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  1. Hi everyone, I was looking into the bulletproof coffee idea, and even though I don't really drink coffee (except decaf once in a while), I thought I'd try the other ingredients separately. So, I bought caprylic acid triglyceride and ghee to hopefully help with digestion and bloating, and to see if they can help with energy and mental concentration. Has anyone had any experiences with either of these? I'm not even sure if I should be taking each of these together, on an empty stomach, etc...
  2. Cousin wants to wean off accutane

    I wish it was that simple! Teenage boys won't listen to anyone
  3. Cousin wants to wean off accutane

    I haven't seen him in months, but apparently his acne hasn't improved. If it's teenage acne, it's hormonal. He also needs to clean up his diet, but would rather have an "easy" fix.
  4. Good Things For The Many Factors That Lead To Acne

    I know I've raved about this in other threads, but I don't think I included it here. Look into LOW HISTAMINE DIET & LIFESTYLE people! I will link some of my older posts in my signature in case you have questions.
  5. Cousin wants to wean off accutane

    Sometimes people, especially teenage boys, do grow out of it once their hormones balance out after their teenage years. My cousin's acne looks like teenage acne, that's why I was disappointed he picked the most extreme way to get rid of it. He might have already tried antibiotics. His diet & exercise habits are crap. His skin gets worse from fried food and sugar. But he doesn't have the discipline to cut those out - I'm sure if he did, his skin would improve. What is innate clear skin @winter09 ?
  6. Hi everyone, I just found out that my 15 year old male cousin has been on isotretinoin (accutane) for the past 5 months. I convinced his parents to get him off it (the derm told them nothing about the side effects, and they didn't think it was alarming that he has to test his liver every month!). What would be your advice in terms of stopping accutane? My instinct is to tell him to wean off slowly, not quit abruptly. Also, what other holistic alternatives are there for teenage boys? I know some alternatives that work for women, obviously, but men have fewer options when it comes to managing acne. So far, I recommended that he switches to a SLS-free/sulfate-free facial wash, cuts down on sugar, etc....but he needs more.
  7. Hypnosis

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if any of you have had success with hypnosis. Not specifically for acne, but for other things like stress management, overcoming bad habits and trauma, etc. Does any one have any input based on your own experiences with hypnosis? @alternativista ?