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  1. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    Love The National
    I know the song yes, not this version though, she's great! I'm going to look at some other songs thanks

    And about the scars, I think it doesn't really matter.. Though if they're big pores, they might shrink because of accutane, but icepicks don't shrink (as far as i know). I actually want to try apple cider vinegar, but maybe it's not a great combo with accutane... Although my face is not senstive.
    Or maybe i should just wait till i'm clear and then worry about the damage left behind
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  2. dreamer003 added a post in a topic My Face.   

    Have you tried other bc pills? If so, maybe you can look into other anticonception methods, like a spiral?
    I hope the break out won't cause you too much pain
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  3. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    Mine also look like tiny icepicks, but considering there are so much of them and all in the places where pores usually appear, i'm guessing they're pores.. Maybe they're scarred pores? I don't have a clue, I just want them gone Or at least diminished..
    And yeah, she has a beautiful voice! She also did an amazing cover on terrible love:

    I prefer the version of The National though

    Sorry for all the songs
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  4. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    Day 46

    Ok, a little update, cause i'm experiencing a new side effect.. My face is slightly red all the time and sometimes feels warmer. I'm not tomato red or anything, but i kind of have that skiing look appearance (red face with white circles around the eyes).
    So yeah that, and omg i'm a terrible lip picker! They're peeling a bit and i keep picking at them and making them bleed
    I still have two zits drying up (they look way to comfortable there, it's been almost 2 weeks..) and some inimini zits that don't really bother me.
    So, I guess it's going all right...

    I discovered this song on youtube today, i think it's so good! And she's fifteen o_0
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  5. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    Haha, you never appreciate what you have until it's gone
    And there's not really anything you can do for pores.. All those creams only give a temporary effect, when you wash it off the pores are just as big again. Maybe dermabrasion will help, I dunno, I'll definitely look into it if they stay this way after accutane.
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  6. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    Mweh, I do have some scars, but they're not really deep... Are you on accutane now? Or done with it? There are so many scar treatments out there, you can really look into it and talk to your dermatologist about it

    Yeahhh xx

    Thanks! And I réally hope so too
    And poreless skin, yeah I've never had that My pores were already big before accutane and i had a lot of blackheads, I was just hoping accutane would shrink them a bit..
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  7. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    Yeah, it could easily turn around, is it a bad breakout? Or is it healing pretty quickly?
    And for my marks, yes they're not the worst, but i do always get a mark after a pimple and they don't fade very fast. I have four marks on the side of my cheek that have been there for about 5 or 6 months and they're starting to fade now. I think the mark left behind also depends on the pimple that was there, I've never had cysts, so my guess is those would leave a bigger en stronger mark.

    Hi Sorry to hear you're breaking out, but it's quite "normal". What topicals were you using before accutane? I wasn't using anything, so I can't be a judge of that.
    I'm not dry at all, feel kinda left out
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  8. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    Day 39

    Just a quick update, nothing really changed since I'm taking 50mg. I have three zits now that are drying up and look horrible, but nothing active at the moment.
    I have a few shallow scars and the pores on my cheeks are huge! They look like mini icepicks, they really bother me, but I don't think I can do anything about them.. Maybe dermabrasion or laser or something, but that's only possible after 6 months so I'm just going to have to be patient. Not my strongest trait
    Would vitamine E oil help with pores? I've read that it could, but I don't really think it will do anything...
    Blahhh, anyway hopefully nothing major will pop up again, so my red marks can start healing!
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  9. dreamer003 added a post in a topic My Face.   

    Ahh, I do the same thing when seeing people who knew me when I was clear skinned (or wearing a foundation mask).. I usually say i recently switched birth control pills, then they're mostly like "ohh okay i understand, that'll pass" and i'm like "yes, sure "
    Anyway, hope you still had a bit of fun at the wedding!
    And I can definitely see improvement, it's way less red and inflamed and looks a lot calmer.
    Good luck further on
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  10. dreamer003 added a post in a topic What Keeps You Sane?   

    I've kind of accepted to be a little insane sometimes
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  11. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    Day 35

    Went to my dermatologist today and I got bumped up to 50 mg after really begging for it I won't go any higher because of my weight, she says it's not safe. Because of all the logs here with people on 60 mg and 80, I thought i would get at least 60, but I'm happy she's taking my overall health into consideration.
    So starting tomorrow I will take 20 mg in the morning and 30 mg at dinner
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  12. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Trying Accutane: A Fling, A Friendship Or A Love/hate-Relationship?   

    Hey Riosha, sorry to hear you're having such a hard time Those wounds and bruises, where are they coming from?
    Hope you're hanging in there, accutane can possibly exaggerate negative feelings, so try to keep that in mind.
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  13. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    Day 32

    Just wanted to do a little update, cause I was kind of excited.. My face still looks like the above, but this morning when I was washing my face, my skin felt so smooth! Of course it still feels bumpy, but the bumps are smooth.. if that even makes sense It's not that sandpapery feeling anymore.
    Thursday I have my appointment with my derm, I really hope she's going to increase my dosage, i feel like this isn't enough for me.. I'm also barely having any side effects.
    Oh and I'm going to try natural skincare. I will try organic honey to use as a cleanser and I have Dan's jojoba oil to use as a moisturizer and I might buy some coconut oil. Sooo, let's see how that goes
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  14. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    My next appointment is next week, I hope she is going to increase my dosage, but I don't know actually. And yes one pack is 30 pills, but I got quite a few, definitely enough for this year. Are you still breaking out?

    Day 30

    I'm one month in now! Still breaking out.. When one goes, another one pops up
    The skin on my face is still not dry, but my hands are really really dry and I'm starting to get a little bit of a rash. Oh well.
    The blackheads on my nose have really reduced though so that's good Unfortunately I think I'll be left with quite big pores...
    Here are some pictures, it looks worse in real life, but you can see all the bumps.

    Sorry for the open mounth xD
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  15. dreamer003 added a post in a topic Oh My Accutane   

    Day 23

    Well, I'm breaking out. Not terribly, but I got this cluster of three whiteheads on my cheeck YUGH! And some other spots grrrr.
    Anyway, still no dry skin and just slightly dry lips. I did notice my scalp drying out, cause I haven't washed my hair in over a week And it's still not greasy.
    No other side effects really.
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