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  1. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    Yes. Supps didn't work. Was more or less starving to death, very slowly.
  2. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    No, you do not inject LDN. The graduated syringe is for measurement.
  3. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    I was talking about LDN. I edited my post to reflect this. I wouldn't say LDN is a magic bullet for sleep. Changes to sleep are just its only noticeable effect. If you are failing to thrive and sleeping poorly as a result, then you must heal the underlying health issue before sleeping well. So you should observe CHANGES to sleep quality, but not expect a great night's sleep right away, like you would with a sleeping pill.
  4. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    Answering an LDN question sent by PM for benefit of all: > Did you start your initial does at 1.5mg at night? and how long did you wait to titrate your dose up and how high of a dose did you settle on? 1.5mg is WAY TOO HIGH. You dissolve the 4.5mg pill in 90ml distilled water, and have a 10 ml syringe. There's no reason to be aggressive, especially if you have a history of hypersensitivity. Start at 1 ml. Double it daily until you notice a sleep impact. Then back up off if your sleep has shortened or fatigue has increased. Stay in the sweet spot of excellent sleep as the dose gradually increases. There's NO BLOODY HURRY. After 2-3 months you might be at 4.5mg / night. I think I eventually got there. No reason to go higher. If you start too high, you will screw up your sleep, which obviously makes everything worse. Just like improving your sleep makes everything better. To understand its effect on sleep, compare to Huperzine A. Can I guarantee it will work for you? No. Did it save me from a life not worth living? Yes.
  5. Hey Joseph,

    Thats great that your fine so much better, I was wondering did you have any drones issues, did that return for you as well.

    Also for the trial, what dos did you start off on?




  6. I am interested in LDN for my flushing as i am sure it is some sort of immune system problem brought on by accutane. What problems did LDN "cure" for you? How long did it take? Would LDN potentially help for something like flushing? Thanks for everything!

  7. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    My understanding is that I'm the first in this community to use or think about using LDN. Updated my sig with some basic LDN instructions. I would recommend that those living in the same country pool resources, have one person get an LDN script, and then that person can mail a few pills to each member. You only need a very small amount to test whether it will work, since for most of the first month you are taking much smaller than normal doses. A prescription is typically for 6 months. A proper trial might last 5 weeks. You could do a mini 3 day trial just to see whether you get an initial "rested" bump. LDN destabilizes when dissolved into water for metered dosing, so a minimum quantity would be 1 pill per 3 days of trial period. I think my gut is still more reactive than when this began, but it's within normal familial ranges so that might just be aging and hard living. I could probably improve it further if I focused on it. Not caring much is the strongest sign that I'm cured, since I'm a very utilitarian person. If it were getting in my way, I'd still be obsessed.
  8. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    Thanks for volunteering to mod, Chico. Sea of tangents is apt. Glad someone else sees the vision. I've got an unrelated major forum migration to do tonight, and plenty of work after that. My mod requirement is satisfied, so the accutane forum project has moved from "maybe" to "someday". If someone buys a Xenforo license, that will upgrade it to "< 1 week". Still cured thanks to LDN, btw. Someone mentioned night blindness; I had that at my worst due to low vitamin A.
  9. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    > I think a forum would be a great idea. I'm just not sure whether our community is large enough to have fill it. If one was made though, I would contribute This community leaks like a sieve due to the terrible format, and despite that it's still overcrowded. The flamewar surrounding amar is just the latest example demonstrating that this format is crippled. There's no shortage of users. What's missing are mods, leaders, people willing to invest in the project's success. Primarily, this means keeping up with the moderation queue and putting out small fires. This prevents "broken window" syndrome, wherein a small amount of entropy encourages everyone to disrespect the platform further. It's pointless to start a forum without a dedicated mod team, because you'd just have to immediately lock it. Otherwise an entropy debt would build that would discourage any future moderator from accepting the role. If you don't have any leaders, then you're going to keep flaming amars forever.
  10. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    Apparently there's no interest in creating a forum. I'll check back once or twice more, maybe, and I've thrown it onto my "someday/maybe" to do list.
  11. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    > Good luck with recovering. I am recovered. My body functions as it did before, more or less. I went from being able to eat nearly nothing to being able to eat most things. 130 lbs to 167 lbs at 6'. Dead to alive. Everything else I tried at best let me maintain a little longer, hold back the decline another month or year. Only LDN mattered. ---- What you guys should do is buy a Xenforo license, then build a forum that is a combination of personal communities / support groups in one section and organized, disciplined topical information in the other. This would give you a spam-resistant long-term platform. Your efforts are crippled in this format, as you've repeatedly observed. If someone else will buy the license, I will do the hosting, installation, configuration, and training for the admin/mod team. But it would greatly help my enthusiasm for the project if someone tried LDN properly and reported back. There is no possibility of a scam here. The license remains in the hands of the buyer and can't even be transferred for 6 months. I already do this for a different (private) project, in exactly the same way. Just get the basic license. No addons needed. Post here first if you're going to buy it so two people don't buy it. I really do hate Roche, I really do pity the horrible ongoing suffering. I really did almost lose everything to this. I really do want to stop another person from taking Accutane. But I had to think long and hard about making this offer. I'm busy with things that matter even more to me. I'm not sure whether I can count on followthrough from this debilitated, demoralized community. At first, I wrote this post as advice, not an offer. But then I realized that it would take a large amount of time and effort for someone to duplicate what I can do easily and quickly. I think there are serious, organized, dedicated, intelligent people here. And there are also bleeding souls who need a place to vent, without it getting in the way of business. Channeled properly, we might even fell the giant that laid us low. They owe me 10 years of shame. I want that back, with interest. The aforementioned serious, organized, dedicated, intelligent people are the ones I'd count on to be moderators, because it's not something I have the bandwidth for. Talk is cheap, but the Xenforo license is $140. I'd be nuts to invest the kind of work I'm talking about if there wasn't sufficient community interest to cover that. No, I won't accept partial donations. Let someone else here you know and trust do that, if none of you can cover the whole price. Otherwise, if you want to go the nearly free DIY route, use phpBB with Namesilo will give you a cheap non .com domain. However, I won't be involved. One thread, 417 pages. Wow.
  12. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    > Joseph, can you explain your undetectable levels of Vit A&D These tests have a minimum and maximum threshold for detection. My fecal calprotectin was above the maximum. At my most malnourished, my vit A & D were below the detectable minimum. > Are you saying that this is the case presently or is it something you had and have now recovered from. I've definitely recovered from the vitamin deficiencies, since I no longer have symptoms such as impaired night vision and balance issues. I haven't had a second fecal calprotectin test, but given the general abatement of symptoms, I assume that's also doing much better. My weight was 130 lbs at minimum and is now 167 without any weight lifting or doing anything in particular. I'm a 6 foot mesomorph. > How have you gone about supplementing, dosage etc. I didn't do anything special. I just followed the generally agreed upon guidelines. Just Google it. It's already been organized and explained by the LDN community. > Can you post your blood tests results. I haven't finished organizing the broken shards of my life, but here are some that come conveniently to hand: Name Value Normal range FOLATE 18.3 ng/mL >=5.9 ng/mL MAGNESIUM 2.0 mg/dL 1.5-2.7 mg/dL ZINC SERUM 100 mcg/dL 60-130 mcg/dL VITAMIN D 25 HYDROXY <13.0 ng/mL 30.0-100.0 ng/mL VITAMIN A (RETINOL) < 20 ug/dL 38-106 ug/dL PHOSPHOROUS 4.2 mg/dL 2.5-5.0 mg/dL Final Diagnosis A. Stomach, biopsy: · Gastric mucosa with no pathological change. · Fragment of small bowel mucosa with no pathological change. B. Small bowel , biopsy: · Duodenal mucosa with no pathological change. C. Terminal ileum, biopsy: · Ileal mucosa with no pathological change. D. Colon, biopsy: · Colonic mucosa with no pathological change.
  13. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    I think it's safe, but do your own research like I did. Anyhow I only needed to use it for about a month IIRC. Then I was able to eat a broad range of foods. Lots of people stay on it long term. Some need to cycle it every few months to maintain the benefits; others don't. I decided to get back on LDN a coupla days ago as part of a general refocus on health. I let a lot of things slide once I didn't have to be so crazy controlled. I overworked etc to catch up. Now I want to generally get back in shape. LDN helps me go to bed and doesn't seem to have any negative effects other than the aforementioned. LDN should not be a prescription drug at the minimal doses relevant here. No proof is requested or required. It would be very possible to fabricate a medical history involving a prior successful prescription for LDN, for which one simply needs a refill. Then one could select the cheaper, shorter interview. The outcome - an LDN prescription - would be the same. However, one would obviously not gain the benefit of that doctor's experience and advice. Up to you. --- That guy who quit after a week was really dumb. It takes a month minimum just to titrate the dose up properly. Then you need to provide time for the inflammation to abate, and additional time for healing of whatever damage has been done. He probably experienced a big positive initial effect, same as me, then ran into some sleep shortness and quality issues during the first-week adjustment phase, same as me. Since fatigue was his key metric, he then gave up. Well, you're going to have some initial sleep adjustment issues, which is why you need to titrate the dose up gradually, over a month at least. Thus there's no way that guy gave it a proper trial. It's not a flashy whiz-bang medication. Just a good night's sleep... repeatedly.
  14. Repairing the long-term damage from Accutane

    Hey guys. Long time no talk. Previously I made some headway with managing my IBS/IBD symptoms by eating a very controlled, specialized diet. I also took up smoking handrolled tobacco (manufactured cigarettes caused gut reaction within 24 hours). This helped with depression, mental acuity, pain management, and possibly gut symptoms. Or it might've exacerbated gut symptoms. I tried to quit multiple times but couldn't manage, so that's unknown. Anyhow, this continued, with me adapting to an ever tightening set of parameters, until I was eating a three component starvation diet with fewer calories than a North Korean gets, was down to my lowest adult weight, and had undetectable levels of fat soluble vitamins (D, A, others?). Amazingly, I was still able to remain pseudo-productive thanks to insane regimen control. I went to a top gut doctor in Chicago, had a colonoscopy and the standard tests, all of which showed nothing except the aforementioned malnutrition. The doctors refused to hear of any Accutane hypothesis, and the staff psychologist concluded that I was self-harming, and said that they wouldn't continue treatment unless I started going to the shrink. This infuriated me. Not that I was against seeing a psychologist - certainly I was struggling under a heavy mental load! But that they would just baldly assert as self-evident fact I was doing all this to myself out of neuroticism was extremely insulting. Here I am fighting to the death to wring a few drops of lucid productivity from a zombie, and their conclusion is, "It's all in your head, so quit slacking off and pick up a hamburger." I hate pompous midwits who believe credentials and bureaucracy are a substitute for ethics, intelligence and liberty. Anyhow, I went to a better holistic doctor who had left the "system" on ethical principles, and who specialized in hard cases. She ran a battery of tests which included a fecal calprotectin test, an IBD diagnostic used in Europe which hasn't made it to the American health "don't care" system. This test FINALLY showed a problem, the first time I'd gotten a reading on anything that wasn't due to malnutrition. My calprotectin levels were sky-high, which is normally associated with IBD, but can have other causes such as cancer. Now that I finally had a solid lead, fixing the problem was easy. Differential diagnosis suggested Crohn's. I did some research on Crohn's, found Low Dose Naltrexone, got a prescription for like $200 from, and ordered from their recommended pharmacy (yes it does make a difference, at least for IBD. Fillers and whatnot). I did one cycle of a month or two and that was it, I was fine. Meaning, I could eat more stuff. Not necessarily everything - I try to avoid fruit and processed food and alcohol and gluten. But i can eat normal stuff like vegetables and meat and eggs and what have you. And when I do deviate from the diet, it's not catastrophic. So... starving to not starving. Regained all my weight, replenished my vitamins, quit smoking cold turkey, doing great. I could expand my diet more, possibly, to overcome fructose and gluten sensitivity. It just hasn't been a priority because I've been getting my life back together after 10 years of this. Now I highly doubt this will work for everyone, and it might not work for anyone. But I would suggest a calprotectin test for those with IBD-like symptoms - it tests inflammation. And I would suggest everyone try LDN, because it has almost no side effects other than vivid dreams if you titrate the dose up too quickly. It's the polar opposite of Accutane in every way, from invention to history to current FDA status to side effects to the fact that nobody makes a dime off of it. Check it out. Even if it doesn't fix your condition it should result in an excellent night's sleep, which always helps. I also strongly second the Weston A. Price Foundation's recommendation of Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil / Butter Oil Blend. It works great... UNLESS you're so messed up by Accutane/whatever that fat soluble vitamins make your body go haywire. (Which was the case for me until after LDN.) The stuff is super strong so be careful. Take a tiny amount IN THE MORNING ONLY. Like, a quarter of a grain of rice for your first time. Back when my fat soluble vitamin levels were deathly low, I replenished with a tiny bit of the stuff, and wound up staying up for 36 hours. You've been warned! Timeline: It's been roughly 4 months since the first LDN cycle. I didn't realize until three months ago that I could eat whatever I wanted. I quit smoking from a pack a day to zero at the same time. Pigging out helped! No nicotine patches or gum or tapering, just cold turkey.