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  1. Came off the pill, now hormonal acne all the time!

    I am going through a similar situation. I went off the pill, not to conceive but because life got crazy and I wasn't able to pick up my prescription one month, then the next it ran out so I had to go back to the gyno to get it renewed. Now I'm having to wait a 3rd month for my period to come back to start back up, & my acne has been flaring up like crazy. I'm 25 and feel your pains of being the only one of my 20-something group of friends and classmates who still has acne! It's the worst on my neck/jaw line and very embarrassing. I can fortunately go back on the pill so your experience in the past gives me hope. For once I really can't wait for my period to get here! Ha.  I hope the essential oils help you; those natural products combined w/ the acne regimen seem like a good idea. I've been using tea tree oil myself. Let us know how it works out! I am dreading going through this again when my time comes to try and conceive. At least you know, the end product of all this hassle will be worth it!! Good luck to you!