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  1. MACGrrl added a post in a topic Cetaphil vs Noxzema Original   


    I used the regular Cetaphil and it made me break out. I also used Noxzema before, and got a reaction. I have used the Oily skin Cetaphil and I adored it! I had no reactions with it, and it made my skin soft. But I found a better product in Canada. I hope that helps!

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  2. MACGrrl added a post in a topic SpectroGel and Accutane   

    Spectrojel is great! It doesn't leave a gross film on your face like Cetaphil. I would recommend the fragrance free one, as the regular Spectrojel's smell made my eyes water...very strong alcohol smell.

    Plus you can get 900ml at Costco for 16$

    It didn't break me out like Cetaphil either!
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