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  1. Ukulala added a post in a topic How ya feelin' about your acne today?   

    EVERYONE WHO IS HERE AND FEELING CRUMMY. Do me (and, more importantly, yourself!) a HUGE favor and just do this -
    Take a deep
    Hold it in for a moment
    then let it out.

    Let your eyes be a bit unfocused on something other than the computer screen. Fuzzy vision, you know. And smile. Force it if you must, but DO it. Let your lips curl up into that familiar pose. You deserve this! Remember that you DESERVE happiness, no matter what the condition of your skin. You are lovely and wonderful. I know it doesn't always seem that way; anyone who has dealt with persistent acne knows that. But! Though you may not be able to choose your skin's appearance at present, you *can* choose how you respond to it. I am NOT saying this is easy, by any stretch of ANY imagination. It is, however, possible! And I want all beings to be happy, just as I want myself to be happy.

    Writing things like this helps *me* remember not to get so caught up in the moments of obsessive skin-talk. My mother keeps reminding me - no matter what, this will pass, ultimately. Remember that, too! You have a beautiful, bright future ahead of you. It is sparkling and beautiful. It is full of promise. And YOU are full of promise.

    I know I sound like a self-help book (Hey, not a bad idea, eh? Market a book to people with skin issues... ) ... but I mean it. No one should feel bad because of something like this. Or, well, any disease - but we all know that's easier said than done.

    Have a beautiful day. <3
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  2. Ukulala added a post in a topic Acne after stopping birth control pills   

    Mmhm. I finally broke down and went to the derm, about 10 months after my skin began going, "aaah!!" ... which was about 7 months after coming off the pill.
    I believe that this will pass, for sure, and work its way out of my system. I also really want to look in herbal approaches when I have a minute, but as I'm doing a lot of traveling and bopping around right now, I'm just using the magical potions she prescribed me.
    Got some Tretinoin, Sulfur face wash, and clindamyacin gel. Here's keeping the chin up and hoping it goes well!!!

    Cheers to all. You can do it, keep pushing! This WILL pass. <3
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  3. Ukulala added a post in a topic Ladies: If You've Used Bc To Clear Control Hormonal Acne, What Has Worked Best?   

    Hormonal wackiness. Sudden and dramatic weight gain, appetite change, fatigue, and broke out like NOTHING i had EVER seen before.
    I think it was the combination of coming off of ortho *and* an anti-depressant I had been on for a while, though --
    I know plenty of people who have come off and on BCP with no issue.

    Other than that - oh, and some slight candida issues, bleh- Ortho treated me fine! (While i was on it, that is)
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  4. Ukulala added a post in a topic *`*~FABULOUS Skin Food (GREEN SMOOTHIES)~*`*   

    I drink a green smoothie every morning. It is such a wonderfully energizing way to start your day.

    My recipe is usually some slight variation on this:

    About 2 cups packed leafy greens (usually kale and spinach)
    1/2 banana
    about 1 C frozen blueberries
    some water or hemp milk (yum!)
    GINGER (fresh root) -- this is a huge one ! It adds a kick and it is SO good for you.
    Perhaps some lemon juice
    Flax seed

    I suggest this. I really love my smoothie - some people may be put off by the green taste, so if that's not your cuppa, try adding some agave/ raw honey/ another light sweetener.
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  5. Ukulala added a post in a topic Ladies: If You've Used Bc To Clear Control Hormonal Acne, What Has Worked Best?   

    When I used Ortho-Tri Cyclen Lo (albeit, combined with differin, but I'm pretty sure it was much more the pill that did the job than the topical), my skin was wonderful. No issues at all.

    ...But when I came OFF of it, hoo baby. It was a trip.
    It's tempting for me to return to the pill to get those lovely effects again, but ... putting synthetic hormones in your body can have, I have learned, quite an effect. -__-

    Anyway, good luck!
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  6. Ukulala added a post in a topic Some Questions About Diet As Related To Hormones.   

    Lexapro worked fine for me for years - though, haaa at your experience - but something about the combination of ridding my body of it and the BCP did not go well ...

    It's annoying, though, because it's tempting to go back on the pill, even with my knowledge of how those hormones can mess with you. It's just such a convenient method of birth control. ;/

    SSRIs are very intense medications, and research keeps finding other methods that work just as well as them (such as mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and meditation) ... I wish I had tried those for years before I kept shoving pills in my face!

    Ah well. You live, you learn. :}
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  7. Ukulala added a post in a topic Some Questions About Diet As Related To Hormones.   

    No problem, and I am glad that it is helping you. The SSRI i was on most recently was Lexapro; though while on it, I was fine, in coming off, I faced quite a challenge.
    Emotions play a role, of course - mindbodyspirit, always, yes? :3

    Ah! Thank you for this knowledge -- I had heard of sulfur and epsom salts being beneficial, but wasn't sure of why they worked.
    My most recent addition to my regimen is Manuka honey; it's only been a week or so, so I haven't seen any miracles, but it definitely makes my skin look overall healthier.

    Hm, epsom salts. I'll have to investigate this further. I'm also trying to make my regimen as travel friendly (and simple, if possible) as possible, so I may consider getting a face wash with some BHAs or some such. Right now, I just use a very gentle cleansing milk.
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  8. Ukulala added a post in a topic Some Questions About Diet As Related To Hormones.   

    Thank you so much for the information! I thought -- is salicylic acid a retinoid? I'll look these things up.
    Really helpful - man, there's such a wealth of information on these boards. It's amazing.
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  9. Ukulala added a post in a topic Some Questions About Diet As Related To Hormones.   

    Also -- how do you folks feel about (gentle, like oatmeal or something just as gentle) exfoliation daily? I'm thinking back to this wash I used when I was having a really beautifully clear time, and it was subtly exfoliating - also full of great ingredients, but .... Differin worked for me very well for years, and it pretty much exfoliates every time you use it, the derm told me. So apparently my skin likes exfoliation? Is it a good thing to do or should you not exfoliate daily?

    I know no one has *the* anwers, but I am quite curious to hear opinions. Thanks!
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  10. Ukulala added a post in a topic Some Questions About Diet As Related To Hormones.   

    Oh yes? I should just do some reading on *why* BC often helps with skin - that'll help me.
    I don't think it was coincidence - it'd be a mighty amazing one if it was. Buut I suppose it's a possibility.
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  11. Ukulala added a post in a topic Some Questions About Diet As Related To Hormones.   

    Funny how different we all are. Sorry to hear that -- but glad you found your way through it. <3
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  12. Ukulala added a topic in Diet & holistic health   

    Some Questions About Diet As Related To Hormones.
    Hello, friends! I hope you have some wonderful plans for NYE. [img][/img]

    So ... I have a few questions about diet, as it relates to hormones - and a few other things. If you could take the time to lend me your expertise, I'd be eternally grateful!

    As I decipher my body's wisdom about what works and doesn't work for it, I've been thinking a lot about times in the past when I was clear, of course.

    All through college, I was on BC (Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo), and used Differin. I don't think I needed Differin so much, though; I would often forget to apply it and have no issue. I think the BCP kept me in check, or whatnot. I was totally 100% clear all those years - with the occasional breakout from stress or what have you, of course. I also ate MISERABLY! I ingested lots of cheese and processed dairy (no bueno for me); I ate SO much sugar (huge sweet tooth) ... but never had an issue - with my skin, at least.

    Why is it that a certain dose of estrogen kept my skin so clear, I wonder, even when the rest of my health regimen was quite poor? Can you enlighten me as to this?

    I came off of the pill a year ago, and an SSRI five months later; about six months ago, I began having severe cystic breakouts. I am now 24, and thankfully, the cystic acne has calmed down(whew, my hormones re-balanced, and I'm undergoing a liver cleanse), but I still have a few whiteheads and pustules. Every body is different, and so (though I am under the care of a naturopath and follow much of his advice), I eat the way I did when I was absolutely my happiest, healthiest, and my skin was AMAZING -- while I worked on a farm. No dairy; no processed foods; all whole foods, and low GI - only grains ingested like quinoa and brown rice, with occasional home-baked bread. It was like a five week experiment in health, working there, as I got to see first hand what sort of diet and lifestyle worked best for me. [img][/img]

    So I try and eat a diet similar to that now, along with supporting my skin externally with a gentle wash and manuka honey. The only major difference between that point in my life and now is that, again, I was on the pill.

    What can I learn from that? What sort of wisdom can I glean from my experience?

    Thank you, friends. If you have any questions, please ask; I will gladly provide more information.

    Happy eve!!!

    EDIT: PS -- I don't know if this is relevant or helpful information, but during this struggle, my acne has mainly been on my cheeks. An occasional zit pops up on the chin, rarely the forehead, but probably 80% are on my cheeks. I wonder about that...
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  13. Ukulala added a post in a topic So It Was Sex Causing My Acne. Any Solution?   

    First of all, I laughed way too hard at that one poster's "good sexy night" comment.

    Secondly, I know verrry little about this, but yes, I would suggest looking into hormonal causes and how to balance them. Obviously, our bodies release loads and loads of hormones when we're gettin' groovy; it seems your skin/system react poorly to said hormone. Perhaps going to talk to an MD or ND would be beneficial?

    Good luck... that's a pretty rough thing to figure out, i think.
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  14. Ukulala added a post in a topic Is jojoba oil antibacterial?   

    It works like a charm for me. Is amazing to my skin, and definitely doesn't break me out - guess it all depends, eh.
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  15. Ukulala added a post in a topic 90 To 100% Clear Since 2009   

    Wow! Comprehensive list there -- and wonderfully healthy.

    So ... I basically follow the majority of this list. I'm still having *some* breakouts, but I think it's from stopping BP? That can cause your skin to undergo an adjustment period, right?

    I definitely need to add green smoothies to my day. Though I'd include blueberries over banana, but that's just me. Love those anti-oxidant rich effers.

    Way to go! You look great - and best of all, you look happy and confident.
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