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  1. teahbaby added a blog entry in Journey to Clear Skin   

    Minocycline 100Mg & Birth Control
    So I went to the doctors yesterday and told her I felt like the 50mg twice a day was not doing much. She said she could up the dose to 100mg twice a day and i'm kinda of nervous. I've read alot of thing about antibiotics working then once your off them it stops. I dont wanna get clear skin for a month then have it all come back. I'm also using orthotricyclen (however you spell it) for birth control. My doctor swears that with the two combined it should take away the acne. I'm praying!

    I'm also going to start doing a video blog of my face from day 1 on 100mg to day 30

    If anyone is going through the same thing or on the same medicine, I would love to hear how it's helping or not helping. Knowledge about this is power! So please help me out!!!
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  2. teahbaby added a comment on a blog entry Almost Losing Hope   

    hey! so i totally know what you're going through! one thing i saw that your using is the cetaphil products. i tried those once and it seemed to make my face way worse! and i eventually had to change products. im using the Simple line of face washes and they are really good! Just a suggestion

    And if you dont mind me asking, what prescription are you on? i've been on minocycline 50 mg but it seemed to have stopped working!! thanks!
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  3. teahbaby added a comment on a blog entry Minocycline 50 Mg   

    well im going to the doctors today. it seems that because its an antibiotic im getting immune to it and its not helping anymore. it seems like i always still have white heads popping up in my jawline area! it sucks so bad. im considering going on accutane beause i really want clear skin. i figure its been a year now ive been dealing with it whats another 6 months on accutane to try?

    Ive been wicked depressed because of my face like not leaving my house, its horrible. and tomorrow is my birthday, great
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  4. teahbaby added a blog entry in Journey to Clear Skin   

    Minocycline 50 Mg
    Hey everyone! I know its been forever since I posted but it's only because I've stopped obsessing over my face! thank god, such a horrible stage i went through! I just wanted to update the changes I've made in my daily regimen. hopefully it can helps others who has hormonal acne like myself!

    Go to the doctor!!! I waited way too long to go. I always thought you had to go to the dermatologist and I couldn't afford it so I never went. Luckily, doctors can prescribe you with stuff!

    For the last two months I have been taking Minocycline, one 50 mg pill a day. I recently up'd my dose to twice a day and the results are amazing! I barely ever get pimples around my mouth anymore. I mean around that time of the month a few pop up but that's just hormones!

    In conjunction with washing my face day and night the minocycline has worked wonders for me. I'm going to continue to take them until I feel like I'm fine without them.

    Feel free to ask me any questions about the products or medications i am on!!!
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  5. teahbaby added a blog entry in Journey to Clear Skin   

    Simple Products & Their Wonders!
    So once again i'm back to post to update what I've been doing differently!

    First off, I stopped using Cetaphil. I felt like it was more just sitting on my face then actually cleansing. I also used it in the shower in the morning so that may have caused that. But it wasn't keeping my skin clear at all. I still got pimples on my jaw line and cheeks. I also stopped using Aveeno moisturizing because someone told me it had something bad in it. It was causing like small flesh colored bumps close to my mouth and it was gross!!!

    Second, I started using Simple products! I was at Walmart and noticed they had it for cheap and was thinking to myself it wouldn't work like everything else. But i was wrong! The simple products have made my face feel smooth and not aggravated like before. Even after using cetaphil i thought my face felt itchy and not under control. Now my face feels like a million bucks with Simple products. It helped dry up and old pimples and it looks like it is helping with my red scar marks.

    I still take one to two zinc 50mg pills a day. Every now and then I take a vitamin but the new products seem to be helping a lot I feel like i can go out in public and not worry if someone is looking at my face or marks!

    Any questions, ask!! Or any advice, please share!!
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  6. teahbaby added a blog entry in Journey to Clear Skin   

    New Regimen, New Results!
    So I havent posted in forever, sorry I realized I was becoming obsessive over my acne and worrying so much about it that it was causing more stress and even more break outs! I still havent found a cure but I have found some things out. Maybe they can help you too

    AS for drinks and food. Ugh! hardest part for me because I love soda and my sweets. As for the soda I try not to drink it at all anymore. If i do have a soda i make sure to drink double the water that day to help flush it out. I still have a dessert or sweets after i eat dinner but I grab the ones with the least amount of sugar! And try not to eat chocolate!!! Eating healthy does help me feel better and in a way I think it helps my face.

    When I am done eating breakfast I take 50mg of chelated zinc and I take one after dinner as well. I've just recently started this with in the last two days and no new acne has been popping up. Yes an occassional white head but im clear of aything cystic or painful which Im very happy about. I was getting cystic acne and it was painful and hard to leave alone.

    For a cleanser I'm only washing once a day in the shower in the morning. Im using cetaphil mild cleanser. I always make sure to put some in my hand before and wash my hands with it then i add more and apply to my face. After i'm out of the shower I pat dry and use aveeno daily moisturizer. This moisturizer never leaves my face feeling dry and helped put oils back in my face!

    If anyone has some suggestions or ideas for me I would love to hear them. And if anyone has a question I'd love to answer it.

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  7. teahbaby added a post in a topic Acne Holding Me Back   

    not a guy but know this feeling. i recently got laid off my job and i hate searching for a new job because i feel so self conscious about my face! i still havent found a solution and its been a while I rarely go out with friends unless its like an event i cant miss.

    anyways, i hope things get better for you. this feeling isn't good but you have to stay positive!!
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  8. teahbaby added a blog entry in Journey to Clear Skin   

    So I decided to stop the current cleansers I have been on, which are cetaphil and burts bees. The reason I stopped using cetaphil was because i noticed i was developing small flesh colored bumps on my face that I never had before. It also felt to liquidy to even lather in your hands and I never saw suds no matter how long lathered it. AS for the burt's bees, i was so stupid to believe 100% natural and think aw this will be fine it's all natural. well i was wrong, the menthol in it stung my face and it made the redness worse.

    I was searching on here for a new cleanser and someone mentioned Hibiclens. It's not actually made as a face cleanser but it has been known to work wonders on acne. I picked up my first bottle from walgreens the other day with some cleansing pads. I've been very nervous about trying because people tend to get the naturla purge when switching products. This did not break me out at all! I already have active acne though.

    Last night was the first night I was able to try it. I had some small bumps on my face that were really hurtful and after cleansing last night I woke up this morning to see the cleanser brought them to a head. And they didnt hurt!! So needless to say, this stuff brings the impurities to the surface for you take care off. I can only imagine after a week of using this product, maybe all the bacteria in my face will be gone!

    I will be using hibiclens only at night because I dont want to over wash my face seeing how it's not used for a facial cleanser. I'll post in 2 more days to see how my face keeps reacting.

    If anyone has any questions for me, please feel free to ask. Any advice, PLEASE give me!


    update on hibiclens:

    i used hibiclens for two days and all of my cystic acne or any acne that was deep and hurtful is gone! literally two nights of washing cleared my cystic acne

    i still have small white heads that pop up though.

    my red marks from previous acne has not changed so i will be trying a honey and turmeric mask at night.

    as for drinks and food.
    i try only to drink water, tea, or cranberry juice. (sometimes a glass of soda, i was a pepsi head lol)

    i've been sticking to lots of fresh veggies and fruits. trying to stay away from dairy! and have been trying to eat more seafood then meat.
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  9. teahbaby added a blog entry in Journey to Clear Skin   

    My Regimen, Need Help Adjusting?!
    So I posted a blog before posting pictures to show you where my acne is on my face. But to start off I'll give you a background on me and my acne..

    I'm 21, female. Got my initial first breakout around 2 and a half months ago. and since then i've had acne active and it's getting worse and worse. My acne is mainly located on my cheeks, jawline and around my mouth. So i guess i have hormonal acne. i do not just get it around my period though it's all month active. I have an occasional pimple on my forehead but it it staying clear for the most part. I do tend to pop and pick. My skin is starting to have red marks left behind.

    I've been doing some trial and error with products. I still have not found a cleanser or regimen that has helped my face. I have tried ProActiv for a couple weeks but it was too harsh for my face and made it completely dry, irritated and red. I used some clean n clear products i picked up at a local pharmacy. they did not help at all. I'm currently using cetaphil in the shower in the morning. it doesn't seem to be helping though. been using it for two weeks strong and no improvement. if anything my face seems to be getting worse! anyway this is my current reigmen...

    cleanse- cetaphil mild gentle facial cleanser ( in shower)
    moisturize- burt's bees moisturizing cream with cotton extract

    cleanse- cetaphil or burt's bees soap bark & chamomile deep cleansing cream
    moisturize- burt's bees moisturizing cream with cotton extract

    neutrogena skim blemish concealer
    bareminerals powder light and warmer

    not currently on a diet but going to start keeping track of what i'm doing on a daily basis thanks to this page. feel free to follow my journey in trial error and help me and give me advice. it is much needed! thanks!
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  10. teahbaby added a post in a topic What Bc To Take?   

    thanks everyone! unfortunately i have tried yaz before but it was recalled the year i was taking it because of horrible things it was causing internally. i was getting really bad stomach aches while taking it. but i did have clear skin back then compared to what i have now. i'll look into the others though. again thanks!
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  11. teahbaby added a comment on a blog entry Hey There, Nice To Meet You   

    you're lucky to have it when you are younger though. so that it can get treated right away and you know how to deal with it in the future. i just turned 21 and had a horrible breakout of hormonal acne and its starting to leave scars on my face

    good luck with the derm!
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  12. teahbaby added a topic in Hormonal acne   

    What Bc To Take?
    So i'm currently not on any form of birth control. I'm going to the doctors within the next week. Anyone know of any birth control that helps hormonal acne?! i'd appreciate it.
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  13. teahbaby added a comment on a blog entry They Say No, I Say Yes... Duh   

    ughr i feel the same! i used to be able to eat everything and anything and never had to worry about my skin breaking out. and now that i do have acne i feel like why should it matter what i eat if i didnt before and never got acne. i feel like the more fast food you eat, the more likely you'll break out but, i still wanna eat what im feeling at the time.

    just know what you're going through, it sucks! here if you wanna talk!
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  14. teahbaby added a blog entry in Journey to Clear Skin   

    You Tell Me How Bad It Is!
    so this is my first time posting pictures. i've always been too embarassed. as you can see my acne is mainly on my cheeks, jawline, and chin... maybe some of you can help me out to see what i'm doing wrong!

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  15. teahbaby added a comment on a blog entry Different Day, Same Problem.   

    i feel the same as you do. i can NEVER leave my house without putting make up on. i feel just gross and like everyone will look at my face even more without the make up. right now ive been going through my depression state with my acne. ive been stressing and crying not to sound creepy or anything i think you look fine!

    its nice to know i'm not the only person feeling like this right now. i have no one around me that understands what im going through.
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