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  1. blissbalance added a comment on a gallery image 14   

    post accutane, april 2014; good lighting in this pic!
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  2. blissbalance added a comment on a gallery image Today- almost a year since I took my first accutane pill.   

    Front of face. A little acne coming back around chin/mouth. Not worried...yet.
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  3. blissbalance added a comment on a gallery image 14   

    post accutane, april 2014; good lighting in this pic!
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  4. blissbalance added a topic in General acne discussion   

  5. blissbalance added a comment on a gallery image I just did my 5th 40% glycolic peel!   

    I just did my 5th peel so that is why my face is super red!! I usually goes away with in a few hours
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  6. blissbalance added a post in a topic Do Girls Care About Acne? Tips For Guys With Acne   

    Personally, I've never really thought acne looked that bad on a guy! At all. It doesn't make them any less of a human being than a male without acne.
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  7. blissbalance added a post in a topic Meanest thing that someone has said about your acne   

    Hmm maybe back in grade 8, 2 boys were making fun of my 'acne' (I literally had less than like 6 pimples) and said my whole face was just whole giant pimple.
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  8. blissbalance added a comment on a blog entry Feeling Slightly Positive!   

    What I always try to remember is if you can't love yourself, then how can someone else love you (meaning someone who isn't family or hasn't grown up with you). I feel like having a relationship with a guy shouldn't be a priority as of now and making yourself happy by doing other things should be. Somebody sooner or later, a really nice guy will step into our lives and make us feel comfortable even with acne
    I think you would be a perfect anti bullying speaker... honestly. The kind of people who need to advocate that stuff are the ones that went through it bad. You clearly love this kind of stuff and it makes me really glad that you enjoy it too You aren't guy hot though. That's for slutty kinds of girls... you're MAN BEAUTIFUL!! If that makes sense. A boy doesn't know what a real woman is!! Their hormones do the thinking most of the time!!
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  9. blissbalance added a comment on a blog entry Bdd Essay   

    I can't believe you actually wrote that. I wouldn't have the guts to do that. I'd be way too scared of what others would think of me or that everything would get worse. I'm glad you're brave enough to do that. Why can't there be people like you around me? You appeal to me much more than some dumb ass jock boy or materialistic bimbos..
    It is hard, looking in the mirror. But what doesn't make sense is the continuation of looking in the mirror and the obsession. And taking so many pictures, and thinking that all strangers are staring at your face in public and pitying you in their minds.. it just doesn't end. It's tiring, that it never ends, that there is never an 'off' button.
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  10. blissbalance added a comment on a blog entry Stuff On My Mind.   

    Don't you just hate that, one nasty comment WILL just ruin your whole day and it never leaves your brain..
    Sometimes I just think how others can live, being such assholes and not having a conscience!!
    I'm here to tell you that you're not ugly. It's your mind lying to you. You can't believe everything that goes on inside your brain. I try not to, it's hard though.
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  11. blissbalance added a topic in Emotional and psychological effects of acne   

    I Have No Confidence
    I started getting pimples when I was 10. That turned to severe acne when I was 14. I am 17 now and am still struggling with severe acne along with scarring.
    I know my diet is 95% the reason why I break out. I have a binge eating type disorder. I try to eat healthy, but my mom doesn't care to buy healthy food and I used to always tell her to stop buying bad stuff and buy good food, but she complains that it's too expensive.
    I honestly just feel like I don't even care about having acne or eating until my stomach hurts or that I have so much fat to grab on my thighs and stomach.
    I used to be considered 'really pretty', but since I got bad acne all over my face, nobody even talks to me. I've completely secluded myself form others and I only talk to my family at home. I never go out, except on the week ends to work at my fast food job. I feel ashamed of my skin and my body then, but once I get home it just disappears.
    I can't even post pictures of myself without massively editing them, but them I don't even look like myself.
    &*$^%&%^& I just want to EAT HEALTHY. Why is this so hard for me!??? I still have to finish school work & that stresses me out, I never have any friend to talk to and if I do talk to someone in real life I either am completely awkward or I get so self concious. & my parents don't care what I do, they don't care that I don't have any friends or when they see me binge on bread & nutella & peanut butter & they certainly don't give a sh*t about the fact that acne has completely killed my self confidence.
    I need help, I need some sort of guidance from someone who has been through something similar... please...
    Idk if I have a mood disorder either, my personality changes every week, & it definitely depends on if I am PMSing or not, which seems like every day.
    For religious people, I tried reaching out to God and it did help a bit, but it's incredibly hard because He's not physically here to help me..
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  12. blissbalance added a comment on a gallery image Week 2--Front   

    Seems to be slightly clearer
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