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  1. Anyone Tried The "clear Skin Forever" Diet?

    Yikes, that's a bit harsh, AJM00001! We've been doing this for about four years now, and have helped hundreds of people personally. We have an active member community where many people report total clearing of their skin by following our methods. We talk about chlorine and fluoridated water as potential acne triggers in our book. In our view, acne is caused by three factors - diet, environment (toxins, etc.), and stress. We talk about all these in turn. We talk about individual food testing, because we understand that not everyone reacts to the same foods. For some folks, dairy is totally fine, but others break out the next day from drinking milk. Some people tolerate raw milk, some people don't. Sounds like almond/cashew butter is a trigger for you, AJM. We've had people who react to pineapple, bananas, citrus, FCLO, all kinds of weird stuff I wouldn't expect - which is why we recommend that people test foods on themselves constantly (as I do as well). From a personal perspective, I think acne books can be a great deal of help to folks who are struggling with acne and aren't getting any results from the standard dermatologist-recommended approaches. Acne Einstein, The Love Vitamin are another two great sources of information. Our readers have told us many times that we knew way more about the causes of acne than their dermatologists ever did. I'm not saying that's true of all dermatologists, just that it seems to be a trend that our readers have reported. AJM00001, it sounds like you've got a lot of individual/specific food triggers - I totally respect that! Saying flat-out that acne books are useless, though, is a bit of a generalization. For me personally, the standard "common wisdom" treatments (BP, SA, washing face, etc.) did nothing. I was only able to clear up my acne when I started following Loren Cordain's The Dietary Cure for Acne back when I was in high school, and have refined those methods a lot through personal experimentation and further research. Yes, we do run a business. Is that such a bad thing? Businesses are built on value exchanges. Running it as a business allows us to work on it day in, day out, refining our methods, updating the book, reading the latest research, etc. There's not a chance in heck I would have time for all that if it wasn't my job! And that allows us to help a LOT more people than if were just doing this in our spare time. EDIT: @AJM00001, I just added a bit to that peanut butter article to reflect your situation (i.e. reacting to almond/cashew butter, but not peanut butter) and further stressed that people experiment on themselves with all foods to really make sure. You're right, we can be a bit cut-and-dried sometimes - I will work on that.
  2. Anyone Tried The "clear Skin Forever" Diet?

    Hey! Devin Mooers here, author of Clear Skin Forever. Just wanted to clarify that we DO recommend olive oil (but not for higher-heat cooking since it's not as stable as more saturated fats), and we DO recommend coconut oil (excellent all-around fat for cooking, etc.). We've found that vegetable oils (canola, sunflower, safflower, etc.) are some of the most potent acne triggers. Especially when you get them from eating out at restaurants - that oil just gets used and re-used in the same pans (esp. for deep-fried stuff). Very unstable oils, very prone to lipid peroxidation, which is a major trigger in the acne formation process. Glad you got such great results Tadamasa!! Right on! EDIT: If anyone has Q's on our methods, feel free to stop by our blog or just reply here!
  3. EGCg and Acne

    Yeah I'd definitely attack diet first. If your diet's off, no amount of EGCG will fix the problem. Conventional dairy, vegetable oil, sugar, and gluten tend to be the biggest triggers in my experience. I do use green tea / matcha for damage control - I have a post about the effects of EGCG on acne here if you're curious: (Note to admins - I'll avoid repeatedly linking to my own site, just thought it was pretty relevant here!)
  4. @ruby14, I'd try removing eggs for ~2 weeks and see if that helps. We recently had a guy on our forum who was following our diet recommendations to a T, but was still breaking out - once he stopped eggs, he cleared up pretty quick. Just something to try, sounds like the rest of your diet is pretty on point. Citrus doesn't bother me, unlike @alternativista, but I don't seem to do particularly well with dark chocolate. Everyone's got their own individual reactions to certain foods - figuring this all out can be pretty tough, but it's well worth it.  
  5. Food That Causes Acne

    Interested in hearing your thoughts on this, Baxter. @OP, wow! That's a lot of suspected food intolerances. Have you ever thought about going at it from the psychosomatic angle?