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  1. InSearchOfSmoothSkin added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    I have eaten nothing but grapes and fruit snacks.
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  2. InSearchOfSmoothSkin added a post in a topic Your Diet Will Not Save You   

    You remind me of the libs in my UGS class borie88, like I said, look at studies accepted by society concerning acne-diet and not the rubbish posted within this website. A biased source is no source at all. Ask dermatoligists about the link between acne and diet. What do they tell you? Also, one look at your profile (nutrional) ideas, and its reeks of supersitious inclinations. And some people really do just stop getting acne, believe it or not. Also, I'm tired of you people telling confused newcomers that they need to try a hollistic diet, when they are in danger of severe scarring and have absolutely horrible cystic acne. They need professional help, not advice telling them to eat only grassfed meats and raw food. Seriously?

    testimonials don't count in real research. You should know this.
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  3. InSearchOfSmoothSkin added a post in a topic Your Diet Will Not Save You   

    Seriously, a broader perspective needs to be taken. It's like people who do drugs. Pill popers claim that Heroin or coke heads are the bad ones that are really cruising toward death, but really, from society's standpoint, pill poppers and heroin users and coke heads are all the bad ones. Do not critique my analogy, as it applies to the thinking of those involved. If you have not had extensive experience around drug users, do not comment.
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  4. InSearchOfSmoothSkin added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Your Diet Will Not Save You
    To all of you who think eating a hollistic diet will magically cure your acne, think again. There is no credible link between diet and acne, and everyone who thinks their is should stop trying to scape goat gluten/dairy/sugar for you problems. Some of you with horrible "acne" in fact don't suffer from acne at all, but rather an allergic reaction to one or both. Also, supplements avaiable in stores or online are not necessarily absorbed by the body or provide benefits beyond a placebo affect. Try talking to a dermatologist instead of putting tea bags on your face. Trust professional opinions, and not the opinions of forum gurus, of which most still have acne. Some of you need to take a step back and remember, "Don't Drink the Kool-Aid."

    For all of you who don't know what that is, please rent/read a documentary on Jim Jones, pastor/leader of People's Temple.
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