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  1. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    Okay first off, thank you for your concern and it's always good to hear the possible side effects of any scar success story. I am aware of these affects and so should anybody else doing this treatment. But that's not going to stop me from giving this treatment a chance. I'm more scared of laser side effects than silicone tbh because it's actually much more common when treating acne scarring. Silicone injected in large amounts would be very risky, so risky I would never think about doing it. But micro droplet technique is more concentrated than let's say lip or cheek augmentation. The majority of the reviews on real self regarding silicone are NOT performed by the micro droplet technique and injected in mass amounts AND done by unprofessionals. And your misconception of the reviews on real self really reflects how pessimistic you are towards acne scar treatments. Dafuq you mean ppl get paid to delete their reviews and doctors paid them? Of all my treatments I've done, not ONE doctor even mentioned about reviewing them online or asked about my bad reviews I posted. Some even said they don't even check online. I've been to countless derm offices, plastic surgeons and med spas. Why are u going to believe something that is not concrete such as ppl deleting bad reviews and docs paying off clients. You believe in bad results but not the good ones ? What ?! Why?! Have you ever thought that when ppl get good results they wouldn't be likely to post as opposed to those who get bad results then they want to tell the world about it for warning. Bad results = higher incentive to post. I have done laser despite my fears of the side effects even cried to my derm on her personal number of my anxiety of things going wrong and I'm the unlucky black sheep that suffered from side effects from TCA cross. But to get results you need to factor in risk. Silicone micro droplet is worth the small risk especially if you tried everything and ur not getting the results you want. It's sad how we must go through with this trade off but that's how life is. p.s that video is based on ILLEGAL injections in large amounts that has nothing to do with acne scarring correction. Post things that are actually relevant to this thread addressing acne scarring so its actually debatable .
  2. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    Thanks for ur kind words. The doc skipped one scar tht bothers me so much but I swear I felt 1000 injections around tht area so I was too shy to say anything LOL K I swear we have the same life story with acne scarring. Nobody even knows how much I obsess over my scars except my family. And yeah I tried everything and in the end I just said fuck it and went for silicone. How much treatments have you done ? Where do u get them done ? I'm happy for you with your results it's always nice to shine some hope.
  3. Finally acne scar success ? With silicone

    Yes you get Permanent improvement And I cant really put a number on my overall improvement but I don't worry about how my scars look as much anymore so enough improvement to allow that! The scars that improved the most are the big boxcars I worried about and since those are flatter it really makes the overall improvement better A Yeah I'm keeping a very close eye on the ones that the TCA caused because those were tethered and still are. However after 5 weeks post treatment I can't feel any trace of silicone on my face. R