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    Butt Acne- I Found Something That Treats It For Me
    I had had butt acne for almost half my life. It started when i was 10 and now i am 19. During the first years it didnt bother me at all, but as I grew up it made me feel very embarassed and keeping me away from everything that included my butt being seen by anyone (from sex to even going to the beach). But over the last year I got really frustrated about it and decided to take some action.

    First I started using some products my pharmacist suggested for body acne (Castallia, they were French and pricey). It worked for about a week (I mean calmed acne down a little) but after that it went back to the start.

    Then I tried baby powder. I read someone on the internet that baby powder does the trick if applied to the problem area after shower. Again it calmed it down but not for long (plus my clothes were getting white from all the talc).

    I noticed that when I would eat white bread my pimples would flare up so I cut it down, which was really hard, but with minimum results again. I started experimenting with more foods and I saw that a big list of them made it worse: chocolate, bread of any kind (even black), rice, potatoes, pasta, even fresh juices(!!!), eggs, cheese and more. But avoiding all that was too hard and at the end gave me little results amd big cravings for food along with headaches. I followed this diet for 3 months but eventually I gave in since I didnt gain anything after all (except maybe a pretty good weight loss).

    I had been experimenting for about 5 months when it crossed my mind that maybe i was constipated and this was the reason that i had it. So, stupid me started using laxatives which didn't help either and actually made me have constipation which I didnt have before. And because laxatives cause dependency i had to stop them and find another way to help it. I switched to Salt Water Flushes which were DISGUSTING but cleared me better than anything at the time. In 2 days with SWF and minimum eating my butt was almost clear. But that couldnt be the solution either cause it was temorary.

    I started taking psyllium husks after that, which I must say is one of the healthiest things I did during the past year. It kept acne down (my guess is that it removed toxins) and I was feeling healthier. But acne didnt go away of course. I increased my water intake from 2 lt a day ( I 've always been drinking water) to almost 8 lt a day. That made me pee A LOT but with no big results except that i was freezing in the middle of the summer. I did this for 3 weeks and then I got bored of putting so much effort and not getting what i wanted.

    Vitamin C was my next experiment. Started from 1000 mg a day and it really helped my calm down and stop stressing (acne made me very anxious and it got worse since i started my journey for the cure) and for a week it helped acne too. Some days when i was feeling really stressed i would take up to 4 pills (4000 mg) and in my mind it helped me calm down more which could also be a placebo effect.

    Sooner or later I had to abandon it too cause it was pricey and not as effective as I'd like. I went back to avoiding certain foods but it helped very little again.

    I read something about Head & Shoulders here and thought I'd give it a try. Amazing results within the first 3 days but then my skin got too dry and developed a horrible rash that didnt calm down for a week and still appears when my skin gets too dry.

    Then I used a garnier product with Zinc and Salicylic Acid. Just like H&S it worked really well but made my skin too dry and the rash came back stronger.

    After being frustrated by not getting any results, I stopped trying things for about a month until I became worried about it again and begun a new diet based remedy. I was pretty convinced that i had Candida overgrowth and leaky gut which i thought made toxins flow around my blood stream and caused butt acne. I followed the Candida Diet for 3 weeks, which is really hard to do since you have to avoid all carbs. Slight results regarding my acne but I had so much energy even though i was eating way to little calories (not on purpose, its just that you can't eat protein all day long to get your calories). After the first week i was gradually getting badly constipated which didnt go away as I was getting deaper into the diet. So I switched to a different type of detox. I did the SWF again for 10 days in a row, I felt lighter, healthier but I was retaining water and I am not really sure If it was safe for my body Acne was getting better and with the use of H&S it was practically vanished for 5 days before the same old rash problems came back again.

    I stopped the SWF and the H&S and went with a completely new aproach. Instead of making my skin drier I moisturized it. But not with any random moisturizer. I used OLIVE OIL. (I dont know if any olive oil will do the same work, the one i used is from my parents olives and has no chemicals or anything harmfull, so it was Extra Virgin Olive Oil). What I saw after 3 days was unbelievable! NO NEW PIMPLES, THE ACTIVE ONES FADING! I really thought it wouldnt last long like every other remedy I tried but it has been 3 weeks and my butt is flawless! No pimples, no dryness, the H&S rash going away. After 10 years my butt is perfect again! and it doesn't any acne anymore as long as i keep moisturizing. Let me tell you exactly what i do:


    1) For the first week i applied a lot of olive olive on my butt area and let it sit there for half an hour before showering. Pimples seem to flare up while you have the olive oil on but its temporary and they calm down after showering. While in the shower I use a bath sponge to rub my skin there until the area is red. I dont use any other soaps or cosmetics on it, just plain water to wash off the olive oil.

    2) After the first week I changed my remedy a little and I think this is more convinient since i dont have to wait for 30 minutes butt naked every day with olive oil on. Now i put olive oil in a cup and take it with me when going to shower. I apply olive oil on wet skin and let it there for 5 minutes while i wash my hair. Then I apply a little H&S on my sponge and rub my butt until it is red (2 mins are more than enough). I step out of the shower dry myself really well AND apply a thin layer of Olive Oil on the problem area. I wear my clothes which are NEVER the same clothes I will go out with (you dont want to smell like a salad when with friends, do you?), and leave those clothes for at least 10 minutes on so the olive oil will be absorbed by both my skin and the fabric. Then I go on with my day.

    I apply olive oil 3 times a day in total. 1 after shower and 2 when I have 30 seconds to waste on it.

    SERIOUSLY NO MORE PIMPLES. And it isnt that hard to follow if you compare it to diets and constant worrying about what to do. I find it really simple and it's really the only thing that completely vanished it for good.

    It really worked for me, it is not at all expensive like any cream that might be suggested for acne, and the results are permanent as long as you stay on the remedy. I wanted to post what I thought was helping my acne each time I tried something new, but I was waiting until I had perfect results so my advice would be usefull to others too. This though happened only with EVOO since the results are here to stay and i am proud of sharing what I have found with anyone that might need help.

    P.S.: I apologize for my bad English, it is not my first language.

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