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  1. yea I get acne in the forehead most or on the sides of the nose are the worst, but this one here is hard and big and sore im using the cream i mentioned in my above post ive even tried a compress nothing is working yet and i think it's infected cause it's right outside my ear so that area gets touched whether im on the phone etc you know. i really really want it gone, but for the most part ive never had major major acnes, but my mom and brother did when they were younger like in their teens, but my dad never maybe one or two i think I take after him
  2. I have some cream by the doc some benzaclin topical gel so I'm gonna try using that
  3. I've got this pimple near my right ear and it hurts or at least i think it's a pimple. Will it go away fast? it feels hard. PLUS I have a dark mark from an old pimple on my lip. Will that go away also? how can i get these to go away fast?