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  1. Update: I broke out. Took a while because I was a bit depressed about it. Diet DOES play a factor for me.  I pinpointed it down to greek yogurt/whey (dairy) or the shrimp. Shrimp is wierd seems REALLY healthy but it has always given me breakouts whenever I eat it. Whey well could be I've noticed an increase of acne where I don't usually get it such as cheeks and forehead. However I can't be certain. I was also eating peanut butter and bread. Oh and maybe it was the apple turnovers too...chocolate...Lots of things could have combined. Traditional stuff said to cause acne... That's how I know there is a diet/acne link. I get pimples where I don't usually get them. Usually acne mostly in my mustache/jawline/chin area but with these foods I get more everywhere and I also get more cysts. Without them they are rare.  So to hell with eating whatever I want. I must eat healthy. I can do without them. It's not that acne stops for me. It is just definitively less severe. The priority is getting rid of acne. Even if I stay so underweight. I don't even want to do trial and error. I'll see how it goes. No dairy/peanuts or baked goods and other such things.  I will update again see how it goes eating healthy. Goodnight.
  2. Hi, I'm really glad this works for you! 2 questions: What do you think about sliced bread or grains in general? And you say you're a bodybuilder how do you about getting enough protein and stuff?
  3. Vitamin D... I'm finally clear!!

    Hey I thought NOW foods broke me out too. I didn't think it would since it had olive oil as the ingredient. So twice it seemed to break me out. Now I use Jamieson (canadian brand). They only sell 1000ui tablets as that is the max in Canada. Doesn't make any sense since we are so far from the equator. Anyway so I buy the largest quantity bottle X2. It's good just that I have to take 5 tablets. But lasts me more than 3 months which isn't that bad. At first it was great but then it stopped helping my acne. But I still take it because it seemed to help my mood and help my immune system A LOT. But it's not a cure. I actively take magnesium too and upping my vitamin A intake recently. I hope it helps.
  4. Washing face? Good or bad?

    Thanks for responding!! But don't know guys I truly think there is nothing wrong with a good old h20 rinse. Sometimes I just feel and look too greasy and I hate it. I feel it causes my acne and I must get rid of it. It does not cause more oil or acne for me. I truly believe it helps me. And I don't look like a greaseball.
  5. What do you guys think about washing your face? I hear a lot of people who say only do it once or twice per day but I think more is better. It's the oiliness that is causing acne in the first place so as long as you take it off and let your skin breathe more often than not than it can only be better. It can't cause more acne or sebum production. If that were true than we would never have too much oil in the first place. Of course at night you can't wash your face much but that's when you use a topical which is drying anyway.
  6. Yes I have the same problem. It's the oiliness that is causing the dandruff. I have to use dandruff shampoo on my eyebrows but I think you should wash your face more often. As often as you need to suppress the oiliness. I know some people say don't wash your face a lot but really there's nothing wrong with it as long as you only use water mostly. But first I think you need to remove the dandruff you already have. I just use my nails xD
  7. Washing with only water?

    Well I tried it and it reduced my acne but never cured it and I just got a ton of dead skin and blackheads on my nose. It was not worth it for me.
  8. Well if you are using BP then you should always moisturize. It is so drying.
  9. Wash your face! A lot!

    Don't listen to those guys that tell you not to wash your face more than twice a day because you will only get more oiliness. If that were true then we would not have oiliness in the first place because our skin would GET it. Just use water to rinse it off when you need to.
  10. I also had something like this recently on my nose but now it's completely flat. It should go down.
  11. I actually find exfoliating just causes more pimples. Having dirt and dead skin cells helps my acne. Go figure.
  12. ah shucks I sleep like a baby when I drink this and take magnesium at night.   
  13. Update: Didn't notice any break-outs really. Just one pimple on the right side of my face but I think I have it under control. Right now I have a pretty good regimen going on. Salicylic cleanser morning/night. Triacneal expert during day. Small amount of BP and cleanance expert moisturiser at night. I've decided to keep eating stuff but I won't go berserk. I'll skip unnecessary stuff like cake/muffins and sugary stuff. Will eat lots of proteins like whey/greek yogurt/peanut butter that I hear are bad...will come back to say how it goes. Hopefully I can put on some weight this way.
  14. Do you believe in scrubbing?

    No, I think they cause breakouts because they are too harsh. Especially for daily use. That has been my experience. 
  15. Pimple doesn't go away

    I reckon you could get away with using a very small amount as spot treatment. Just make sure to moisturize extra. Though I'm probably not the most qualified to say this since I've never taken accutane. I do recommend Avene Tri-acneal. It has glycolic acid/retinaldehyde and is not drying! This during the day and BP at night. Oh another thing you can do is use a warm compress. Just microwave a small damp washcloth inside an open sandwich bag for about 10 seconds (maybe a bit more depends). Then just seal it to trap the heat and use a thin pillowcase to wrap it and gently hold it against the pimple. Do this just before any spot treatment.
  16. I'm tired of eating a specific diet without baked goods or sugar or whatever causes acne. What do you think? I just ate a blueberry muffin! I will still eat all sorts of healthy things too so why not? Green tea, beans, water, fruit. I'll see how it goes.  Funny this I don't even like unhealthy things much, now that I think of it. I dislike fast food and stuff like bacon and pop. It's mostly protein stuff like whey and shellfish + the occasional treat. 
  17. Pimple doesn't go away

    Have you tried Benzoyl Peroxide spot treatment? Or a retin-a/glycolic acid cream? 
  18. I think it does affect my acne but I can't be certain. It's all about keeping a positive mindset no matter what. Rather than negative thoughts. I think like enjoying that delicious cup of coffee and not obsessing over that pimple. Unfortunately I do get obsessive negative thoughts a lot. Before I know it, it takes over. It's all in our heads, really. It's in our control. We can stop it. Actually last week I did this and my skin was great! But I stopped this week and I got a breakout. 
  19. Give up dairy

    Yeah, sometimes it seems to work. Just make sure you eliminate ALL dairy it's surprising how prevalent it is in the western diet. Chips, bread crumbs, cookies, popcorn, sauces it's everywhere!
  20. I use both can't say it cleared my acne. Maybe it's reduced it a bit but I can't be certain. There certainly is no harm in trying this. Although D3 still is good for not getting sick!! I take 4000ui daily. Used to get sick monthly during the winter with my little bro bringing colds from school a lot. Now it's rare. Magnesium does help me sleep better which is great! I also feel it helps with protein absorption. It's good for building muscle.
  21. I've been reading this thread and it looks really fishy there's no shortage of positive results from people with next to 0 posts. Just take a look at the last posts. It's really easy to bait us. We try everything and then find something so easy and promising like this. Sounds horrible! Anyway I still like the BP cleanser (Canada 5%) just not the SA scrub I think it's too rough and causes acne for me. I will keep using the BP cleanser and see if that is better for me. I really like how it feels. I use it in the shower at night then I use Avene cleanance expert as moisturizer. Plus benzoyl peroxide (5%) gel as spot treatment. 
  22. Broke out after a week don't know if I should continue!