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  1. mm97 added a post in a topic What Keeps You Sane?   

    I love Spencer Krug! Music like that and Arcade Fire make me really glad to be Canadian. Arcade Fire played at one of the high schools in my city, but it wasn't the high school I went to, I was so jealous.

    I listen to a lot of Tchaikovsky's ballets performed by various orchestras, I think the one I've listened to most according to is Swan Lake by the London Symphony Orchestra. My other favourites are:
    The National
    Bon Iver
    Florence + the Machine
    Alexandre Desplat
    Clint Mansell
    Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
    The Cure
    Modest Mouse
    Neutral Milk Hotel
    Elliott Smith
    The Smiths
    David Bowie
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  2. mm97 added a post in a topic What Keeps You Sane?   

    I LOVE The Smiths and Bon Iver.

    It's really interesting how everyone is mentioning music, what music do you all listen to?

    I forgot to mention my mom! I don't know what I'd do without her.
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  3. mm97 added a post in a topic What Keeps You Sane?   

    Ballet! Ever since I was a child it has always been my refuge, because it was the first thing I really excelled at and felt that I was good at and believed people when they complimented me. Also, I find it helpful to focus on your body rather than your face - not in a critical or appraising way, but in terms of what it can do for you. I'm thankful for my stamina and flexibility and strength, and ballet makes me appreciate those things.

    Also, books, I read constantly.
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  4. mm97 added a post in a topic Low Estrogen?   

    Could you be any more ignorant?
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  5. mm97 added a post in a topic Dna?   

    I really hope they aren't.
    What a shallow and ridiculous reason to hate the people who brought you into this world. It's kind of sickening. If your parents abused you as a child, hate them all you want, but hating them because they had acne and you do too? That's absolutely revolting.
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  6. mm97 added a post in a topic The most upsetting thing a stranger has said about your acne?   

    Reading this post makes me so sad, none of you deserve to be treated the way you've been treated, and I'm so so so sorry. I do believe in karma though, and everyone who's been horrible to you will at some point know how it feels and they will regret having made someone else feel that way.

    Luckily no one has been incredibly rude about my skin, but that's probably just because I'm not around people very much. I work at a cosmetics store, ironically, but the only hurtful things that have happened there was my manager telling me to wear more makeup - which, in all fairness, she has a right to say because it's part of the contract, and at least it's not like she specifically said 'you need more concealer/foundation', even though I know that was what she meant. And there is a guy who works there who likes to give me suggestions, I know he is just trying to be helpful and I appreciate that, but it always stings a bit when someone brings your skin to your attention, as if it isn't already on your mind 24/7.

    My mother comments on my skin a lot and also stares at it a lot, and I think that actually hurts the most, although I would never tell her that because I know she doesn't mean to hurt me. But... if you've seen the film Black Swan, my mother acts almost exactly like Nina's mother acts about her scratching habit. I feel awful comparing my mother to that woman because they are truly nothing alike, but the similarities on that one particular thing are kind of scary... especially the looks she gives her, the constant questioning, etc.
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  7. mm97 added a post in a topic Cracked mouth corners affecting lip line?   

    The red ring around the mouth, I had that when I was a kid, so I imagine I will probably get it on Accutane. BUT when I was little it was because my lips were chapped so I licked them all the time, which caused the rash all around my mouth. I got a prescription cream to heal it. So to anyone who's taking Accutane, don't lick your lips!
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  8. mm97 added a post in a topic Sunscreen Question   

    Have you tried using a makeup remover? That's the only thing I can think of.

    I have a really silly question - how do you know sunscreen is left on your skin? I've only started wearing it regularly recently, bad I know, and I'm always paranoid that I'm not getting it all off but I can't see it so I don't know how I'd be able to tell...?
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  9. mm97 added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    Gotta admit that I love reading this thread, is it weird that I like reading about what people eat so much?

    It's 6am right now so I'll write about what I ate yesterday:

    oats cooked in water with almonds, walnuts and cinnamon

    homemade soup (spinach, carrots, zuchinni, tomato, cabbage and garlic)

    a nectarine

    carrots and celery with homemade hummus

    green lentils, sweet potato, kale, tomatoes and curry spices cooked in a crockpot

    an apple
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  10. mm97 added a topic in Cosmetics & grooming   

    makeup remover?
    What do you use for removing face makeup?

    I've always only used an eye makeup remover (the Clinique one), and then to remove my foundation I use Neutrogena's Fresh Foaming Cleanser, but the thing I HATE about Neutrogena is their insistence on putting fragrance in their products! I have no real proof that fragrance irritates my skin, but I suspect that it does, or something else from Neutrogena may be irritating my skin (and stinging my eyes). I've tried other Neutrogena products and it's always been the same reaction, and I thought it might be the fragrance since they have that in ALL of their products...

    Anyway, I really would like a fragrance free, gentle but EFFECTIVE makeup remover - does anyone know of any?

    And has anyone tried Bioderma Crealine? I'm interested in it but not sure if it will be that great at removing makeup.
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