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  1. I can't post my product reviews for some reason. I fill out the form, but then it won't let me post. I rated the product, but I still am not able to post my review.
  2. tea for acne

    I second rooibos...it's not called a healing tea for nothing Also, white tea is good, but rooiboos is caffeine free so you can drink more of it.
  3. The Big Hormone Post For Both Men And Women

    Lots of advice and feedback on the inositol thread...must include it in this thead. Here's the link: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/334249-inositols-impact-on-hormonal-acne/?page=10#comment-3504810
  4. How to improve this type of acne? (photos)

    cut out all cosmetics & cleansers containing SLS, and make sure you are washing your face with good quality water. In the 2nd photo, your face seems to be reacting to something you are using.
  5. Inositol's Impact On Hormonal Acne

      Hey Zanette,   Thanks for reviving this thread,and reminding me to also add an update. Here are some notes based on what you wrote: For hirsutism, inositol is the most effective supplement I have ever tried For acne, inositol will work depending on the hormonal (if any) imbalance you have - it's not for everyone, but it's something worth trying at a low dose since it has no side effects at reasonable doses Hormonal tests (especially saliva) can help eliminate some of the trial and error, but keep in mind that those are not 100% reliable either. My blood tests always came back "normal", but the normal range is too broad to pin point imbalances & does not take into consideration other factors such as BMI, height, etc. So, what could be normal for one person, could be high for another. Acupuncture has helped me pinpoint more issues than conventional medicine...I still highly recommend it An ultrasound has led me to the removal of a dermoid cyst. I recommend getting an ultrasound if you are worried about PCOS, cysts, or any other gynecological problems, just as precaution. Doctors were advising me against it, saying I don't need it and that I should go ahead and get back on birth control, blah blah blah. Eventually, I had to follow my instincts and get checked out, and I did indeed have a dermoid that needed to be removed and was probably exacerbating my hormonal issues. Check your vitamin D levels Get a GI/ liver test to test your digestion...I recently got one and found out I might have a gluten allergy, which relates to inflammation, which can worsen acne My purpose here is to show women (and hopefully men too) that there are alternatives to medication. If one treatment does not work for you, there are plenty of options. Supplements I like besides inositol: vitamin C, vitamin D (although I can only take D2 - if you can take high quality D3, go for it), niacin, garlic supplements (antibacterial and antioxidant), DIM - broccoli extract (not a fan of DIM mixes, just DIM itself). Right now I'm trying out nicadan, as recommended by an integrative dermatologist. YES, a derm actually recommended supplements, so I thought, why not...I still am not a fan of prescription supplements, though, but I will give it a try. *QUALITY of supplements is important - do your research and try to go for supplements that use the least fillers and extra ingredients. Check for things like low acid/ non-acidic (for Vitamin C), vegan (for vitamin D), no colorings, vegetable capsule, etc...avoid as many of these as possible. DRINK WATER - the cheapest yet most neglected trick for better skin. Make sure it's filtered/ spring/ non-tap. Yoga, meditation, exercise...anything that helps keep stress at bay
  6. NICADAN anyone?

    Yes, I would do that but it would cost a lot more...I got it for free with my insurance, and trying it out until I figure out if it works.
  7. From Scar To Keloid? *pics Added*

      Thanks for your response. I have been using silicone gel sheets, as well as silicone gels, and I see some improvement. I added new photos, let me know what you think!
  8.   Hey! Update on this thread: the garlic pills did help. I used a brand that delivers allicin (the helpful garlic extract) directly to the stomach (I can write down the brand I use if you are interested) and it helped me a lot. I took an odorless pill - no gassiness, CrayonsNnglu. It also improved my skin, and to test their effectiveness, I stopped taking other supplements (apart from vitamin C) just to see if the garlic would keep me clear. Once again, proof that doctor's do not know everything and will try to push antibiotics in cases where they have no idea that alternative treatments exist.
  9. want to gain weight but not get acne

    sweet potatoes helped me gain weight when I was underweight. Also, avocadoes - healthy fats
  10. There is definitely validity to the anorexia/ eating disorders - acne connection. My first acne breakouts coincided with a recovery from anorexia, but because it also coincided with getting my period for the first time & being a teenager, it was difficult to pinpoint to what extent anorexia caused some imbalances. I even read that anorexia can trigger PCOS symptoms, such as hirsutism and hormonal imbalances. I use yogurt and honey topically, and might try azelaic acid as recommended by an integrative dermatologist. I also pay a lot of attention to a healthy , low histamine diet, and avoid harsh chemicals and too many cosmetics. Most importantly, I try to be as mentally healthy as possible, which, if you are bouncing back from anorexia nervosa, it is just as important in the healing process as physical recovery.
  11. I got a vitamin cocktail prescription today called Nicadan. Anyone heard of it? Apparently, the supplement dosages are the right amount for a therapeutic effect, so I figured why not see what it's about. Niacinamide is the main ingredient, which has been anecdotally proven to help a lot with acne. Incidentally, I had taken all these supplements on their own before (except alpha lipoic acid), but I'm interested in seeing if this particular mix will be effective, especially since it's recommended by integrative doctors who are receptive to supplement therapy rather than just the usual drugs.  
  12. Friend List Issue...

    I like that we can now see our full friend list ...or should I say followers. Nice touch. I'm still trying to adapt to the new layout, but I think it just takes some practice and more interaction until the interface becomes seamless again. Good job I like that we can now see our full friend list ...or should I say followers. Nice touch. I'm still trying to adapt to the new layout, but I think it just takes some practice and more interaction until the interface becomes seamless again. Good job
  13. Fluoroderma

    Very useful thread!
  14. NICADAN anyone?

    Hi everyone, I visited a dermatologist today because I have been having some facial redness, and he said I could have rosacea, in addition to acne scarring. He prescribed a vitamin cocktail called Nicadan, which basically contains niacinamide and other vitamins & minerals (you can look it up for specifics). Apparently the combination and dosage is scientifically proven to work, so I'm willing to give it a go, although I'm not excited about some of the fillers in the capsule. Has anyone tried Nicadan before, and did it work? Also, what else would you recommend for rosacea? It's usually stress induced :/
  15. Help What Is Happening To My Face?! (Pics)

    I agree with leelowe, this could be folliculitis, especially if it's itchy. Contact dermatitis is also a possibility, especially because you were trying out new products. If it's fungal related (rather than bacterial), then I would suggest trying to spot treat with tea tree oil, and apply a plain yogurt mask to your face every day for 20-30 minutes. Taking probiotics might also help, especially since you mention you might have candida symptoms. The body tends to be more reactive to new regiments if it's already overloaded with yeast.
  16. Hello, Please excuse the TMI. I have vaginal bacteriosis, which is basically a bacterial infection, and of course was prescribed strong antibiotics and an antibiotic cream. The cream has parabens, and the antibiotics are antibiotics, so I will not take either. What are other options? I have been using a natural anti-bacterial vaginal gel called Multi-Gyn Acti Gel for over a month, but it's not helping that much. I'm considering garlic supplements, just because I can't take raw garlic (my throat burns!). Can someone recommend a good garlic supplement or other solutions to my issue?
  17. Rosacea Could Be A Histamine Issue

    Yes, salicylates raise histamine.
  18. Friend List Issue...

    Another thing I noticed: Are we able to delete messages in inbox?
  19. Inositol's Impact On Hormonal Acne

    Why not try a low histamine diet & lifestyle? It can fix major skin issues (if histamines might be an unknown cause for your acne) without the need for many supplements. Based on your photos, that might be worth giving it a shot.
  20. Acne? Herpes On Face? Only Time Wishing It Was Acne

    It's acne most likely, but if it doesn't subside you should go see a dermatologist who can identify what type of acne it is. It could also be welts from an allergic reaction.
  21. First of all, where did you buy taurine from? Most health stores do not sell it (unless mixed with other supplements or in energy drinks), and have to special order it. I had a bad experience with taurine (or at least I think it was taurine) that I ordered on amazon. When I took it I couldn't sleep for 2 days! It was crazy and it scared me off...it also made me suspicious of buying supplements from vendors like amazon (who use other vendors without vetting them). But, sugarfree red bull usually seems to help my skin overall...I just try not to have it too often.
  22. Estrogen Dominance? What's That?

    Lots of posts in the Hormonal Acne forum you can check out on ED.
  23. Omg, Topical Probiotics

    I have been using yogurt & honey masks for years. Much cheaper and effective than super expensive stuff that doesn't work most of the time.