description -
    I just began my fourth month, time went by so fast while on Accutane! So my allergies are gone and I can see my skin improving everyday. So earlier a week ago I went to get my blood test so I can get the meds on time. However, my dermatologist kept delaying and said that I could skip a few days since my face is better. Of course my skin is better because I only skipped one day (I am not even sure). Honestly, my dermatologist is pretty unhelpful considering that I pay $50 every time I see him for 5 minutes.

    Side Effects -
    - Same old
    - Fragile skin, a bump against an object can scrap off a thin layer of skin
    - Minor bleeding inside my nose
    - I just want to add that I have had no thoughts of suicide

    Advice -
    - For dry lips, every morning and night take a wet towel and gently rub your lips in a circular motion. This will exfoliate and prevent LAYERS of dead/dry skin peeling off on it's own throughout the day.
    - I have done this before. Looking into the mirror and seeking out every little flaw about myself. For those who do this, know from experience that others won't see most of the flaws things you see. I have proven this and it helps me keep my self-confidence up when in my opinion my skin is bad.
    - Swimming - So I have stopped swimming at the gym for 2-3 months now. Last week I went for the first time and immediately my skin cracked. From this I concluded that it's impossible to take Accutane and swim; football is probably bad too with the fragile skin.

    Skin This Week -
    - A few stubborn blackheads or small pimples but I can deal with them

    Running -
    So my left knee healed but my right hip, knee, and ankle started to hurt. I am still very fatigued but I have gotten much better. Furthermore, my back is not hurting as much and I can do stretches easier now. With my dry eyes + contacts, I get a lot of tears when I run.
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  9. Augustus46 added a blog entry in My Accutane Journey as an Athlete   

    My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 10 & 11
    Description -
    End of another two weeks! So I have started track season and I have much to talk about. First, having allergies and taking Accutane is very bad. From the constant usage of tissue, I managed to get a HUGE blister on the side of my nose! It went away after 3 days (accidentally popped it).
    Side Effects -
    - Same old
    - Minor nose bleed that didn't come out
    - Back pain
    - Can't leave without my chap-stick, I have 3 open and used constantly
    Advice -
    - Every night apply Vaseline into your nostrils with a Q-tip. This will help prevent it from drying and result in bloody noses.
    - Apply vaseline onto places that are dry and easily crack. I apply it on the sides of my chin and the part my earlobes touches my head.
    - VASELINE - From my experience Vaseline causes my pores to clog and create black heads. This is because vaseline moisturizes by trapping moisture inside and skin. However, for oily people it will also trap the oil in. Therefore, even with Accutane I refrain from applying Vaseline onto my nose, which is especially oily with bigger pores. I will do another review when I am done with Accutane or such.
    Skin This Week -
    - Two (quite large) pimples during week 10, however it went away but left two scars
    - skin (anywhere) gets damaged or scraped easily
    - Annoying blackheads and whiteheads
    So I started track season with a hurt knee (I don't think it's from Accutane). Anyways, I am not sure if it's because of tane, but after my first race five days later I am still not recovered and fatigued. Then, I had another meet yesterday which didn't help at all. With tests and everything, I have been very tired lately. My back pain and restricted me from doing certain stretched and warm ups. In addition, since I am as dry as a dry prune, during races my nostrils and throat has been especially dry. Therefore, I do recommend taking Accutane one week before the end of your fall sport so you have one whole off season for Accutane.

    Thanks for reading, see you in two weeks!
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  10. Augustus46 added a blog entry in My Accutane Journey as an Athlete   

    My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 8 & 9
    Description -
    Hey guys! It's been another two week and I finally entered my third month!!! Now, I think it's safe to say that my initial breakout was not that severe. This was probably because before Accutane I took antibiotics for my cystic acne. Which worked to a certain degree with very irritating side affects. Therefore, I started taking Accutane when I noticed I was getting use to the antibiotics. These past two weeks was hell, I had a combination of sever seasonal allergies with Accutane side effects. This combination caused me to have tear, sweat, and snot flying out when I run. I don't have it anymore though, now that I finally got my allergy medicine =.=. I just wanted to add that if you live near L.A., you should start taking Accutane in the fall season. This is so you don't have to deal with too much sun and you will finish right before summer. However, if you wish to not let people see you during your IE, then you can take it during the summer. Although, you will be missing out your break and having to deal with the burning California sun. I will be back either next week or in two weeks with updates. Thank you for reading!

    Side Effects -
    - same old
    - Dry patches of skin, eczema? They go away though
    - Dryness which caused the part where my earlobe touches my head to rip. It hurts very much and I've been applying vaseline and neosporin on it. In my earlier posts I said that my skin is very fragile right now. As a result, where they ripped are large red marks.
    - Flushing when I laugh too hard or when I am embarrassed
    - With the problem of bleeding, I researched and it is probably due to dryness of my anal ring or somewhere near there. However, if you guys see dark blood I would suggest you call you derm and discontinue taking Accutane until then

    Affect Running?-
    -I haven't said much about how Accutane affects me as an athlete because it didn't affect me that much. However, recently I have noticed a little bit of pain in my hips and knees. This may be due to the beginning of track season and the intensified workouts. Furthermore, I have noticed that certain type of stretches I have to do slowly because of my back pain. Even though the back pain does not affect me in any way while I run.

    Skin This Week -
    - The first week I had two large pimples, one on my forehead and another on my right cheek (I break out more on my right cheek...) These also left those red marks I talked about
    - Although there are currently no pimples that hurt, there are still many white heads and black heads
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  11. Augustus46 added a blog entry in My Accutane Journey as an Athlete   

    My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 6 & 7
    Description -
    I combined week 6 and 7 because nothing much happened in week 6 and I had finals. So today I got my blood test for my upcoming third month (so fast!). Really I have had seasonal allergies for two weeks now... I think eating Aprodine with Accutane made me get stomach aches so I stopped. Anyways, it's horrible and I bring a huge stack of tissue to school. In addition, I have a very strict diet because of acne and last week my friends called me uptight for it, but I guess they don't understand why I am very strict when they eat instant ramen freely. I am very excited to start my 3 month and I might combine weeks if nothing new arises. Thanks for reading!

    Side Effects -
    - Same old
    - Shedding of one layer of skin everyday on my lips
    - FLUSHING and REDNESS!!! I can bear the normal redness that makes me look a little sunburned, but I get sooooo red when I laugh or yell too hard or get angry... I am practically feel the blood flushing my face, people always think I am blushing in every situation.
    - SCARRING! Alright I discovered that while on Accutane my skin scars easily and is very fragile. Even if I don't pop a large cyst, it leaves big blotch of red and dark skin that looks like it was burnt. It also takes up to 2 weeks to 1 month to fully heal. This also applies to other areas of the body, so be very careful about injuring yourself.
    - *IMPORTANT and DISGUSTING* I noticed minor bleeding when I wipe my butt, I am not sure if its Accutane hurting me or because I've been pooping much more after starting Accutane. I will keep a close eye on this issue.

    Advice -
    - Combination of moisturizer and Vaseline has eliminated any trace of flaking
    - I don't recommend using Cetaphil's gentle soap bar to wash your face (it dried me up!), which is why I use it to wash my hands before I touch my face

    Skin This Week -
    - Few normal pimples, the huge ones I got from stressing over finals last week are gone.
    - Aside from a few pimples, redness, and pigmentation my skin is in pretty good shape! People even said that it looks smooth and wanted to touch my face. However, I wouldn't let them since their hands might not be clean.

    Questions -
    - What type of allergy medicine is safe to use with Accutane and could be used in the morning?
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  12. Augustus46 added a blog entry in My Accutane Journey as an Athlete   

    My Accutane Journey As An Athlete - Week 5
    Description -
    Yay! Just finished the first week of my second month! Well this week was great! I didn't have one single cyst since almost 1 year or more? There was no flaking and less back pack. I just wanted to add that I have told some of my close friends about Accutane and to keep a close eye on the dangerous symptoms. I really hope that my minor initial breakout is over. For the athletes, so far I haven't had joint problems even when I run for over an hour. I know that I am slowly gaining my confidence back, I was easily able to make eye contact in a presentation this week. In addition, my friends and family has also noticed a difference on my skin

    Side Effects -
    - Common ones
    - Redness and flushing when I laugh too hard -_-
    - *Not sure if related* I have been more sensitive about things since I started the Accutane course. I guess we will know when I finish the course and see.

    Advice -
    - I think it's better for outdoor athletes to start Accutane during the winter since there's less sun
    - Vaseline has really help stop my flaking (so far it has not made me break out)
    - I started using Burtsbee chap stick and it's really nice, not too thick but moisturizing
    - Water is very important! I take 3 bottles of water (metal bottles) to school everyday

    Skin This Week -
    - No cysts!
    - Only 2 pimples with puss that was probably due to stress over my finals
    - Somehow more oil
    - Only a few black heads on my nose, even the ones in the side crease of my nose are gone

    Relationship between Kimchi and acne. Leave your thoughts here!
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  13. Augustus46 added a post in a topic Relationship Between Kimchi And Acne   

    That's fine! Definitely the diary :/
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  14. Augustus46 added a post in a topic Relationship Between Kimchi And Acne   

    Yeah I am planning on experimenting myself since I LOVE kimchi. If kimchi doesn't break you out then you should just eat kimchi for your probiotic intake since diary breaks most people out. For calcium I changed from milk to almost milk, taste so much better haha. You probably bought activia already haha! So goodluck and keep me posted if it breaks you out or not if you can. Thanks!
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  15. Augustus46 added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Relationship Between Kimchi And Acne
    So does Kimchi cause acne? I was researching and others said that it doesn't? However, I've always heard that spicy foods cause acne. Have you ever tried experimenting this?
    • 6 replies