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  1. Seva added a comment on a blog entry testing a large picture upload   

    nice pic ) a large one
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  2. Seva added a blog entry in development board update   

    Seeva Test Enrty
    Ucycuvu y i iy y u u ycrcu i iiieiiiruuuiiiboobooo ooo ooo iiibiiii
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  3. Seva added a post in a topic Faq From Submitted Errors.   

    Q: When I complete the registration form it says I'm a spammer and I'm not allowed in this community. I've tried registering using two different email addresses and its saying the same thing.
    A: Your IP address is in the blacklist. Unfortunately, we can't help it, but it will be removed after 90 days. Please make sure that your PC/MAC/or mobile device does not have viruses. You also can try to use a computer from the different networks. If you know how your IP address you can check it here: Please DO NOT use free WIFI internet access points in airports or cafes!
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  4. Seva added a post in a topic Faq From Submitted Errors.   

    Q?: I can't seem to remember what my username and password is.

    A: community does not have a member that is associated with your email.
    Please note, that our store ( does not pass any info to our community site.
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  5. Seva added a comment on a gallery image The regimen   

    I just got my the regimen products. It consist of the cleanser, treatment, moisturizer, aha, and jojoba oil. Cant wait to start tonight.
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  6. Seva added a post in a topic Faq From Submitted Errors.   

    FAQ about personal security:

    1) Do not post your personal information...
    2) Use nickname instead of real name:
    - - If you are using Social Network account to identify yourself, you can change displayed name in your personal settings
    3) You can link/unlink your Social Network profile any time: Go to "My Settings" from the top-right navigation drop-down, select social network (ex.: Facebook), and click the button "Disassociate account now".
    4) You can edit (change the content, but nor remove the 'empty' reply) your posts at the forum and/or remove images and posts from personal blog or gallery any time.
    5) Please do not use "contact us" form to request account removal. Because you can't confirm that account is yours, the request will be ignored.
    6) Do not use nicknames that can link you to the different accounts outside of this site.
    7) Account information is not used by third parties, even our store ( uses different credential to ensure security of personal information.
    8) You can change your displayed name any time in your profile. For new members there is a limit - 2 changes per month.
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  7. Seva added a comment on a gallery image Tomato juice   

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  8. Seva added a gallery image in Member pictures   

    Tomato juice

    In album: Seva's test album

    1 image in this album
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  9. Seva added a post in a topic Faq From Submitted Errors.   

    Q: I registered yesterday and never received the verification email*. I tried the resend option several times, but still have not received it. I am not able to add topics or post replies and I imagine it is related to this. Can you please help?
    * request sent from ****

    A: Comcast block notification emails of our message board. Please change registration email (submit ticket to support via "contact us" form) if you want to receive notifications about replies or personal messages.
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  10. Seva added a post in a topic Faq From Submitted Errors.   

    Q: I have been trying to access my account but cannot get in using my username or email address. I made a purchase and am trying to track my order.
    A: Please note that you made the purchase at The message board is on and usind different account information unless you linked the accounts. You can restore the password at

    Note: If you requesting to restore a password without specifying the name (link) to your account, there is nothing I can do to identify your account.
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  11. Seva added a post in a topic Faq From Submitted Errors.   

    Q: It will not take my e-mail address. Why?
    A: Our system check if the e-mail is real to protect message board from spammers. Your email is kept in a private area and used only to send you notifications and to restore access if you forget your password. Also, we have a black list of emails that could not be used during a registration (Example: [email protected], etc.). Email address could be used only once. Try to restore the access using your existing email, maybe you are already a registered member.
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  12. Seva added a post in a topic Faq From Submitted Errors.   

    Q: I never got a verification email.
    A: Please check the email you entered during the registration - 8 of 10 times there is a misspell, 1 of 10 - email went to "Spam".Hint: Try to avoid and mailboxes.
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  13. Seva added a post in a topic Got Hacked   

    The Message Board have been upgraded.
    Please report any bugs.

    New functionality for bloggers:

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  14. Seva added a post in a topic Got Hacked   

    The Message board with all components will be upgraded today to the most recent version.
    Some functionality and customization will be temporarily unavailable, but will be restored to the end of the day.
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  15. Seva added a topic in Announcements and feedback   

    Faq From Submitted Errors.
    In this topic I will collect the most common questions that came through "Contact" form:

    Q: I've just register and I can't post.
    A: Please validate your email first. You will be moved to the group "members" instantly. You can check your current group by clicking "profile" button.
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