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  1. Weird mark won't go away?

    I'd recommend having it looked at by a dermatologist if you haven't already. I had a weird red lesion on my back that I thought was either from an acne cyst or a bug bite, but then a few years later the thought, "what is this? Could this be a melanoma based on the whole 'ugly ducking' method they talk about" hit me and sent me into a panic I haven't recovered from. I'm terrified to get it checked out. Had I gone in right away, I would have probably been fine either way.
  2. Over the years, I've mostly scoffed at all the various "X causes acne" claims....but this one is too clear for me to ignore. I have noticed in recent years that when I go long periods of time without eating anything that was microwaved, my acne is far more mild. And then when I resume eating microwaved food, it flares up. Has anyone else ever noticed a link?