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  1. Ominous1 added a comment on a blog entry Ahas: I Think U Freeky And I Lyk You A Lot   

    Ha ha, I know, I had a sudden breakout in Canada and decided to vent on my blog. I guess this led to more writing.

    There's no massive story there, sorry to disappoint. Just a cute German girl that I get along with well, and party with a lot.

    Yeah, and I think if I was still in Australia, I definitely would've cringed at such a desperate commercial display. But then, there's nothing like stealing random Jack O Lanterns on a cold, dark night to change your mind.

    I think I need a life update, or a story, maybe a quick blog update from you?
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    Ahas: I Think U Freeky And I Lyk You A Lot
    People really go crazy for Halloween here. But I think it's freaky and I like it a lot. I mean in Australia you'll go to a Halloween party and dress up, get drunk off some oddly coloured punch, and proceed to hook up with a blood covered 'sexy' nurse (or for the ladies a guy dressed as Tarzan or a shimmering vampire).The costumes are mostly handmade (because not many stores carry them, although that is increasing). There are no Jack O Lanterns, no one really decorates their houses... But you don't get those annoying children knocking on your doors, I mean can they not buy their own candy. Ok, maybe I'm just bitter because I never got to dress up as Pikachu and get a tonne of free lollies off strangers. Actually, I do think Australia should more fully embrace the festivities, it has to be one of the more fun and interesting holidays. Although, I think my parents would scream "Americanisation", but whatever.

    So, it's been a few days since I've updated the world of fellow acne haters anonymous (AHA). My skin is overall clearing, although I had a bad day on Sunday. Three lovely pus-filled white heads greeted me on my right temple (I think it's caused by my hair), so naturally I irrationally responded and bursted those bastards. The red bumps are slowly fading. I'm really hoping this oxy facial cleanser is working and that it's not just the freezing weather that is clearing my skin. My seb derm is much better, I just have to keep on top of the selsun blue and moisturising and not become overly optimistic (which I have a tendency to do) and stop applying it daily.

    So brief update on the girl. She really likes me BUT she loves her boyfriend. Which is something I already knew. I guess I have defined the relationship (DTR'd), which is good, because it's something I haven't done in the past, and something that has screwed me over a bit. So, overall I feel more clear on our relationship, which is cool. Even though I want more.
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  3. Ominous1 added a blog entry in Ominous1's Blog   

    La La La La
    My skin is clearing, the weather is fining, I almost feel like singing ding dong the witch is dead. Almost. But I won't put you through that. That would hurt. You'd stop being my friend. And let's face it, your life would become infinitely less cool because of it.

    So, this is awkward, what do I talk about? Since this is essentially a blog about organ irregularities I'm going to talk to you about some of my other organs. My large intestine... nah

    I'll talk about something I can't really talk about with anyone else at the moment (mostly because a lot of my close friends live too far away). That's right, some juicy gossip. I think like this girl, She's pretty cute, blondy brown hair, a nice smile and very clear skin. We get along really well, we even kind of dirty dance together when we're drunk. But and here's the but, she has a boyfriend... in another country... a long-term one. Can you say Dayum.

    I'll leave you with a song that we danced together to at a halloween party. That was one fun night.

    My favourite part is the synchronised 90s Eurotrash dancing. Brilliant!
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  4. Ominous1 added a blog entry in Ominous1's Blog   

    Sexy Sexy Beard Dandruff
    So I think my dermatitis is improving. It's moved from the painful red stage to the really flaky stage. I'm pretty convinced that I'm so hot right now. Half my face is flaking off and the other half is an oil rig. My beard has dandruff which a coworker tried to pick off me this morning, maybe thinking it was food or something. Dear God! I mean Scarlett Johansson will you marry me?

    My forehead is still really oily and I have two big fat pimples on the right hand side. They're gloriously red. Thank Zeus I have an emo -ish fringe (by emo-ish I simply mean black and a fringe, emo was so 2006) to keep it somewhat hidden.

    I must keep up the regimen, I must keep up the regimen. My skin will clear, my skin will clear. Doesn't this sound wonderful?! Speak and the universe will make it happen right? I love to hate New Age spiritualists. But then so does everyone. But it doesn't matter, they're so one and centred in the universe that they don't notice anyway.

    Love, peace and good vibes out.
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  5. Ominous1 added a blog entry in Ominous1's Blog   

    Snow Virgin No More
    So my skin is still painful. I definitely think it's this very cold, very dry air that is causing a dermatitis break out, and my lack of a regimen that caused my mild acne to resurge. So plan of attack:

    1. Oxy Emergency facial wash: (twice daily) I read some really good things about oxy washes in the review section so I'll give it a whirl.

    2. Selsun Blue: (once daily) This generally keeps my dermatitis at bay, but I wasn't perfectly consistent with it in the last couple of weeks, so I'm going to try.

    3. Eucerin:(twice daily) I think I'm in love with this stuff. It soothes and it moisturises. Not too thick and not too thin. Brilliant!

    On the positive side I've seen snow falling. This is my first time, a true snow virgin no more, but does it really have to be this painstakingly freezing to produce it. How do people survive here?! What is wrong with them? That is all.
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  6. Ominous1 added a comment on a blog entry Oh Canada, Oh Canada You're Killing My Skin   

    Yep, it's definitely the climate. My skin generally goes like this when we go into the depths of winter in Australia. But this is still fall. And I'm afraid what -20 will do to my dermatitis!
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  7. Ominous1 added a blog entry in Ominous1's Blog   

    Oh Canada, Oh Canada You're Killing My Skin
    All I can say is fuck! Sore! Red! Flaky! Yuck! So I move to this place called Canada, which is cool, except for their strange obsession with terrible franchise coffee, but anyhoo my skin decides to kill itself. I get it, I moved from somewhere that practically has the opposite climate. Humid, to dry, hot to cold. But does my skin really have to react this way?! What was once clear is now covered in horrible red flaky parts. What was once smooth is now covered in those raised bumps that this website is dedicated to.My face is constantly in this irritated pain, itchy and dry. I'm really hoping that a thorough commitment to my old regime will be effective. Here goes everything!
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  8. Ominous1 added a blog entry in Ominous1's Blog   

    New Hope
    I'm feeling pretty super fly these days. My skin is fairly clear. Thanks to the good dose of sun and sea that I had when I went home, I just have to keep up the Selsun because I know the seb derm is just lurking below my darker skin tone. But that's nothing to whinge about. I also have gone back to Dan's Treatment. I think I was fooling myself believing that Oxy was somehow better, it irritated my skin too much (mostly because it was 5%) and it didn't seem to clear it as well, it was also that irksome whitish colour and fiendishly thick. I think I just hate the thought of paying what the product is worth for the postage, but considering it's quality and quantity it should end up cheaper than those little pharmaceutical tubes.

    I'm also feeling a little happier with my life right now. It's always good to go home and touch base to remind yourself how terrible it would be to still live with your parents (jokes, jokes), and I caught up with one of my old favourite friends who still lives around. I've also had an informal chat with an HR Director in Canada, and will have an interview this Wednesday, providing he still doesn't have SARS the flu. So I guess I can see the light, the clear skinned, perfect complexion reflecting off my soon to be white face - light. Canada will probably be in August, post-graduation and for 6 months. Thank God the government throws money at us poor poor students, it means I can afford things like plane tickets.

    This has been my anthem for the past couple of weeks, I don't know why, except that I'm addicted. The video is super creepy, so maybe just read on and ignore it. It reminds me of 2 summers ago, which is when I was surfing and having a lot of fun, but it's not in a bad way, I feel like I'm just kind of letting that stage go. It's going into the category of a fond memory, rather than a jaded and envied one that had confined me.

    I've also been living with my other roommate (A-tar) and his gf, because she moved out of her place and our place is their halfway house until Chiang Mai, and Ka pun ka/krup are regulars in their vocabulary. But it has been pleasant, I think it offers a little more balance to the stoner kids and J-Dawg's bad moods. I'll be sad to see them go next week. I'm even sort of hesitant to start back at uni next week. More work, less workouts. My fist pumping and party hardy ways will have to cease until July. Such a thought pains me, but I'm kind of looking forward to catching up with uni friends and getting through my last semester. I'll miss seeing everyone at work though, as I go back to my scanty once a week shift and perpetual poverty. But it will be hope-filled poverty; exuberance for the goat's trail that wanders forward.
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  9. Ominous1 added a comment on a blog entry Someday   

    Ha ha, yes I have full viewing rights. I imagine I'll even have coffee rights once I get back to uni. Mu ha ha!
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  10. Ominous1 added a blog entry in Ominous1's Blog   

    Money = Love
    Welcome, my underlings, to the den of inequity, the red light district of Sodom, and the razor of underbelly. Now that I've got your attention. I have nothing interesting to share. Only that I have a chat (L'Arche word for interview) with the house coordinator for a place in Canada tomorrow morning. Oh and that I'm leaving to head home directly after. Excitement!

    What else, you wonder? Well, my skin is clearing quite nicely, in the way that my mega pimple on my temple is slowly backing off. The seb derm is only just noticeable at the moment and all jawline pimples have faded. So I'm expecting plenty of compliments tomorrow about my skin. But I can't remember how good it looked a couple of months ago; so maybe I won't get that many. I can't be bothered to read back through my blog, but feel free to do so and update me.

    I have also been exercising and dieting like a dog with rabies. Yes, it looks crazy and is hellishly ugly, but I feel better than ever. My energy levels are a lot higher, thanks to my healthy dose of protein and carbs. And I'm always sore, but satisfied, and just waiting for my puny muscles to man-up and become mountainous. The P90x program that I've been doing also has Ken Po and Yoga and something ridiculous called plyometrics. I must admit, I've never done Yoga - too much masculine pride - but I've been liking it. It's hard, but rewarding. The plyometrics rapes me. And the Ken Po makes me look like the most unco individual in existence (all arms flailing like that internet sensation the star wars kid), but that's OK because I'm in my lounge room. I'm hoping to have a relatively transformed figure in about another 2 months. If I can stick with this program (I've been doing it for a little over a month so far). So maybe I'll look better than Seth Cohen rake-like soon (more like Ryan).

    Ho hum, you say. I also went to Incubus and ran into my .org friend. She was with some other friends and she got the privilege of meeting my favourite roommate and his girlfriend (J-Dawg). We talked briefly and caught buses in different directions.

    I start uni in about 2 weeks, and for once I'm not particularly looking forward to it. Normally I'm dying for something to fill my endless summer hours, but this time I'm just content working and living and can't imagine suffering another semester. But I will. The last one, the coup de grace to my dual degree.

    It's Valentine's Day and I should feel melodramatically single. But I don't. Honestly I just feel excited for tomorrow. Sure, it would be nice to spend my night with some hot Italian lover, but Danny DeVito was unavailable, and well I don't quite have the money. Because as I read in a GQ magazine in an article about some wonderful dating site where rich men can date young beautiful women, knowing full well that they're only in it for the money, "Money can buy love, like everything else", or so the CEO would have you believe.

    Good night, lovers.
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  11. Ominous1 added a comment on a blog entry Confessions Of A Bp Traitor   

    Lol, alright, listen to their S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album. A song called Vitamin or a Certain Shade of Green. They used to be far more post-rock, alternative and cool.
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  12. Ominous1 added a blog entry in Ominous1's Blog   

    "What I have to do, I have to catch everybody if they start to go over the cliff — I mean if they're running and they don't look where they're going I have to come out from somewhere and catch them. That's all I'd do all day. I'd just be the catcher in the rye and all. I know it's crazy, but that's the only thing I'd really like to be. I know it's crazy." The Catcher in the Rye (Salinger)

    I feel like blogging tonight.

    I'm not sure why. I've had a stressful day. I feel like crap after not sleeping properly for two nights running, and I really should just crash out. But my mind says no. It insists that I tap away on my pristine keyboard (only because it's new) and talk or rather just think. Think, like, why did the church girl that I sort of considered a possibility never text me back? That's one of those things, I mean, even if you don't like a guy for goodness sake just text something back. It's just the civil thing to do. I'm not even sure why I'm considering her. I suppose because she's the opposite to me. Nice, excessively chatty, quirky, not like Kelly Osbourne quirky, more like Zooey Deschanel quirky. She's also obsessed with Japan, and loves acting and has the musical theme to Annie and perhaps even High School Musical on her iPod. I do think she's a little bit unreliable though, in the fun way (that I am not), so I shouldn't write her off completely.

    Man, have you ever had hundreds of ants in your bedroom? I seem to have thousands. There's an actual shower drain hole in one corner of my bedroom, and I blame that for the added insects. I'm not exactly sure why I have the Catcher in the Rye quote - it simply suited my mood. I guess that's all I want, that one thing that I'd like to be. That one place where I'd be happy. That moment of realisation, of vision, of pure inspiration. But my life seems more complex than this simplistic metaphor. It's biblically vague; I'm surprised he wasn't annoyed by this, what exactly does a Catcher entail? How do you become one? But I suppose that's it, there is no one way to happiness or fulfilment. Merely a vision. A sort of hazy purpose that underlies and pushes the reality.

    I'm sorry, I'm waffling... There's some cool news. I met a real .org person the other day, and it was one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had. And I must say, her rock collection is stunning. Ha ha, it ended in an awkward hug. Which is probably my fault; I'm not the hugging type, so I sort of half accept and half shun them. Truthfully I don't even much like hugging my parents. I have some weird personal space issues. It's true.

    I'm really looking forward to Incubus on Friday. I have work from 10 - 2 4- sleepover tomorrow. So the only thing that is getting me through that mammoth shift is the thought of the sweet voice of Brandon, resonating between the heavy bass, kicking drums, and subtle DJing of the rest of the band.

    My skin:

    I've been following a fairly strict twice a day regimen at the moment. Including Selsun for the seb derm, and some actual time outside, in the sun. And my skin is slowly clearing after the ginormous outbreak last week. I still have a nice juicy swollen one on my left temple. The rest are just red bumps. My seb derm patches are slowly getting smaller. They're flaking, which generally is a good sign. Speaking of which it is time for some night regimen and shut eye.

    Night Y'all.
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  13. Ominous1 added a comment on a blog entry Confessions Of A Bp Traitor   

    Ha ha, well, I must confess I haven't heard much of the Red Hot Chilies live and for such a big band that is unusual, so maybe they do suck. But if unblvbl says they're godly then I'll have to at least catch them sometime.

    Lol, shut up, I'm hoping the seated ticket means I can wander where I please knowing that I have a seat to return to. Like I'm extra special.

    Incubus is an interesting band. They started out really alternative, like funk metal, but now play more pop rock. Some people love their old stuff, some people hate it. Some people worship their new stuff, others loathe the 'sold-out' style. You'll probably know "Drive", their biggest hit. I like most of it, with Morning View being my favourite album.
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  14. Ominous1 added a blog entry in Ominous1's Blog   

    Confessions Of A Bp Traitor
    These are my confessions...yeah,

    Just when I thought I could try everything I could try
    My pharmacy I find some oxy and I'm ready to fly
    These are my confessions
    Dan I've changed BP and I don't know what to do
    Guess I've got to give part 2 of my confessions
    These are my confessions and I don't know what to do
    If I'm gonna tell it then I've got to tell it all
    Damn near cried when I made that BP call
    I'm so throwed and I don't know what to do
    But to give you part 2 of my confessions

    That's right, I'm now using Oxy 5 vanishing cream. Mostly because it was on special. And my skin has been insane lately. Like 5 pimples on my forehead alone, a few around my lips, and several nasty ones around my jaw on my left side. There's also that pesky seb derm...Anyway, I'm trying to be very consistent and apply it twice daily. After using the Benzac Facewash. I'm also considering adding a tinted spf moisturiser, but I'm not too sure. Depending on how obvious said 'tinting' is. I think it'd look better than the inflamed, red and flaky mess my face has been lately. It's frustrating to be 23 and still have acne. I don't want to be so self-conscious and hyperaware of my skin all the time. I just want to be like most guys that presumably wash their face with water once a day. What a delight that would be! Sigh, maybe I should go to a doctor and get some sort of more permanent fix. It's just so expensive and I feel superficial even considering it. Damn, social conditioning, that says that men aren't supposed to care about their physical appearance and yet are supposed to resemble a Calvin Klein model, with a Barack Obama smile and Johnny Depp's complexion.

    Anyway, what else is happening in my life. So much work. My first day off in two weeks will be this Saturday. Granted, my shifts are short, but it's still annoying having to go to work everyday. I've decided I'm going to head home for about another 5 days before I go back to uni at the end of February. Mostly because I won't see my family until Mid year if I don't go now. Weekend trips aren't really worth it. Unfortunately. I may try to go mid semester, but I have a feeling it's going to be a rather assignment intense and time consuming semester. And going home during the mid semester break made the latter half of my semester really painful last year.

    Good news, I'm going to see one of my favourite bands in 10 days. Incubus live will be amazing. And it was my Christmas present. Incubus was probably my second true alternative music love in high school. After the RHCPs. So if I become like a screaming girl and throw my t-shirt at them, just don't act surprised.

    It's been a pleasure, truly, now off to Neverland!
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  15. Ominous1 added a blog entry in Ominous1's Blog   

    Happy Australia Day! (I Mean Invasion Day)
    So today is the Australian equivalent of Independence Day; sort-of. We celebrate the date of our country's establishment, or rather the day the Monarchy landed upon the shores of Terra Australis and proclaimed it for the taking and trashing of The King, in alleged replacement of the inconvenient loss of prisoner dumping ground 101 the US colonies. So as usual we celebrated with beer, the Hottest 100 countdown, and BBQed meats. Sadly due to the lack of sun, and an actual flat large place to put the pool we didn't really swim. But all the other ingredients were there. I may have even attempted to drunkenly dance to Brother by Matt Corby (my selected song). Even though I hate dancing in front of people (yes, even inebriated) I faltered my way through it.

    Yes, it's a live recording, so skip the awkward prelude.
    How to tell if a band is decent. Listen to them live.

    And yes, a certain other blogger's favourite blues, The Black Keys, was even in front of my favourite (above). So I admit, they certainly have warmed to me. That's right, I like The Black Keys, even though I may have called them generic. They've grown on me...

    I also worked this morning. I went and had lunch in the city with my client. It was nice, but I think I should have organised for him to come to my place for part of our party. Anyway, in the future... I'm not really sure what else I can titillate you with. Oh, my sister attempted to come up to visit us for the annual celebrations and to see our new place and supposedly so that new boyfriend can visit me. But the highway was flooded.

    The new boyfriend. Here's a portrait of my sister J if ever there were one. They meet at a party on Christmas Eve? Then she proceeds to spend every waking moment with said boy for the next week while I'm there (besides Christmas, obviously). What kind of guy is this, you ask. Why an electrician, who has several slipped disks in his spine, and therefore has been paid out and cannot work in the industry any longer. So he lives with his parents. Lives off some sort of disability or work cover. And is hoping to study, when my sister feels like moving from our small town with him to somewhere that has a university. Yes, that's right, he's relying on my sister, whom he has known for a whole month to move with him to some place and will hold off university until she can. Maybe I am harshly judging the man. But my sister just jumps into these relationships without thinking - without stopping, I know she has wonderful intentions and is a fairly selfless person. But slipped disks is like a lengthy burden, and if he can't contribute to finances and the relationship very well (because he feels inadequate), I can't see that it is going to be an easy or positive one. Maybe I'm wrong, please let me be wrong. I just don't want to see her broken hearted again. But apparently she's coming up to visit again, perhaps next week. So here's hoping he's a decent guy, and that'll mean a good relationship and happiness for J.

    My other sister N, is going back to the private christian school this year. She apparently feels more comfortable with the people there, and feels like they are better quality friends that just don't talk about crap and she thinks the teachers teach better. I'm happy for her, she tried out the public route and decided it wasn't for her. I only envy her of having that option (my parents were far poorer back when I was 15).

    Sigh, I kind of miss them all. I want to go home and lose responsibility and be involved in their lives for a while again. I only have a precious few years before my youngest sister will graduate and become an adult and who knows where she'll be heading. Cumulative in the last year I've probably only spent 4 weeks with them. So little time, and so quickly the year went! Gosh, I always feel like I've missed out on half of her life. Damn 8 year age gap. I'll try and head back before the holidays end...

    Anywhoo, I won't bore you with anything else. Actually yes I will. Here's a ridiculous Australia Day Lamb Ad. Just so you capture the true spirit of the day.

    My favourite part is that they have to autotune his voice even though he sings a part that is a talking monotone. Oh and the final message: eating lamb is a prerequisite for Australianess. It's true. We shoot vegans and feed them to sheep.
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