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  1. Prim added a post in a topic [Pics] How Should I Go About Fixing These Scars   

    I have some scarring that looks similar and has been there for a looong time. I'm starting the peels tomorrow to see if it will help. I'm trying the glycolic though.
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  2. Prim added a post in a topic Ladies: If You've Used Bc To Clear Control Hormonal Acne, What Has Worked Best?   

    My experience with hormonal bc was horrible.......I was on various brands for over 10 years. The last 5 yrs were Yaz which I tried specifically for acne. It did not help much but for some it does.

    However also during all this time I had developed panic attacks, anxiety, and bouts of depression. Basically I lost my job, etc and my life went to heck. Doctors treated my anxiety but never made the connection to my birth control. One day I was looking up why the Yaz was not working for my acne, but what I found was pages, and pages of reviews from women who had severe emotional problems with birth control pills and couldn't take it. And those were just when I was looking up the acne! After all those years, stopping my bc pills was the one thing I hadn't tried so I figured why not? I told the dr and she said okay. The first 3 months I didn't feel better so I thought it wouldn't work. But during month 4 one day I realized my anxiety attacks weren't happening and I didn't feel that nervous.

    I will never take any type of hormone ever again, I don't care if it gets me clear or not. I should add that all the side effects did not happen right away, they developed over time (months) so keep an eye out. Now that I'm getting better, I'm not back to normal yet. The damage was done and now I have to work to recover back to where I was before being in that emotional state for so long and it's not easy.

    I just want to give girls a warning. Doctors hand these things out like candy and don't talk about serious side effects. Do your research and look up what has happened to others before you start so at least you know what could happen and what to watch for. As cvd said, Spironolactone is a non-hormonal choice that my doctor never mentioned. Something to ask about!
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  3. Prim added a post in a topic Back Acne - Mouthwash Topical?   

    I was wondering why Scope as well. The alcohol? I imagine you'd have to take a shower after that because it's sticky (sweeteners) or do you leave it on? Interesting.
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