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    Hi guys, i read most of your posts and appreciate the contributions. I am personally suffering most of these side effects. During Accutane i had severe back pains and all the other common side effects. It has been 2 years since i stopped Accutane, and while it worked, my lips are still dry, a some hair loss, mainly eyebrows and eyelids and occasional back pains which are all minor problems. What i really suffer from is the increasing joint pain, and recently wrist and fingers pain that feels like symptoms of arthritis. It is not excruciating pain and i do have a high threshold for pain, but it does get annoying. I'm only 21 and i feel like i'm 60 sometimes. But worse of all is i have been experiencing symptoms of IBD this whole time. I don't want to say i have it since i never got it checked so i have not been diagnosed with it yet but it usually runs a waxing and waning course in the intensity and severity of illness. When the disease is in an active stage there is probably inflammation and i would experience a flare-up of the condition. When the degree of inflammation is less there is usually no symptoms, and the disease is in remission.

    These long term side effects are very real and i feel are extremely understated. Right now i am just wondering if there are people who suffered these long term side effects and went through the joint pains and IBD but eventually had everything go away with time? I know there are people who live with it permanently, but i wonder for many more people do the side effects go away after 5 or 10 years.
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