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  1. bluesforgroove added a post in a topic Has Anyone Ever Used Dermalogica? Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts.. Good Or Bad!   

    For helping control my breakouts, I like
    -bedtime for breakouts. certainly makes a difference when used regulary.
    -clearing mattifier. also can see results with this products when used regularly. doesn't clear breakouts 100% but definitely helps.
    -clearing skin wash. haven't ever really noticed a reduction in breakouts with this cleanser but either way if you read the ingredients you know for sure that it must be helping.
    -sebum clearing masque. the MOST effective at treating and preventing breakouts for sure.
    -precleanse. LOVE it. when used regularly (before cleansing am and pm) noticed drastic difference in skin's appearance. only downside: takes extra time to double cleanse.
    -dermal clay cleanser. not sure if i'd choose this cleanser or clearing skin wash as a preference. probably dermal clay. noticed more an improvement in my skin.
    -ultracalming cleanser. doesn't reduce breakouts but i like to think its reducing inflammation in my skin.
    -skin smoothing cream. i just love it.
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  2. bluesforgroove added a post in a topic Epiduo   

    Do you apply Indoxyl after applying your moisturizer? Do you make sure your face is completely dry (after washing in the evening) before applying Epiduo?
    I haven't had any experience with Indoxyl or Epiduo. These things just stood out to me while reading.
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  3. bluesforgroove added a post in a topic Does Bp Darken Your Skin?   

    Have you been out in the sun? I'm sure BP would cause the skin to become more sun sensitive, as it makes the skin more sensitive in general.
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  4. bluesforgroove added a post in a topic Advice Needed On What To Try Next   

    You could try cutting out dairy products. This is what I'm trying at the moment, however I've only quit for the past couple of weeks and its supposed to take 6 months of quitting dairy to clear the acne. Also, I just recently tried baking soda... it works amazingly. You could give that a try. I'm pretty confident that regular use of baking soda (twice a day) would keep a face clear of acne. However, it can burn your skin so be careful.
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  5. bluesforgroove added a post in a topic Regret   

    wow. I enjoyed reading your post. Maybe a good english speaking dermatologist could help you. Maybe laser treatments?
    I hope your skin improves.
    Best of luck
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  6. bluesforgroove added a post in a topic Blue/red light faq   

    What other companies have the lamps that produce red and blue at the same time? Besides acnelamp.
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  7. bluesforgroove added a comment on a blog entry A Holistic Approach   

    Consider quitting the scrub. It aggravates acne.
    Good luck with everything
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