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    New Year's

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    I had a coldsaur on our trip to Marin county to celebrate New Year's and Grayson's sister's birthday BUT HAD SO MUCH FUN.
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    Alternating Retin-A / Skinoren each night. Moisturize with Avene Clean-Ac morning + night, Bioderma Sebum facewash before bed (just water splash in morning) All working pretty well, still get a pustule or two at times but definitely under control. One problem is the severe dryness (winter was harsh) might begin adding sweet almond oil to moisturize.
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    It's funny, I recently met some people IRL into urine therapy. They're all into raw food, not even necessarily raw veganism. Pretty crazy, glad this forum prepared me for what's out there, hahaha. A guy I worked for into urine therapy said "the first glass is always the worse! After that it tastes like warm, buttered popcorn!" Hahahahahaha.
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    I know pests don't like it and it's good for gardens/warding off fleas but I have no experience with it as a supplement. Nutriforce makes intestinal healing clay which would be a similar approach. I've only taken it with water a few times, can't bring myself to drink clay all the time hahahaha.
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  5. FaceValues added a post in a topic Break Out Every Single Day! Why?! Diet Doesn't Work...   

    That soup I mentioned can help with a lot of that. Have you tried making it yet, btw?
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    Don't fry it, silly. Sautee or lightly cook it in coconut oil, duck fat, butter, etc. just until the meat's all white, I was mostly talking about buying a pastured rotisserie chicken but you could buy a whole bird if you like and cook it in the oven too. Just use fresh/dried herbs and onions or garlic or whatever you want, lemon goes well on a baked chicken. As for the vegetables in the broths later, it depends on your digestion. If your digestive tract is sensitive (your stomach's always upset, loose or hard stool, constipation, etc.) then I'd recommend cooking the vegetables well, especially things with a tough stalk like cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and celery. Add things like garlic, greens, and onions last minute though because you don't want those overcooked.
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    Buy a whole chicken, eat the meat+skin and stuff, put the bones in a big pot of water, let it simmer for 2-4 hours. Use the broth for soup with fresh organic vegetables, try to have this meal as often as possible and make sure the chicken was fed it's natural diet/pastured/not given antibiotics. If you grow tired of the taste start using beef, lamb, fish, duck, rabbit, etc. bones. Make sure the animal lived a good life, they're more nutritious that way. When I was eating nothing but bone broth based soups for a week, I saw the most progress I'd ever seen my skin make in over 5 years. It's because bone broth contains everything your gut lining is made of and your gut, your GI tract, is 80% of your immune system.

    At night put raw coconut oil on your face. I know it may seem odd because your skin type has been described as "oily" and putting anything on your skin seems odd and counter-productive, but trust me. It'll help to draw toxins out and make it more soft. Emollient herbs/oils have this property, of skin softness.

    Stick with the probiotics, particularly if the one you take has a lot of strains of bacteria (more than just acidopholus/lactobacillus, which you can get from yogurt/kefir but bifido bacterium, bulgaricus, streptococcus, etc.). They'll do you more good if you heal the gut lining itself along with the probiotics, then they will help you even more. Take a good quality cod liver oil and stay away from generic fish oil brands.

    Go outside and get some sun, drink lots of water, don't look at bright lights before bed, etc.
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  8. FaceValues added a post in a topic My Dairy Experiment: So Does It Really Cause Acne?   

    I wonder if the dairy he consumed was raw? I've been doing a lot of raw dairy lately and don't have any side-effects from the pasturized/homogenized kind. It's such a comforting food, too.
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    -several stalks of organic celery dipped in this local cheese I just got, it's a blend of several kinds of aged gouda and 21st Amendment IPA
    -shared a big fillet of salmon with boyfriend from asian market (meaning it was cheap and I have no idea where it came from) which I cooked in an iron skillet with duck fat, onions, and garlic
    -slice of cake I got at farmer's market yesterday. Almond flour base, caramelized vanilla, and organic rasperries. Mmmmm wish I could've shared it with my gluten-free mother.
    -bone broth, shiitake mushrooms, garlic, onions, and cabbage with some turmeric and other spices (need to find more bone broth-based recipes, this one didn't turn out so great)
    -lots of non-organic globe grapes (I get them because they're huge, sweet, and have their seeds still)
    -non-organic cantaloupe half
    -some fresh lychee
    -will probably have bacon and some kind of sweet potato curry tonight with more of that caaaake
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  10. FaceValues added a post in a topic Seriously-What Is Wrong With Me?   

    A holistic approach is one that involves treating and healing the body as a whole. Focusing on diet is a main component in this ideology since it is what your body uses to repair and energize itself. Supplementation can be very beneficial but is only a portion of what goes into you on a regular basis. Rethink what you're eating, take a couple steps beyond dairy. Rather than think of it as a matter of "strictness" get excited about trying gluten free dairy-free recipes, paleo recipes, low glycemic recipes, etc.

    It's not like you have to eat boring food all day every day, you just have to rethink what food means to you. Rather than reaching for something out of sheer convenience, prepare it with the intention that it will provide your body with nutrients and enjoy the nuances of it.
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    My utterly restrictive and stressful diet
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  12. FaceValues added a comment on a gallery image A few days after a pretty intense breakout due to consuming gluten.   

    Got rid of most of it just eating healthy, and not freaking out. Eating healthy is good. If you feel yourself getting stressed out about acne, let yourself be stressed out, it's much easier to let the feeling be there, than to try and suppress it.
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  13. FaceValues added a post in a topic Thirsty For Natural In A Sea Of Chemicals   

    Animal products are important and vital sources of nutrients, not that I'm discounting the value of fruits and vegetables, which are important as well. But essential ones like Omega 3's and Vitamin A just kind of pale in comparison when you take carrots and sweet potato and put them next to cod liver oil/liver in general. Jus' sayin'.

    I can tell you were motivated when writing that though, and positive threads are always great here. Thanks for your contribution. :0
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  14. FaceValues added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    Do you just squish the plantain in a pan and flip it like a pancake, or is that fried plantains? I have one in my kitchen and want to do something with it today.
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  15. FaceValues added a post in a topic What Did You Eat Today?   

    The more I follow my own advice, the better it does !

    Also, showering less+being active helps. It's doing great, getting better all the time, etc.

    -lots of water
    -dried logan berries

    ~at a meeting for a new side job with a holistic company that hosts juice cleanses and cooking classes~
    -gluten-free plum cake
    -turkish coffee (pressed with mint & cardamom), little honey and cream (memorable!)
    -some kind of deep-dish omelette with veggies
    -asparagus, zucchini, avocado, sesame, lemon salad
    -quinoa salad with goji berries, sliced almonds, and some other things
    -grapefruit wedges
    -gluten-free buckwheat pancakes with banana
    -chile relleno with mexican creme
    -fruit salad
    -organic glass of apple juice mixed with lemonade

    ~at a potluck later~
    -corned beef and cabbage, tons
    -carrots and potatoes
    -3 conventional oatmeal raisin cookies
    -two slices of homemade irish soda bread with conventional butter
    -two small glasses of red wine, 2-3 tiny cups of banana juice and vodka
    -an orange

    Today so far:
    -cold pizza slice (forbidden but delicious)
    -bone broth, shiitakes, leftover beans and different kinds of potato leftovers, daikon shavings for noodles, turmeric&curry
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