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  1. Ballen added a post in a topic Can Popping One Pimple Make It All Worse?   

    Bacteria could have been spread, but I don't think it really affected the other marks. It may be your imagination (you seeing your acne clearing up, and it looks better, so you see through that perspective when looking at it).
    Else you did something different.
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  2. Ballen added a post in a topic I Need Help Getting Rid Of Comedonal Acne!   

    Yes. We are talking two places. I think both helps. It's a drastic change in a week.
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  3. Ballen added a post in a topic I Need Help Getting Rid Of Comedonal Acne!   

    I'm sorry, but no. A quick google search will show you other people have the same experience though.

    You can use a little, so I think it's very friendly to the skin. God am I glad I tried it.
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  4. Ballen added a post in a topic I Need Help Getting Rid Of Comedonal Acne!   

    Tea tree oil.
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  5. Ballen added a post in a topic Squeezed & Squeezed (Pic)   

    Don't touch it. Do nothing for days or weeks, and it will fix itself. Learn from this experience; never squeeze anything. Especially if it isn't going easy. Applying more pressure will harm the skin, no matter what. There comes nothing positive out of squeezing, if you're lucky though, it'll be puss.
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  6. Ballen added a post in a topic Need Advice On My Huge Cyst   

    I would recommend not touching it or doing anything. It will go away. Maybe moisturize, nothing more.

    If you fiddle with it, your chances of doing long term damage drastically increase..
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  7. Ballen added a post in a topic I Want Accutane!   

    I know how you feel. You could try some oil moisturizers, like jojoba oil, to make the skin produce less oil. I recommend hemp seed oil.
    Accutane is almost like a overdose of vitamin A. It was meant for cancer patients, which is why it is so harsh.
    Yes, i had a bit dry eyes before. Now I have MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction, dry eyes do to too low oil production, or blockage in the oil glands on the eyelids) as a direct result of Accutane. This is as bad as acne. Mine isn't that bad, but it was.
    I don't know if I would do it again, if I could do it over. But I do know I wouldn't if my acne weren't severe.
    It can drastically change your life. It's a throw of dice; not worth it.
    + Your skin isn't the same after you've done it; it's dry and dull.

    I would differently try other things before doing it. Like finding out if i'm allergic to something. If I have unbalanced hormone levels. Vitamin deficiencies. Etc.

    I would also be weary of topical's, as it can damage your skin permanently if you're not careful.

    My best advice would be to try things that is't harsh on the skin or on your system. Try finding the source while minimizing the current outbreaks. Who knows, maybe you will grow out of it, like 95% of the population.
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  8. Ballen added a post in a topic Demodex Mites// Hair Folliculitis Acne// Gltuten Allery   

    Can you quote me (when you answer) and link the website? Maybe link me to one of the thread you're talking about?
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  9. Ballen added a post in a topic I Want Accutane!   

    I have really bad acne. At least I have had severe acne (pic is old, not what I'm talking about). Anyway, all I need is AHA+ for my skin. It will make your skin more dry too.

    I had really oily skin. It started when I was about 14.

    I cleanse and dry my face, then use AHA+. I do this 3 times a week.

    Also, I did accutane. I would not recommend it, if it isn't totally necessary (if you're not ~suicidal about your acne).
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  10. Ballen added a post in a topic Pimples After 1 Year Of Accutane   

    AHA+. All I need to stop acne from forming.
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  11. Ballen added a post in a topic Is Anyone Else Just Mentally Exhausted By Their Acne?   

    A shot in the dark, but if you haven't, you should try these:AHA+, tea tree oil, check your hormones.
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  12. Ballen added a post in a topic All Of My Pores Are Clogged! Please Help   

    Accutane did nothing for me to those, dont know it's the same, but I too have small filled holes all over my face. It doesn't look good.
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  13. Ballen added a post in a topic Literally Tried Everything, Time To Stop?   

    TL;DR. It's late.. But in short, I had severe acne. Used the regimen. Skin seemed to be clear, so stopped. Was clear for 5 months. Acne came back. Had to do accutane. Skin has not recovered.
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  14. Ballen added a post in a topic Chin Cystic Acne   

    I'm here because I don't want to have acne. Most of my acne (95%) is under control, except my blackheads or whatever I have.. What I meant (and what I wrote) was that you shouldn't let your acne control you happiness.

    A positive attitude helps your self esteem and your outlook on life. The higher self esteem you have, the more things you'll try. There are tons of things you still haven't tried.. You're supposed to enjoy the ride of life, if you choose to do so is entirely up to you.
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  15. Ballen added a post in a topic Acne After Accutane, Deadline?   

    Btw, after looking at your pictures again, I'm sure if you just take zinc supplement alone it will fix it.

    Also, your acne will go away when you get a few years older. I recognize it.
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