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    I just got excited and thought I'd acne.org it, after starting antibiotics (mostly orally, doxy) and not as often clindamycin, I am suprised at the difference. I tried Yaz for a month and ended up depressed and stopped using it. In between, I tried turmeric masks and they got all over and aztec masks mixed with ACV - can't say it helped but can't say it hurt. I did four glycolic peels 40% and I will do jessner peels when I can handle it (I did a practice 1 minute 1 layer, I think it's intense and I need to work my way up). I am about to start my downtime from peels and I will be using acne stop toner (5% lactic, 10% salicylic) so maybe that'll prep me for the jenner peels a bit. I can't wait to see how things look in June. My grandma mentioned a derm, I guess I'll be looking into that and some scar treatments for the future. YAY.
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    Shoot, I named it wrong, I started antibiotics in October...at the time I was in denial of the severity of my acne because today, I looked at it and said, dang that's severe.
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