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  1. Hey,

    I read one of your posts in which you use gluten enzyme blockers to help with acne? Can you please elaborate and give me details on how it works? I'm experimenting with a whole bunch of things as well.

    Please tell me your experience.
  2. L-glutamine - how to take?

    I have been taking it for over a week now, in the mornings mixed in green juice before I eat breakfast. So far, I noticed less bloating and fewer reactions to food, although I'm sure the digestive enzymes I'm also taking help. I haven't noticed any breakouts from it, but for me it usually takes 2+ weeks for my skin to show a reaction if something is bothering me.
  3. Hi everyone, Has anyone had success with l-glutamine? I would like to address my leaky gut, and my naturopath recommended Designs for Health - L-Glutamine Powder 250 gms. Has anyone tried it, or other glutamine supplements? I'm not sure whether it's best to take it on an empty stomach or after a meal, and there are no specific directions on the box.
  4. I couldn't do it

    I suggest you browse through this forum for alternatives. Plenty of options, despite what your doctor says - they just know about very limited treatments that involve medication.
  5. Need Vit. B12 but scared of breakouts from it...

    How about taking B12 transdermally? In the form of a lotion/ cream? I'm trying that with vitamin D, since I always break out from over the counter D supplements and also B12.
  6. Came off the pill, now hormonal acne all the time!

    It's normal to break out after going off the pill. That's because your body doesn't know how to balance itself naturally without synthetic hormones. You have to give it some time. What helped me bounce back when I went off birthcontrol years ago was evening primrose oil combined with agnus castus/ chaste berry (which happens to be a fertility herb too). Visit a good integrative doctor or naturopath or acupuncturist for advice.
  7. Vitamin A?

      You could try a multivitamin that includes vitamin A. Don't megadose.
  8. Help With Dim

    You are overdoing it. NO amount of liver support is going to help you if you are taking so many supplements. I would first remove maca, green tea, and ashwagadha, and then slowly remove more depending on how you feel. Your body is probably overloaded right now, so no wonder you are breaking out. Some of the supplements you are taking have been known to cause acne in many females, like maca and green tea.
  9. Will lactaid milk cause acne?

      I drink it and I'm fine with it. I drink the 1% lactaid that has added calcium in it.
  10. Vitamin D?

      I'm going to be starting a post on taking vitamin D transdermally (through vitamin D lotion) for people who cannot easily digest oils. I'm waiting for my vit. D lotion to get here.
  11. Advice on Hormonal Acne

    NO GREEN TEA!!!! Green tea's impact on testosterone levels is controversial. In my case, when I was drinking a lot of green tea daily, my skin was at its worst. Switch to roiboos instead, much better for your skin and it doesn't impact hormones. SInce you know you have iron deficiency, try to address that through your diet and ditch the green tea.
  12.   I only approved this post to let you and everyone else know the dangers of buying accutane and other prescription drugs online, without medical supervision. Why are you seeing a doctor but also ordering accutane online? I would assume if you are seeing a doctor, you would ask them these questions rather than post on the forum for random people to give you advice. Use common sense.
  13. Advice on Hormonal Acne

    I was going to move this thread to the Hormonal Acne forum, but people here can probably offer more useful advice that is not of the type "go on birth control, take antibiotics, etc." I recommend sharing some photos of what your acne looks like - we can give more specific feedback based on what it looks like and how inflammed it is. Sometimes people moan about 1-2 zits, and they get recommendations for heavy-duty treatments that are not necessary. So, I advice posting a couple of photos.
  14. Vitamin D and acne

    Try one thing at a time to see what works. Don't try to take too  many supplements at once, especially if you suspect you have digestive issues/ liver problems. When taking vitamin D, start with a LOW dose and work your way up to the recommended %. Again, don't overdo it.
  15. Need new face moisturizer

    Having now tried the acne.org moisturizer, I would recommend you try that instead of jojoba on your face.
  16. Latest example: google George Pickering & son. 
  17. want to gain weight but not get acne

    sweet potatoes
  18. Bad Acne

      First of all, don't let it get you down. You are way too young to even be considering birth control - it will mess up your hormones especially at such a crucial developmental stage. Don't do it. Second, some of your acne seems like folliculitis, not typical acne. I would recommend first of all going to a better dermatologist to get a proposer diagnosis. If it's folliculitis, it's a fungal, not bacterial infection, and each are treated differently, both topically and internally. Third, you need to clear up the infections otherwise it will spread - regardless of whether you take anything or not. An infection spreads. Go to a good aesthetician and get some extractions and gentle calming masks, like aloe vera masks. Also try high frequency facials to disinfect your skin. Fourth, get your hormones tested, and also get tested for food intolerances AND allergies (not the same thing). I think you are too young to be having hormonal issues. This could be an infection or allergic reaction. Fifth, it doesn't hurt to remove these from your daily life: SLS (any cleanser with sodium laureth sulfate or any type of sulfates), if the water quality in your area is bad try to use filtered or bottled water to wash your face (try it for at least a week consistently to see if it makes a difference), switch to a hypoallergenic laundry detergent and try not to put your face directly on the pillow at night (keep your face as uncovered as possible/ sleep on your back). Try these and report back in a couple of weeks. 
  19. How to improve this type of acne? (photos)

    I just want to remind everyone not to start progesterone creams on their own. I briefly experimented with a yam-based progesterone boosting cream (with no actual progesterone in it), but any type of progesterone cream -- natural or not -- should not be recommended without the supervision of a doctor specializing in bioidentical hormone treatments (watch out - there are many fakes in this regard, do your research carefully when selecting a bio doctor). Main reason for the supervision is that the wrong dose of progesterone, like the wrong dose of estrogen therapy, can trigger certain forms of cancer. That's why bioidentical hormone treatments require regular hormonal testing. Just a warning.
  20. Going off the pill acne

      It really disgusts me that your doctor only gave you 2 options for acne. I am one of the many women who decided to go off birthcontrol and anti-biotics etc, and I started doing my own research. And guess what,my skin cleared and my body is now healthier because I don't put that synthetic crap in my body. First of all, you mentioned that your mild acne was caused by Plan B, right? Plan B contains a strong mix of hormones, so your acne could just be temporary until plan B's effects wear off (it could take a while - read Racingheartz posts for recovering from plan b-related acne). The first step would be to go get your hormones checked, preferably at an integrative or alternative doctor. You are in Hong Kong, with access to some of the best acupuncturists and alternative doctors in the world, so why not take advantage of that? It seems to me, though, that you overreacted to mild acne induced by plan B (artificial hormones), and jumped on the birth control bandwagon WITHOUT even needing it (unless of course you were also taking it for birth control, NOT hormonal acne). My guess is that the combination of synthetic hormones has messed up your cycle.
  21. Food That Causes Acne

    A tip that works for me when it comes to sweets: switch dark/ milk chocolate for white chocolate. I believe it's the cocoa that makes all the difference. Somehow, cocoa BUTTER doesn't bother me, but cocoa does.
  22. Something to use when accidentaly ingest dairy?

    try digestive enzymes or supplements for digesting dairy/ lactose
  23. Email notifications turned off

    Hey Dan, So the old system of only receiving notifications when someone quotes your posts doesn't work anymore? I actually liked that better than picking between no notifications and weekly email updates. I basically only want to get notified via email when someone quotes me or sends me a PM. Is that still an option?
  24. What are your theories on the causes of acne?

    @RacingheartZ I don't think PCOS ever fully goes away, but I'm doing everything I can to keep symptoms at bay. Sure, PM me when you are in town, I recently moved to NYC Didn't know you were that close!
  25. Please Help Me Diagnose My Acne!

      Based on your description and where your acne is located on your face, I'm 99% sure you have a vitamin D deficiency. Go get tested for vitamin deficiencies, especially vitamin D, and you might have your answer. Vitamin D supplements would be my first suggestion, but make sure it's either a good quality D3 brand or a D2 prescription from your doctor (depending on how deficient you are). If you also get other symptoms during the winter, such as depression, then you might have seasonal affective disorder...again, this can be treated with vitamin D.