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  1. ivyey added a post in a topic Chia Seeds...   

    OK. I usually just throw about 2 tbsp into a smoothie every morning. I hope the chia seeds are not to blame...
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  2. ivyey added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Chia Seeds...

    I have recently started eating chia seeds, for there omega 3 content. My skin, in most areas on my face has been in the process of clearing up all of its own accord for about two months. A week ago it was in the clearest state it has been in years. It was a godsend because I had just started a job in customer service. I was so happy. For a few days now I have been aware of a few spots that have been virtually clear, growing inflamed again - specifically the 't' zone. It's not anything outrageous but it's still growing worse and I don't know what has changed except chia seed consumption. Perhaps I am eating too much? Or perhaps I am allergic? Should I discontinue consumption to be on the safe side? Ahh, I am so depressed right now
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  3. ivyey added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    breakfast: Wild blueberry & strawberry smoothie w/ spinach & orange juice (citrus doesn't seem to affect me...)

    lunch: some days I will have organic sprouted grain (spelt & wholewheat) toast with plain canned wild salmon on top
    and recently I have been experimenting with stirfries usually I'll use olive oil, broccoli, bok choy, mushrooms, and turmeric

    snacks: this is where I have some trouble, since I love snacking. i've tried apple sauce and nuts and rice chips and now baked lentil chips. my fruit of choice atm is kiwi. yogurt breaks me out big time.
    drinks: loose leaf chai green tea, water, organic decaf coffee occasionally

    dinner: always different, I always try to include a veggie and protein source. tonight will probably be chicken & sweet potatoes

    Haha. There should be a thread created 'How you used to eat'. Ah man, mortifying..
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  4. ivyey added a post in a topic The Real Reason You Have Acne!   

    Butter? I use it quite generously, although I have cut out sugar, gluten, and dairy tremendously. Lately I've been so fed up with diet because it seems anything I believe to be healthy for me ends up being, in actuality, damaging. I feel like I am constantly tweaking my diet and cutting things out for fear of it furthering my skin disruptions. I can't exactly afford to do that as I am only 17 and living in a bit of poverty. It causes me a lot of distress. I absolutely am not interested in taking birth control or anti biotics and most definitely not accutane, these being the only options provided by my doctor. So, I looked to diet to be my savior because I have always suspected that it can either cause or prevent acne depending on what you eat. It is only causing me more stress because it seems that everything is contaminated in some way - and when you have the internet at your fingertips you can truly go to town - never finding a satisfying answer. I just feel so uneasy right now knowing that I won't be able to afford or achieve that optimum acne fighting diet.
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