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  1. Mitzie added a post in a topic 'Natural' Alternative to Cetaphil   

    I like the Burt's Bees Complexion Soaps.

    Tomato Soap

    Vegetable soap base, fragrance, tomato powder, aloe barbadensis.

    I'm not sure what the fragrance in this is because this soap smells like a tomato plant straight up from your garden. I switched to the carrot since I was worried about the fragrance in the tomato soap irritating my skin, but in retrospect I don't think it was a problem.

    Carrot Soap

    Vegetable soap base, carrot powder, carrot seed oil, aloe barbadensis, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, beta-carotene.

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  2. Mitzie added a post in a topic Organic Foods = No Hormones and Chemicals   

    My sister is a vegetarian and my mom only buys organic so she is avoiding a lot of the stuff we wonder about...

    but none of her healthy eating helped her skin. She only got clear from Accutane.

    I am the opposite.. I love dairy and meat and can't afford only organic food. We have the same skin though.
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  3. Mitzie added a post in a topic for everyone that has ever taken tazorac   

    I never had any luck with Tazorac and I got pimples in odd places too, like the inside of my nose and lots of tiny ones on my cheekbones. They did clear up, but my regular acne didn't. Keep going with it another month, but if you don't see results by then forget it!
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  4. Mitzie added a post in a topic anyone get an inexperienced person to poke you with needle for blood?   


    I'm very pale. If you can't see my veins you need glasses. This one guy tried twice before he got it.
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  5. Mitzie added a post in a topic Does The "Clear Skin Prescription" really work? (Dr.Perricones book)   

    Do you have the book from Perricone? If not go to the bookstore of library and check out the pictures in it. They didn't impress me much! They show people with mild acne in the before pictures and in the after pictures they still don't have good skin. It's your choice, it's not like eating the healthy foods in the plan will hurt you.
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  6. Mitzie added a post in a topic Accutane and Drinking again....   

    all alcohol is still bad for your liver. Doesn't matter what form you take it. When the doctor says "a glass of wine" he usually means that it's okay if you want to have wine with dinner, but don't go to the bar and DRINK.
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  7. Mitzie added a post in a topic Clinique breakouts!   

    Clinique may say "oil free" but it's not always non-comedogenic. You'd got to readall the labels before buying. I found out the same thing after using that yellow moisturizer for a year!

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  8. Mitzie added a post in a topic Generic Accutane - Worse Results than Roche?   

    My first course with Accutane I used the brand name snice that was all that was available at the time. This time around I am using Amnesteem. I haven't noticed any difference between the two.
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  9. Mitzie added a post in a topic post accutane   

    I had this too. OTC products were fine for clearing up the little zits.
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  10. Mitzie added a post in a topic Anyone take accutane w/out medical insurance?   

    Call your local pharmacy. They can give you a quote. Here it is about $450 for a month supply of the brand name.
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  11. Mitzie added a post in a topic I Want my SEBUM Back   

    Yeah, I had no oil for months and then it came back at a normal level (like most peoples' skin)
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  12. Mitzie added a post in a topic my dermo is on holidays for 2 yeah?   

    Ask if there is another derm in his "group" or someone they could refer you to for a prescritoion refill. Usually it's a pain in the arse to get them to do this, but you won't get anywhere if you don't try.
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  13. Mitzie added a post in a topic Derm visit   

    See, this is why I DUMPED my other dermatologist. She would give me less than 5 minutes of her time and cut me off when I tried to ask a question. She didn't listen to me.

    My current derm spent about 20 minutes with me and answered every question I had honestly, even if his answer was " I don't know."

    If your skin isn't getting better and you don't feel your derm is helping you at all then find a new doctor.

    Besides, even if you aren't paying for it out of pocket, you're paying for it through taxes. Mine is weekly insurance payments. It is your money and your time that you're spending, might as well make it worth it!
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  14. Mitzie added a post in a topic Little nicks and open wounds on face ...   

    Put neosporin on it.
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  15. Mitzie added a post in a topic Antibiotics- Long term effect on the stomach?   

    My husband has been popping anitbiotic pills for the last 30 years and he has a horrible digestive system (intestines mostly). I believe it's because of all the antibiotics. Right now I have him taking acidophilous every day to see if it helps.
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