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  1. WishClean added a post in a topic Help What Is Happening To My Face?! (Pics)   

    I agree with leelowe, this could be folliculitis, especially if it's itchy. Contact dermatitis is also a possibility, especially because you were trying out new products. If it's fungal related (rather than bacterial), then I would suggest trying to spot treat with tea tree oil, and apply a plain yogurt mask to your face every day for 20-30 minutes. Taking probiotics might also help, especially since you mention you might have candida symptoms. The body tends to be more reactive to new regiments if it's already overloaded with yeast.
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  2. WishClean added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Help Pls! Anti-Bacterial Supplements/ Garlic?
    Please excuse the TMI. I have vaginal bacteriosis, which is basically a bacterial infection, and of course was prescribed strong antibiotics and an antibiotic cream. The cream has parabens, and the antibiotics are antibiotics, so I will not take either.

    What are other options? I have been using a natural anti-bacterial vaginal gel called Multi-Gyn Acti Gel for over a month, but it's not helping that much.

    I'm considering garlic supplements, just because I can't take raw garlic (my throat burns!). Can someone recommend a good garlic supplement or other solutions to my issue?
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  3. WishClean added a post in a topic Rosacea Could Be A Histamine Issue   

    Yes, salicylates raise histamine.
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  4. WishClean added a post in a topic Friend List Issue...   

    Another thing I noticed: Are we able to delete messages in inbox?
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  5. WishClean added a post in a topic Inositol's Impact On Hormonal Acne   

    Why not try a low histamine diet & lifestyle? It can fix major skin issues (if histamines might be an unknown cause for your acne) without the need for many supplements. Based on your photos, that might be worth giving it a shot.
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  6. WishClean added a post in a topic Acne? Herpes On Face? Only Time Wishing It Was Acne   

    It's acne most likely, but if it doesn't subside you should go see a dermatologist who can identify what type of acne it is. It could also be welts from an allergic reaction.
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  7. WishClean added a post in a topic Has Taurine Caused A Breakout With Any Of You?   

    First of all, where did you buy taurine from? Most health stores do not sell it (unless mixed with other supplements or in energy drinks), and have to special order it.

    I had a bad experience with taurine (or at least I think it was taurine) that I ordered on amazon. When I took it I couldn't sleep for 2 days! It was crazy and it scared me off...it also made me suspicious of buying supplements from vendors like amazon (who use other vendors without vetting them).

    But, sugarfree red bull usually seems to help my skin overall...I just try not to have it too often.
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  8. WishClean added a post in a topic Estrogen Dominance? What's That?   

    Lots of posts in the Hormonal Acne forum you can check out on ED.
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  9. WishClean added a post in a topic Omg, Topical Probiotics   

    I have been using yogurt & honey masks for years. Much cheaper and effective than super expensive stuff that doesn't work most of the time.
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  10. WishClean added a topic in Hormonal acne   

    My Pcos Is Gone For Now!
    Hi ladies,

    Yes, I was told today that I no longer fit the PCOS patient profile!!! I'm not sure how long this will last, but for now I'm pleased with my progress ;D I don't think one can "outgrow" or fully treat PCOS, but I certainly think it can be kept under control and cysts can lessen with the right holistic approach (as in, considering the WHOLE body and tailoring a treatment accordingly).

    Some of you have been following my journey for a while now. Acne helped me figure out a lot of things going on in my body & general surroundings, and I had to make some lifestyle changes for the better.

    I was diagnosed (and re-diagnosed several times) with PCOS since 18 years old, but today I got an ultrasound follow-up for a procedure I had done (hormone-related as well), and the doctor confirmed that I have very few cysts on each ovary (5 on each to be exact) and no longer qualify as a PCOS patient. I still have some ovarian cysts, but he said I no longer have the PCOS "syndrome".

    Since I removed a demoid cyst back in April (detailed in my other thread), I noticed that I had fewer hormonal issues (e.g. fewer facial hair, thicker hair growth on head, lower sex drive rather than crazy high drive, etc). I'm glad to see I'm on the right track to fixing yet another issue, and I am cutting back on some supplements and lowering the dose to maintenance -- only a few times a week/ month as needed.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share this for those of you who feel discouraged, as I did many times. I never gave up and tried to listen to my body and modify my lifestyle accordingly to show people that there are other options besides traditional treatments & medication.

    If you need more details, check out my signature below.
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  11. WishClean added a post in a topic Anyone Have Experience With Vitex, Saw Palmetto, Calcium D-Glucarate?   

    Other options to consider:

    - inositol
    - DIM
    - vitamins such as C, D, magnesium, calcium, niacin, etc
    - acupuncture/ Chinese herbs

    If you are sure your issue is hormonal, that is.
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  12. WishClean added a post in a topic How Long To Give Holistic Treatment   

    Hi leelowe,

    I wanted to add this here (not in a PM) in case others are following your thread. The first thing is to figure out (as accurately as possible) what is going on with your body. Write down your symptoms, how you feel after meals, bowel movements, digestion, headaches, lack of sleep/ insomnia, trouble waking up, vision problems, etc - this chart will come in handy when you go see a holistic doctor and/or acupuncturist. Then, try to figure out if your acne could be pointing to an internal issue (esp. if you have other physical side effects) or more of an external issue (reaction to products, allergies/ sensitivities, etc). This would help narrow things down.

    If you can find a good acupuncturist, then they might be able to pin point a lot of things for you with regular treatments. I had acupuncturists diagnose me with things way before "traditional" doctors, so I definitely think acupuncture can help a lot, provided you find someone qualified to do it (some quacks are out there, as with anything).
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  13. WishClean added a post in a topic Plan B Acne Plus Cleanup Story   

    Thank you for sharing your journey, and I'm glad you are aware of the Lyme disease and how to approach it. Keep us updated here with your progress and best of luck to you! You look awesome!

    I'm thinking of starting a thread for recommendations for good acupuncturists, Chinese medicine practitioners and other "alternative"practitioners (I will have to check acne.org's rules for listing services first). Would you recommend anyone? (I'm personally looking for someone in the New York city area as I'm moving there and have no idea). Do you treat patients as well? Your degree is so useful
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  14. WishClean added a post in a topic Is Accutane All In All Worth It?   

    MOD Edit: moved to the prescription acne medications forum. ~ WishClean
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