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  1. I'm desperate to end eruptions of a lesion type folliculitis infection in my beard. Skin history: Developed severe acne on my back and on my forehead when I was 12. After being disfigured on my back due to the severity, I took Accutane and it seemed like it cured me. Virtually leftwith no scarring on my face. At that point, my facial hair began to grow in. I am now 21. The issues with folliculitis are never ending. After about 6 months of beingoff Accutane I developed an infection in the hairs just beginning to grow on my face. I did another course of Accutane and it again cleared me. The pattern repeats and repeats and repeats. In total I have done around 8 courses of Accutane (and antibiotics)with the same doctor. In the past 3 years I have also had issues with yeast on my cheeks. These also have been reoccurring issues. However, it seemed the yeast and folliculitis lesions were different from each other. I was treated with fluconazole and it seems to make the yeast go away for a time. I am now on course of Accutane again for painful lesions in my beard, but it almost seems like it's getting worse? The lesions get so deep and don't seem to heal,and at this point itis really starting to scar my face. Should I have my beard lasered off? Ineed relief..... Something tellsit has something to do with yeast.