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  1. I agree about fermented vegetables, and anything fermented in general. My acne used to flare up whenever I ate sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir and kombucha. I finally put two and two together when an allergic told me about histamine overload...all these fermented foods raise histamines. So, now I'm happy with just the occasional probiotic and avoid all other ferments.
  2. My recommendations are in my signature.

  3. Any tried bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy?

    You seem too young for bioidentical hormones. Just look into supplements that help balance hormones, rather than going to extremes. Get off the hormones - synthetic and bioidentical. You don't need them!
  4. From Scar To Keloid? *pics Added*

    Hi, my scars are still not completely gone but there is some progress. I don't think the keloids will completely go away, though. I will post new photos soon.
  5. Does Maca Root Powder Cause Pimples?

    Maca has very polarized reviews. It either works for female acne or can make it worse. If you gave it more than a month and you are still breaking out, then it's not for you.
  6. Hey, apologies for the late response, I 'm super busy with work so I don't come on here as often as I used to. How did it go with the antibiotics?