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  1. Swj48 added a post in a topic Dry Skin   

    i had a flaking problem for awhile. through process of elimination and just studying things i discovered that the flaking was being caused by my cleanser. what fixed it for me was trying different cleansers until i found the right one. i still get dry and need to moisturize, but no more flakes. i settled on Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash. give it a try maybe. if it doesnt work for you, look at what dan recommends and also check the reviews on the site and try some that have good ratings by acne.org users. good luck.
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  2. Swj48 added a post in a topic Need Shaving Advice!   

    I completely agree about shaving everyday on the regimen. I'm not on it anymore though so that's why I am now growing a beard. Also, I absolutely recommend the aveeno shave cream to everyone. It is the best there is, especially if you have acne or just sensitive skin in general.

    As for the hair growth, always shave with the grain. This reduces irritation and reduces the chance of ingrown hairs. On the right side of your face, shave to the right near the jaw if that is how it growing. And don't worry about the reddish color, that is normal for a lot of guys with brown hair. I have brown hair but my beard grows with a reddish tint as well. I don't know why this happens but lots of my friends have the same thing lol good luck with the regimen.
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  3. Swj48 added a post in a topic Need Shaving Advice!   

    Th aveeno is the best shave cream you could use so you are good there. I would suggest maybe trying an electric shaver. I know Dan says they cause irritation, but I have one and I love it and I think I get less irritation from that than I do from a regular razor. I would occasionally get a couple tiny whiteheads after shaving back when I was on the regimen. May just have to deal with it. Recently I have just been growing a beard so I haven't had to worry about shaving. Maybe you should just try that lol if you like having a beard and can grow one that looks good I would recommend it. I think my skin has gotten healthier since I've been growing it out because it is more natural to not shave. My skin seems to like it, and if there is any acne under the beard, I can't see it anyway so that is a plus lol
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  4. Swj48 added a post in a topic The Bp Does Not Soak Into My Skin And Leaves A Horrible Residue. Please Help!   

    Likely caused by the neutragena on the spot. Because it is a cream it can do that. Don't worry, when you get dans bp you will be fine. Dan has absolutely the best bp on the market because it is 2.5% and it is a gel meaning it goes on easier and clear with zero residue. As far as your cetaphil lotion, that isn't the cause. I used that for awhile and sometimes still do if I need some extra moisture because it is super moisturizing. Dans cleanser and moisturizer aren't the best around, but they are good for certain reasons such as going on gentle and smooth and not having fragrances etc. feel free to try out different cleansers and moisturizers that are over the counter, because I don't think dans are a must have, but they are good. Dans bp though is an absolute must.
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  5. Swj48 added a post in a topic Is Applying Bp Once A Day The Only Way To Stop Dryness?   

    I would very slowly reduce how much bp you use. Don't jump right to once a day. Slowly go down from your 1.5 pumps twice a day to 1.25 pumps twice a day, then 1 pump twice a day, etc etc. eventually get down to only once a day. Right now I do .5 pumps twice a day, and am about to go down to .5 once a day. It is a long and slow process slowly reducing the bp but it is worth it because you ensure that you stay clear which is the overall goal. Good luck.
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  6. Swj48 added a post in a topic Considering Quitting The Regimen   

    Hope your new water only regimen works out for you! I've been reading a lot about simple regimens like that where in the morning you only use the water from the shower, no cleanser at all, and at night either doing the same thing or using a cleanser at night only. No other products. Seems like the reasoning behind it is to let your skin just be normal and it will heal itself and balance out which will stop the acne. I definitely have major skin imbalance due to the regimen. Dry and oily and weird texture all at once, just strange overall lol. Color hasn't been an issue for me though really except for occasional days where my skin looks a little red and irritated randomly. I'm really leaning towards trying one of those water only regimens as well just to see if my skin will balance out and go back to normal how it use to be when I only had a little bit of acne and wasn't using products. It may be worth the risk of breaking out for awhile in the process if it works out in the end. My thing is that I use to have very normal and clear skin, the I started getting some acne around my nose and mouth. My sister and mom told me to start using all these acne products and blah blah which I did, while ignoring my dads recommendation of just using soap and letting it run it's course. Well.. Needless to say my acne got much worse, my skin got weird and oily and dry and always changing but never normal. Now it's been 5 years since then and I still have weird skin and acne. Though the acne is not bad at all since starting the regimen as I described. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you updated and please update this with your progress as well so we can compare!

    I will consider doing this instead of quitting cold turkey. I could do it easily if I just keep following the process I used to slow down the bp dosage I'm just getting impatient lol. Your suggestion is probably the better option though and I'm just getting too anxious to quit. We'll see... I'm still so hesitant to even quit the regimen just because I know it clears my skin, that's not a question. It is the only thing that has since I started getting acne. I may just be chasing dreams of normal clear skin if I get off all the products and chemicals, but there is only one way to find out for sure...

    I live a relatively healthy lifestyle. At least compared to most people. I exercise often, get all my vitamins and minerals, and I don't smoke or do drugs. However, there are some foods I'm just not willing to part ways with lol I love food too much. But I don't need my diet or health is the issue. I'm very healthy by almost all standards. I'm just definitely not willing to go on some crazy diet or cut out dairy (which I love) or anything like that just to maybe clear my skin which isn't really that bad anymore anyway. Lol thanks for the suggestion though! I've considered it before but seeing as I'm already very healthy I'm not convinced it would help much and I'd be giving up a lot of my favorite things.
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  7. Swj48 added a topic in The Acne.org Regimen   

    Considering Quitting The Regimen
    I have been on the regimen since September. It works. No denying that fact. The dryness and peeling drove me crazy, just like most people, but for the past few months I have been much less dry and basically no peeling or flaking. My skin is probably 98% clear. I get an occasional zit but never really more than 1 or 2 at a time. I'm very happy with my skin as far as acne goes. I went camping a week ago and didn't wash my face with ANYTHING, not even water, for 4 days... That didn't really help lol but that was to be expected. I've had a little breakout for the past week since the trip but still nothing bad and barely even noticeable unless up close in the mirror.

    Anyway, I'm tired of how long the regimen takes. I'm tired of how expensive products are. I'm tired of randomly having a day or two where my skin looks red, or feels scaly and tight. I'm tired of how oily the regimen makes my skin look and feel. It is all just getting old. I truly believe the regimen is the best there is at clearing acne, but I honestly do not think it is the best option for overall skin care and health, even if you have acne.

    So, I am considering quitting the regimen. I currently do a modified/reduced version of it. I cleanse as recommended, but I only use about 1/2 a pump of bp, and 1.5 pumps of moisturizer. Reducing the bp to this amount was a slow process, because I wanted to make sure I stayed clear, but I got down to this level and am still clear, and it greatly reduces the time it takes to do the regimen, and the dryness it causes. However, I'm still just tired of it. I'm gonna try and stop. I will still cleanse with a gentle cleanser as Dan recommends (I use purpose gentle cleanser) twice a day, but I'm done with bp, and I'm done with globbing gratuitous amounts of moisturizer on my face all the time.

    I'm gonna give this a shot. I think I may have success since I have been able to reduce my regimen to a very small amount of bp, but only time will tell. My hope is that by finally getting clear for the first time since I was 15-16 years old, my skin will be done with acne now, and only require standard cleansing, no chemicals and acne medicines.

    I'm going to try and keep this updated as I go so people can follow along and maybe consider trying the same thing. But I don't frequent this site much anymore because I have been clear for awhile and stopped needing advice and support.

    So, here's to staying clear, getting off all the products, and having clear AND NORMAL skin.
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  8. Swj48 added a post in a topic Non-Comedogenic Shaving Cream Or Soap?   

    Aveeno therapeutic shave gel. It is the best shaving cream ever for sensitive or acne-prone skin. Cheap and available at most department/grocery stores that have cosmetics face wash etc. I highly recommend it.
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  9. Swj48 added a post in a topic Hey You-What Does "clear Skin" Really Look Like After The Regimen?   

    Takes time, but you should be clear, as you described, eventually. My poors are no longer visible like they use to be, I get an occasional zit but that is to be expected until you grow out of acne, whenever that may be for you. Complexion is a different story. I feel that I am "totally clear" even with one or two zits a month. I never get blackheads, never get cysts anymore, nothing big and super red and inflamed ever, but I have red marks and scarring from old acne that has not faded yet. But while my complexion isn't completely flawless, I still feel that I am clear, and eventually the complexion will fix itself, but that takes lots of time and you have to keep on the regimen and prevent new acne in order to ever obtain this goal.

    I have noticed red marks fading slowly, but they do take time. Overall, I would say you will be perfectly clear with an awesome complexion eventually, but it does take time. The regimen simply prevents acne symptoms, but it does not cure your body of acne, and it does not heal damage and marks from previous acne. Only your body can do that on its own unless you wanna try scar treatment stuff, and how long it takes is different for everyone.

    Referring to what younnn said, he is correct in that the regimen is a temporary fix. It just stops acne from popping up. It will absolutely get you clear of acne, but until your body has grown out of acne on its own, if you stop you will break out. Hope this helps.
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  10. Swj48 added a post in a topic Need Some Help Big Time....   

    Some feel that sex/masturbation, particularly very often, causes breakouts. Personally, I don't notice any difference in my acne no matter how much sex I'm having or how much I'm masturbating. Sometimes I'll have sex 7+ times in a week, others I'll go a week without sex, and I see no difference. Only thing you can do is to stop having sex for 2-3 weeks and see if you clear up. And if you do, then you may just need to tone down the sex in the future. Unfortunate... But possible, as many people on here (mostly males) say they have experienced a huge relation between sex/masturbation and acne.
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  11. Swj48 added a post in a topic People Who Stopped The Regimen Cold Turkey   

    I'm considering quitting completely in a few months. Maybe once my new bottle of bp runs out. I'd like to be able to just cleanse and spot treat with bp if needed... Nervous about stopping though because the regimen is awesome. But damn does it take forever, and mess with your skin.
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  12. Swj48 added a post in a topic Has Anyone Ever Used Dermalogica? Would Love To Hear Your Thoughts.. Good Or Bad!   

    I recommend purpose gentle cleanser, dans bp, and whatever moisturizer you like. Moisturizer is the toughest thing for people to agree on so just try some out and see what you like. I like clean and clear dual action moisturizer as well as cetaphil moisturizing lotion (cetaphil at night only because it makes you look oily).

    I stand by purpose gentle cleanser and dans bp 100% as the best cleanser and bp available.
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