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  1. Graciemeow added a blog entry in Going Natural - Tackling Acne with herbal products   

    Seeing A Medical Herbalist Tomorrow!
    I've been searching and searching for one around my area (and I live in one of the bigger cities in the U.K) and I finally found a guy who seems to be exactly what I am looking for. He has a legit website which claims he has worked with people with stubborn problems such as acne and p.c.o.s before and he seemed sound when I was e-mailing him. So fingers crossed. I am paying for this obv. but I am serious about this and my private medical consultations for roaccutane the second time around were three times as expensive. I'm getting back on track but I just want direction and advice from someone experienced.

    I've now been on Vitex for around 7 weeks and I have added liquid extract in rather than just the capsule form. So I am gradually cutting down on the amount of capsules I take per day and introducing liquid extract in...I have also been on myo-inositol powder for one month. Other supplements I take are : Evening Primrose oil, zinc 20mg, Vitamin A 8000IU, and omega 3 fish oil.

    What I have noticed so far:

    No new cystic breakouts!!! (Fingers Crossed!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Breakouts less severe
    Breakouts come to a 'head' (gross I know but those are the gory details) within a old cystic spots would take around a month to start to heal. no joke.

    So good progress. Good but slow. Rome wasn't built in a day! Getting back on track to how I was when vitex was kicking in before the massive cock up.

    That's it for now.
    I'll keep updated on how tomorrow goes.
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  2. Graciemeow added a comment on a blog entry One Step Forward, Two Steps Back   

    well, thank you for the advice i guess but you were right i don't like it, you just sound like every doctor and derm i've been to. I've been on various birth control pills none of which worked and many actually made my acne worse - i also think being on BCP at such a young age (16) and for a long time (until i was 21) may have worsened - if not caused - a lot of my current hormonal issues. so I won't be touching that no. Yes there have been many advances in medical science but at what cost? What are the side effects (short term and long term) that these have on your overall health? only time will tell.

    Also for the record i am allergic to penicillan, so in that instance I would rather take the herbs
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  3. Graciemeow added a post in a topic Anyone Tried Dim Before?   

    can I ask, what brand of DIM everyone takes? I am currently on DIM Plus (natures way) and have been for about 5 weeks, I havn't noticed much of a huge improvement in my skin and I am still breaking out (although to be fair my breakouts are less cystic and more isolated if that makes sense). A lot of people seem to be on Estroblock is this different? and should I switch - i have around two weeks worth left of DIM Plus before I order more so maybe i should order estroblock instead? I want to give it at least three months before i throw it in the can.
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  4. Graciemeow added a blog entry in Going Natural - Tackling Acne with herbal products   

    One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
    I'm keeping this blog updated more for myself than anything else.
    I think it's good to keep a track of where you are at and how you feel so that when you look back you can see how things really are.

    So after months of gradual sucess on Vitex and Evening primrose oil, around the end of March Holland & Barrett changed the branding of the Agnus Castus (Vitex) and the dose was reduced massivley,(for reasons I won't go into again on here as I have ranted and raved about it enough) I wasn't informed upon buying this so gradually all the hard work and progress I had made on my skin become undone and I was left bewildered and back at square one.

    Once I realised this I sourced Vitex again on the internet (Nature's Way) in order to take my original dose. I also began taking DIM Plus around a month ago (started this at the end of April).

    So to keep a track of things I have been on:

    DIM Plus - 5 weeks
    Vitex (original 400mg dose) - 4 weeks

    I also ordered Inositol as I have been reading about it and as far as I can tell it seems like a great way to combat the insulin resistance that comes with PCOS. I have been/still am a little confused about insulin resistance as I thought it led to weight problem which I don't have, however now I am not so sure. I think you can be underweight/of a "normal" weight and still be insulin resistant. the research I do surrounding this continues. Either way, I have been taking Inositol for 6 days (it came on Tuesday 3rd June). So not even a week.

    I keep having to remind myself that hormones take time to adjust and that herbal remedies and supplements work slowly. I know Vitex works gently. I just need to have the faith and patience to continue this.
    Here is what I have noticed so far:

    So I am still breaking out. The breakouts I get are still pretty frequent and nasty. I seem to break out worst around ovulation, then again the week before my period, then again coming off my period. Which means every time I start to recover from one break out, I break out all over again (great).
    My break outs are strctly hormonal. I never break out on my forehead, 'T Zone' or upper cheeks, only ever on my jawline, lower cheeks and around the sides of my mouth. After just over a month on both DIM and Vitex, here is what I have noticed:

    my break outs are less cystic.
    my break outs are more isolated (i used to get like big cystic clusters around and up the sides of my mouth and cheeks) now they are more like, one or two either side.

    thats it.
    I just want to keep myself updated...and remind myself that it took time for vitex to show effects and i was still breaking out after two months just different kinds of breakouts.

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  5. Graciemeow added a post in a topic Blunt Dating Advice For People With Acne   

    when I first opened this post I didn't know what to expect...thought it was going to be something along the lines of 'you won't have a relationship so deal with it'. however, thank you, thank you THANK YOU for this. I have been feeling so torn and awful latley, I've just started a new relationship with someone I've known for a while right when my acne has started to flare up again...this has made it difficult for me to let somebody get close and I've started to push him away... I don't want to do this at all and these words have given me the confidence to carry on with this relationship. Especially "I wouldn't have met all the wonderful friends I know now had I spent my days sulking shyly alone rather than being friendly. And it's not easy, I didn't say it was: but it is definitely worth it." A lot of the time I want to cancel my plans and stay in with cream on my face thinking just one more day will make it better just one more night and I can go out again. this ends NOW. I
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  6. Graciemeow added a post in a topic Dim/ Diindolylmethane   

    it is supposed to reduce bad etrogens by helping metabolise them from our body and promote good estrogens. I think it does this through the liver which is why it is good to take a liver support when using it. in terms of testosterone, im not sure, i'm still researching that so my knowledge is a little shaky but i don't think it's free testosterone that is harmful - it's the production of the free testosterone into DHT and DHT causes acne. x

    keep us updated! yes that is what i heard, you read some reviews that say on two days i noticed a change or oh in 2 weeks i was clear but i'm dubious about those. i will have been on it a month tomorrow, starting to see a little improvement i think, i'm going to give it a good three months. then review. i think at first i went through a little purge stage which made me panic (although this could have been coincidence and my skin could have just been breaking out anyway) but this seems to have calmed down now and i started taking milk thistle to support the liver and that seems to have helped xx
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  7. Graciemeow added a post in a topic Dim/ Diindolylmethane   


    I just started DIM and I have only been on it for two weeks so i can't really see if it is making much of a difference yet - from what I understand it is supposed to be good for people who are estrogren dominant as it metabolises bad estrogen and promotes good estrogen, helping to restore hormonal balance. You may have already researched this but is a good website to visit as the blogger uses DIM and has written some very informative artivles on it. There are a lot of rave reviews out there on it so its always worth a shot!
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  8. Graciemeow added a post in a topic Inositol's Impact On Hormonal Acne   

    aaaah i see....thank you for the response ever since they rebranded it and squashed/changed the reccomended dosage I've started breaking out and having problems again and i think it is a lower dose than before but MUCH lower.. like from 400mg to 30mg. I'll have to figure out my dosage now and dosage before because I'm sure it's much lower now. I've just started taking DIM, but not for long enough to see effects. how are you doing on inositol? xxx
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  9. Graciemeow added a post in a topic Inositol's Impact On Hormonal Acne   

    hey WishClean!

    this is such a good thread. good to hear you are having such success on inositol. Im thinking of trying this myself instead of agnus castus... I don't think agnus castus is having an effect on my skin any longer..the place i get it from changed the branding and since then it seems to have lost its effect. i remember you saying that vitex cleared you but then after a while you started to break out on it again...i think the same thing is happening to me. how long have you been on inositol for now? I also just started to take dim and im going to stop vitex.
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  10. Graciemeow added a post in a topic Treating Hormonal Acne The Natural Way?   

    Hey there

    I have been on most things you have - Diannette made my skin TEN times worse, Yasmin didn't clear me at all really. I went on accutane twice which cleared me for about a year each time before acne came back in full force. I then found out I have pcos so my acne is hormonal. I have had great success with Agnus Castus (Vitex) it took about three months to start seeing the full effects of it and I take it along with evening primrose oil. Been on Agnus Castus for about six months now.
    In terms of figuring out which one is right for you - it depends on your hormonal imbalance. As I live in England we have the NHS when they tested me for PCOS and found out my androgens were too high - so I thought saw palmetto would be good for me to take as it acts as a testosterone blocker. however, after being on this a month i came off it because i got brain fog and i just didn't feel right on it. It's best to listen to your body in these cases. So I agree with WishClean about staying away from saw palmetto.
    If your periods are irregular, agnus castus would be great for you as it works on regulating your periods and in turn clears your hormonal acne. Evening primrose oil i think is just a great one to take in general for skin and balancing hormones. I have never tried DIM but have heard many good things about it. You can google which hormone imbalances cause which effects and try and match up to any side effects you may be suffering from? I hope this helps xx
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  11. Graciemeow added a blog entry in Going Natural - Tackling Acne with herbal products   

    Five/six Months On Agnus Castus And Epo - Thinking Of Taking Dim
    I havn't posted on here for a while! So I have had a pretty notable success using these two in conjunction with eachother, I think AgnusCastus has been the most effective in helping keep me clear as I don't suffer with hardly any hormonal acne any more, I get maybe one/two around my time of month and then they subside and my skin has gotten clearer and clearer with each month I have been on it. Also my periods are a lot shorter and lighter maybe only lasting 3/4 days and not heavy at all. Another added bonus is that in the past I have suffered greatly with period pains, every other month or so i would get crippling pains which literally floored me and would come in waves, each wave the pain would subside a little and this would last for two to three hours leaving me absoloutly drained and pale and exhausted - since being on these supplements I have had nothing like this at all. My skin also has a little glow around it and I think that that is down to the evening primrose oil.
    I usually buy Agnus Castus from Holland and Barrett and recently they have changed the branding of the package - so I used to take two in the morning and two at night but now the pills are a lot smaller and more compact and I only take on in the morning and thats it. I was a little late on my period this month I think maybe because my body was adjusting to the new dose.
    My only one one little niggle (I feel like I really shouldn't be complaining as my skin hasn't looked this great in a long long time) is the blackheads I have around my nose and mouth. They are hardly noticable and I feel like they shouldn't even bother me but I would just like to make my skin the best it can be. I tried an oil cleanse recently but I did this with Bio Oil (and I'm not sure that this is the best oil to use as everyone seems to be using castor oil with Jojoba oil or some other form of carrier oil) and I think this has also made me break out very slightly - nothing to panic about only three small ones on one side of my face which I think will clear up nicely. I'm thinking of trying this again with other oils and I was wondering what people's thoughts in this were? I have also ordered DIM off amazon (nature's way) as I think this may really really cement my results.
    I'll put some pictures up of before and after as I am really pleased with my results

    I also follow a relativley healthy diet (I do slack sometimes eating chocolate which I geuss I could cut down on), I cut out diary as my body was intolerant to it and I think this has also had an efect and my diet typically consists of eggs and fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch with maybe ham or tuna and then if I'm working I tend to have a small snack like banana on wholemeal toast or something as I work late and like to go to the gym after work sometimes. I think you have to tackle acne from all angles and manage it, in the past i think i was young and niave and thought a harsh course of roaccutane could knock the daylights outta my system and that i could 'cure' it, which is also what I was led to believe by the doctors who prescribed my roacctuane TWICE never giving me any other tests on anything else despite me mentioning my irregular periods and the fact that no contraceptive pill ever worked for me.
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  12. Graciemeow added a post in a topic Clear Skin Or 100 Million Dollars?   

    clear skin. no amount of money can make me feel as good as I do when my skin is clear
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  13. Graciemeow added a blog entry in Going Natural - Tackling Acne with herbal products   

    Two Months In..ish?
    I've lost count I'm over two months in though.

    It cold be coincidence. It could be ... I dunno. But my skin is looking really great. I'm still clearing, I still have red marks and the odd blemish...some cysts still clearning. But I havn't been this clear in a long while. also my skin is smooooothh especially around my forehead/ cheekbones/cheeks.
    I'll post a picture.

    Side effects:

    Pretty much...nothing. Agnus castus/Vitex did make me late on in the first month...I could have been late on anyway seeing as I have PCOS but it felt like I was expecting a period for over a week I was like IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN then it did and I had NO pains and it was shorter a lighter..only lasted around three days. My last period was normal. Sometimes when I'm late I get HORRENDOUS, CRIPPLING (literally) cramps that make me pass out and seem to come in waves for around an hour, each wave lessens in intensity until I'm drained and pale and all I can do is lie in bed then I come on the next day. This hasn't happened since I've been on Agnus Castus

    I took milk thistle to support my liver but it didn't agree with me. I may try it again come January.

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  14. Graciemeow added a post in a topic Saw Palmetto   

    what is DIM? why can't you get more if it's working...y'know the old if it aint broke don't fix it? x
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