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    Encountered extreme dryness (skin eyes), joint pain and brain fog while on it. Dryness, including gums/gum recession has persisted ever since then. Brain fog a and joint pain has come and gone in a cyclical manner. Sexual side effects, eye floaters, and hair loss have been recent and latent phenomenon.

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  1. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Hey guys, just checking in... looks like we're kind of thinking along the same lines with diet and fast experiments... I will be doing another fast again, since I've had softer skin and hair effects from the master cleanse, next time I want to do the master, then go straight into water... but more research.

    For now, I am preparing to do the olive oil/epsom liver gallbladder miracle flush... I know others were going to do that as well and I don't check in on this website enough so if any of you guys want to share with me your experiences I'd love it if you'd message me or tag me (if that's possible) in your flush results posts.

    The final thing, and possibly most important is glandulars. glandulars, glandulars glandulars. I have spoken about them before here and as I see them helping my eye floaters and helping my skin dryness when nothing much else has, and as I do more research and theorizing, I am becoming quite confident that they are the most powerful tool at our disposal.

    glandulars are freeze dried raw animal parts from animals that have the same amino acids, enzymes, t-cells, etc that we humans have and our bodies will absorb them and heal itself with them... the like heals like approach has helped many people with nasty problems online. It's just so simple and cost effective that the mainstream has and will try to suppress it; half out of embarrassment that it is so simple and half out of greed.

    As some of you know, I have made a website to promote and sell glandulars that I cannot post onto this forum but if you would like to know the address, please shoot me a message... or, you can search for the product that you want on standard process and then buy it from amazon but I strongly believe if you're not using glandulars for your problems, you are missing out.

    Cleanse and rebuild--- glandulars rebuild.

    BTW, peppermint essential oil cured my ibs.
    picamilon cured my anxiety.

    Did a cleanse last saturday that made me crap a lot and feel amazing--- woke, drank some baking soda (boosts ph and kills fungus) little while later drank epsom salts... little while later took some niacin and flushed and sweated in the sun, took a nap, after all the trips to the toilet ended around noon, I felt way energized.

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  2. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Hello everybody,

    I wanted to post about my results of doing the master cleanse for 12 days.

    I did the master cleanse by the book with the exception of still taking my glandulars for multiple body parts. The cleanse is easy enough because you don't get hungry at all but the worst parts for me were: 1.) having to make so many drinks per day because I squeezed the lemons by hand. 2.) Also, the sea salt water flushing water was awful to choke down but I think I was putting too much salt in them... I have been off the fast for a month now and I believe the salt water flushes are good for you so I it once a week in the morning.

    The cleanse underscored the implications of our gallbladder/liver in all this because before the fast I had a bloated upper stomach and 2 days into the fast my stomach started churning a lot and by day 3 the upper stomach bloat was gone. I was hoping that this would lead to better bile flow post fast but alas, this is still a problem.

    Note: d-limonene has been shown to help with gallstone solubization.

    I have noticed improvements in skin softness on certain parts of my body but other parts remained just as dry.

    My hair has been softer ever since.

    That is about it.

    I had a lot of energy while on the cleanse, I felt really good; euphoric at times.

    I have been toying around with the idea of doing it for 30 days, this time I would take a few drops of lemon essential oil too... I've heard that taking supplements voids a lot of the benefits but I just get so much benefit out of my supplements, I just don't know.

    Regardless of future Master Cleanses, soon I am going to do a coffee enema in hopes to stimulate my liver. I've been reading about people having great results on these and the only bad stories come from people who do them too much.

    Any of you tried coffee enemas? They sound like they could really help us kick our liver back into gear.

    Oh also, I noticed a decrease in under arm odor during and after the master cleanse.
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  3. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    The latency thing is like the biggest mystery to me... makes me think accutane gallstones...

    On the other hand my success with peppermint followed by now, eating as much fat and food as I want makes me think stomach, somehow--- or perhaps both...

    But either way, with my standard process digestive products combined with my peppermint, I eat as much as I want and am trying to eat as much food and fat as possible, since I am following a muscle growth protocol by Timothy Ferriss and his book "The 4 Hour Body"... which I bought initially to get tips on healing my body overall so I could heal and share my successess... If you recall from my earlier posts I have had success with his sleep tips... and now with his slow carb diet, and slow movement excercises I put on good muscle and I lost fat from my stomach in like 4 days... no digestive problems--- except I should be having more frequent stools and nuts show up undigested sometimes, but I mean no terrible noises or discomfort like before.
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  4. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    If dubya b thinks that I'm the problem here then, whatever... I'll spare the economic and philosophical dialogue as to why providing good products and services at good prices to people who need them as well as procuring profits is not a bad thing... Perhaps he would prefer I be silent about my success and let everybody continue to spend $$$ on shit that doesn't work.

    Look at my earlier posts and you will see that before I created my website and when I started noticing good effects with the dermatrophin and occulotrophin I implored people to buy Standard Process Products from AMAZON, to see if you guys noticed good effects too.

    If you want to buy from them instead of a fellow sufferer, go ahead, just please don't question my morals as if I haven't been in the trenches with everyone else here, desperate for relief for over two years.

    Here is an article on glandulars that I have been sharing with a many of the people who have been sending my private messages, asking me details about my recovery and website... Thank you to all who have been messaging me, I hope my responses have been thorough and helpful!

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  5. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    mods have it tough...

    strict rules or human touch?

    It seems highly doubtful I would be commenting on this thread for 2+ years without pimping anything out to finally unveil my misgevious plan to make money off of pple's suffering... not a very good return on investment.

    My vote is for human touch,

    Can't make everybody happy.

    I forgot to mention in my recent post mentioning my website that I basically gave up on shit a few months ago and decided to drink and smoke and try not to care about my health problems because I was sick of nobody believing my problems--- "You're young, you look healthy to me" etc...

    So, I'm just saying this because it is a testimony for how confident I am in these supplements... I was smoking, drinking, staying out late and one day I started taking these supplements but didn't quit my rockstar lyfestyle and my body became miraculously healed... Hell, I still endulge multiple times a week... Just pop twice the amount of recommended pills and I'm gravy and having fun too. dang.

    I take like 20 sp pillz a day.

    Anyways, message me w more questions, I am happy to help my fellow troopers!
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  6. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Helllloooo everybody!

    So, I believe I have healed myself from the majority of my accutane side effects...

    Eye floaters down from hundreds a day to a minimal amount, testicles back to good function, skin is entirely normal... digestion is better but still working on getting everything completely digested all the time but the constant churning and gargling was healed with Peppermint.

    I think we have been having so many issues because our solutions have been like trying to put good gasoline in our car to help our car heal itself, however, it appears that our regular mechanism human body tissue repair was burnt at the frays by too much vitamin A.

    So, the solution that has been helping me revolves around rebuilding that engine with glandulars.

    I have created a website promoting the products that have helped me and I sell most of them at a cheaper price than Amazon...

    I cannot post the name of the website here because the last time I tried doing that I was banned for a week.

    If you would like more information please send me a private message.

    I feel like things are back to normal again!!! woot woot!!!


    Tyler Maynerd Scott
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  7. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    my side effects are listed on my page... and I believe to the left when I post.

    A couple drops of peppermint essential oil a day (between 2 to 5) helped the constant growling and pain and bloating and other unsavory problems with the gut but I did mention before that sometimes, undigested materials remain in my stool.

    Picamilon is for brain health/anxiety... this actually helped with my energy levels but energy levels were not among my main complaints... I stay fairly active with dancing, and riding my bike... I have had problems with anxiety/brain fog... probably due to both tane and previous pot and caffeine use. One miligram melatonin sublingually right before bed also helped my sleep/brain health but I did feel the one time I tried it before I got on my amazing picamilon I felt drowsy the next day.

    Dermatrophin would definitely help with skin dryness. I took it when my skin was all flaky and it was healed within just a few days and hasn't really come back since I stopped.

    I recommend doing this, open up two tabs on your browser and on one of them go here:

    You can search by product name, organ, ingredient, or bodily process... type some shit in, read about the product on their website and then in your other tab go to

    Type in the product you are interested in and read the reviews... a lot of their products, but not all are sold there, and many of them have in depth reviews.

    Ones I would like to take when i have more money are orchex (balls) ligaplex (joints) cruciferous complete (cell health, vit K) ostrophin (bones)... and a B vitamin combo from them... but you see, this is where I need advice cause they all sound nice but I don't wanna take too many, specially if they overlap objectives...

    The Iplex I take is nice cause it combines other things in it such as veal bone, bovine adrenal, bovine liver etc, all of which I need but it does seem to be working similarly as well as the oculotrophin was working.

    I forget if there were other questions for me.
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  8. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    I read a few posts here... having trouble keeping up with this thread... I used to read it and post to it religiously when my side effects were at their worst and I was desperate, trying hundreds of supplements/diets/yadayada, with no help whatsoever...

    Until now: please please please, everybody look into Standard Process supplements (Iplex or oculotrophin for eyes) (dermatrophin for skin) , peppermint oil, Picamilon, and burdock(burdock totally helps with ED) /dandelion tinctures...

    I think on my last post I accidentally was telling everybody to buy Boswellia when I was meaning to say Burdock, so if you bought Boswellia because of me instead of Burdock I apologize profusely... Although Boswellia sounds like it could help with our symptoms as well, I have personally been taking Burdock with success.

    These supplements have cured me, and to be quite frank and honest, my diet hasn't been the greatest and I have drank a lot and smoked pot during this period of healing because I basically said "Fuck it, nobody believes me about my side effects, I have a few hundred floaters a day at the age of 24"... so I gave up but still took the supplements listed above with amazing results.
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  9. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    What is up guysss? I haven't been keeping up here, would like to read more posts when I am not at work...

    I am doing pretty good taking my daily PEPPERMINT as it cured my stomach gurgling and bloated discomfort but my stools are still sometimes unformed and I also sometimes have undigested materials there, likely due to bile flow as we know... has anybody reversed the undigestion problem with UDCA/TUDCA or something?

    I am really enjoying being outside once again thanks to OCULOTROPHIN from standard process! As I have mentioned in previous posts, I went from seeing literally hundreds of eye floaters to now around maybe a dozen, sometimes less a day... they tell you to take 3 per day but my chiro has given me and my family other SP products over the years and he directs us to take more than the bottle says, so I take between 3 and 6 a day... also, my skin hasn't peeled since I finished dermatrophin pmg.

    Still taking DANDELION and BOSWELIA tinctures for sexual sides and liver health... and that seems to work very well when I take them but I am honestly not as consistent as I would like to be in taking them. BOSWELIA was researched and they say it helps with ED.

    Speaking of sexual health, I wonder if anybody has tried the SP product called ORCHIC linked below? I am considering buying some SP ORCHIC but I need to wait a bit as I just purchased IPLEX from standard process to hopefully replace my oculotrophin... It has porcine eye in it just like the oculotrophin but it also has bone and stomach pmg, which I hope will help my rebuild my decreased bone mass and my aforementioned persistent stomach issues.

    Also, any suggestions on an excellent B-Vitamin? my nails are still thin... prolly just going to end up ordering them from SP but wanted to check and see if anybody has found anything else that they have found particularly outstanding. I should just be consistent with my dandelion as it is a good natural source of B-Vitamins.

    Any questions, HMU! I'm not a SP salesman, I've just seen their products work for me literally right before my eyes when nothing else at all was helping... I would love it if others got on the SP bandwagon so we could compare results. Many of their products are available on so you can often read the customer reviews which have shown to be very positive from what I have seen.

    On a personal note, I have been reading my poems at open mics a few times a week... Pretty fun!

    Cheers, Maynerd.
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  10. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Hello hello! Getting along great with oculotrophin and peppermint and for the past 4 days now, I must say my testicles have been more responsive and I have been getting more erections and my penis feels stronger when not erect as well... much like it used to... It all happened the morning after I started taking a tincture cocktail of dandelion tincture combined with a burdock tincture as well as phosfood liquids from standard process... I like the tinctures cause supposedly the alcohol helps the herb become fat soluble...

    Anyway the only other change to my life I have been making is... the night before the morning I noticed improvements I stumbled across the video I have posted here where russell brand talks to a physicist about transcedental meditation and how it is a completely unique brain process that is over 3 times more healing than sleep... Anyhow I like it and I did have a long session in the shower before bed so that could be what has helped but if I had to guess I would say the tinctures are a more plausible explanation.

    Will keep updated...

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  11. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Standard Process is awesome! Been taking oculotrophin for 4 days now. Floaters are off and on, perhaps a bit better because they were previously constant. But the main thing noticed is that the dry sensation has been hugely reduced since I started... like basically nonexistent. I am a believer in SP's "like heals like" philosophy... Think it'd be cool if more people here tried their products... they have great details about them on their website. You can even search products by ingredient.

    Still getting along well with a drop of peppermint oil in my water when i have a tummy flare up. Flare ups are in control.
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  12. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    or maybe colon,

    but I think it's definitely at least gallbladder as our missing link connection for this forum... fuckin gallbladder retoxing us, fuck you gallbladder! How's udca going still? I wanna purchase it online when I have 100 dollars saved up.

    But actually the thing I'm wondering about UDCA is, if those of us who think it's a gallbladder thing are correct, then that means it is stored in our billiary system for a long time, basically playing baseball, tossing the un-processable accutane around until the liver, bladder, and colon (etc) get tired and toss it back into our system, after a night of shocking our system with large amounts of some sort of fat or another, thus jarring it loose and re-toxing our system, skin, joints, balls, etc... I wonder if the udca is potent enough to neutralize the tane as to avoid the "jarring loos" retox theory I am working on here. I wonder, should you eat fat with the udca, kind of like you're supposed to drink olive oil with the Hulda Clark Gallbladder epsom salt cleanse? Which I haven't yet tried yet because I kinda wanna have some udca on hand in case any can't make it out of my already dry system, I can zap it with the UDCA. Kind of like treating a pool, if the little monster guy misses some shit, you shock the pool to get it fully clean. So, sauna-ing may be a good thing to keep doing. The tricky part with tane is we don't fully know when, why, or how the tane is in any organ at any time.

    Btw, peppermint works lovely still on keeping all digestive symptoms at bay. I drink it 3 times a day in and particularly on days of high fat meals. Kind of as to shock the tane if it gets jarred from the bladder and circulates down to the stomach...and anti inflammatory/cool the stomach. I've noticed thieves oil seems to work in the same way and is based around clove oil, which is amazing stuff.

    still toying with the idea of medical marijuana juicing to repair basically everything. still needing to juice but I am bad at it. Need to buy some maca, maybe even horny goat weed, i'm writing a check to my chiropractic cousin to buy tons of standard process supplements before he leaves his current chiropractic office for another by friday. the first time i ordered the amazing formula's "dermatrophin and choalacol" he got me them for so cheap... message me if you want me to put in for you and we can work out a price for product + shipping based on what you would like to try... I swear to god I haven't been planning to sell you guys shit for the 10 months that I've been desperately theorizing with you all. LIKE HEALS LIKE! Let's have ourselves a little internet social experiment!!! The Heath Ledger as the Joker was hilarious and has a very special place in my heart...

    Oh, hey, if you wanna see an awesome movie that is maybe hard for some to follow but I think you guys might appreciate, is "the master"... Joiqim Phoenix is brilliant in it as well as Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

    god bless method actors!
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  13. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    Prolatis 2 eradicates my sexual problems (minus the under responsive testicles) for the day that I take it.

    Interestingly, my cousin, who also took tane but has had milder side effects said he went through a period of time awhile ago where his hair was thinning and he took L-Arginine and eventually it got better. He has thick hair now. This is totally anecdotal evidence but Arginine might be a good idea anyhow. It's in the prolatis, coincidentally.

    Prolatis also has maca in it which I have mentioned before.

    I'm going to be ordering the following standard process supplements soon:

    Palmettoplex (Glutamic Acid)
    Ligaplex® II
    Protefood (Contains Glutamic Acid and methionine)
    Collagen C

    my probiotic has artichoke in it and it does help my bowels be more regular.
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  14. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane   

    In other news, I am acting tomorrow for my friend's feature film as an extra, although the role I play might get a few lines and stuff. I kinda think I would be good at being a famous actor cuz I'd get to bitch to the world what I find fucked up about the world and a large portion of people would listen to me, kinda like scarlett johansson or natalie portman or sean penn or some shit.
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  15. Maynerd added a post in a topic Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    dudes, inflamation!

    my buddy who I worked with at gnc now works for a big natreucutical company and he thinks the up and coming thing is going to be revolved around enzymatic therapy! recall,many people have spoken to the healing powers of high doses of beneficial bacteria as well as problems symptomatic of yiest infection, as well my personal successes with peppermint oil and now, as of friday my sucesses with the young living essential oil, thieves who's primary ingredient is cloves who's antioxidant capacity (orac) and iron reducing levels, etc is higher than that of spinach, which some here have had problems with and it (spinach) contains iron. article 1:
    article two:

    it has more of this really good anti oxidant that marijuana contains. of course as the previous article stated: "steam distilled essential oil is the best way to consume clove oil". we all know that if we google or youtube medical marijuana juicing you'll find out that the advocates of that for things like that for cancer say juicing is the best but if we believe in natural healing I think essential oils should be a part of our regime. there's also an expansive gallbladder cleanse called "glf" I am considering buying but I also might try tudca cuz I think this shit might be doing detox retox through our fat cells ([or which I workout and take mild niacin flush doses and sauna. as well as essential oils to neutralize the bacteria in my stomach created by the accutane stuck to the dry mucous stuck on my stomach walls or some shit. so, essential oils, juicing, sweating, niacin. fyi I think you need a lot of electrolites and rest when cleansing. some, on this natural podcast recommend coffee enemas but I am skeptical of those and I think essential oils might work the same way without even risking eliminating much good bacteria, and it kills h. pylori from what I can research. clove has the same anti oxidant that makes juicing medical marijuana effective. clove's orac is so potent you probabaly don't even want to take it everyday or you might get sick as it kills a bunch of toxis. I felt great all day after using it on friday tho. high energy and good mucous production and happier even. I think there's something about antioxidants. I took 1mg of melatonin which is a crazy awesome anti aging anti oxidant, dr oz recommends 1mg of sublingual melatonin or some black cherry juice right before bed. anyways my left elbow consistently hurted since my last symptom reoccurence made it hurt but after taking the melatonin my elbow hasn't hurt for days and I've even been lifting weights. the nice thing is I still put on muscle well cuz I have good genes and it seems that my testosterone can still get to my muscles to make them grow it just still has a problem converting to dht sometimes so sex so the sex organs don't stand at attention as much as before. anyhow, antioxidants, enzymes, minerals is what im trying now.

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