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  1. Hormonal acne? Red marks ? pics included !!

    I use BioClin (I get it from European pharmacies), and have also used Boscia cleansers from Sephora before with no irritation. Baking soda is good, but I recommend only using it a few days a week to exfoliate, and use a cleanser every day too.
  2. Next time use aloe vera.
  3. Hormonal acne? Red marks ? pics included !!

    Check out my posts on low histamine diet & lifestyle. Avoid any cosmetics/washes with SLS/sulfites...this looks like an allergic reaction (topical)
  4. Inositol's Impact On Hormonal Acne

    Vitamin D makes me breakout too. I switched to prescription strength D2 (not D3) at one point and it gradually helped get my D levels up. Now I use transdermal Vitamin D lotion because I don't do well on over the counter D3 supplements. Inositol can still help you - no way to say for sure unless you try it. Also look into DIM.
  5. Diet And Supplements Log

    Oh I see, so you take the enzymatic garlinase for fungi? No, I started taking it when I had a bacterial infection, and after that cleared up then I kept taking it as an antioxidant. I don't think it helps for fungal infections.
  6. Diet And Supplements Log

    Maybe you have a fungal issue? Usually fungi do not respond to antibiotic treatments. I take enzymatic therapy garlinase 5000.
  7. My latest updates & skin pics are up on my Diet & Supplements Log.

  8. Diet And Supplements Log

    Hello, is anyone still following this log? I just wanted to post a general update and some no-makeup pics. I apologize for the delay in responding to messages - I have a heavy workload so I don't come on here as often as I used to. Not logging on as often has helped me maintain a healthier and less stressful attitude towards my skin, and myself in general. So, as much as I love acne.org, I can't dedicate as much energy on here, but I hope that the archive I built over the years will be useful to many of you. In fact, I still get responses to my older threads from people who are struggling. I want to stress that I only give general advice, as I'm not a doctor and cannot possibly have answers for every individual case. For general advice, please follow my posts & this log. My update & photos: - Still on a low histamine, gluten-free, low dairy diet. I might try to be a bit more paleo, but for now I'm just trying to eat as healthy as possible. - I only take a multivitamin every day as a regular supplement - it's prescription-strength, and it's called NIcadan. Actually, I cut the pill in half and only take half every day because more than that makes me feel a bit nauseous (I'm a petite person, so I adjust the dosage). I think the vitamin C and the niacinamide are the most helpful vitamins in this cocktail. - I also take Adrenal Cortex every morning to help with low cortisone and adrenal fatigue. - I sometimes take half a DIM supplement when my skin is acting up, and a garlic supplement (as me for specific brand if you are interested) when my immune system feels weak. - When needed: digestive enzymes and SOD (to lower histamine reactions). Tests: - Saliva tests for hormones & stool tests for parasites ---> Upside: more accurate than blood tests etc, but too expensive! Here are some photos of my skin in broad daylight with no makeup on...I used to get terrible anxiety over my skin looking less than perfect, but now I decided not to give a f***k.
  9. Hey, I didn't see the notification. How is your skin doing now? The antibiotics probably messed up your gut flora - perhaps try some simple probiotics (start with just acidophilus) and a healthy diet - try the leaky gut diet too, but keep it low histamine just in case. By the way, I was prescribed antibiotics for a minor infection last year that wouldn't clear up. I refused to take them, and did some research and discovered that garlic supplements work as antibiotics. And guess what, my infection cleared up within a few days, plus my skin looked better. Perhaps you can give garlic a try? I use the allicilin kind.