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  1. I am a girl that is very very *VERY* interested in mechanisms that go on before and during the formation of acne. I am not a medical student, but what I am is passionate. I have been researching this topic for 8 years now (since I was 16). There is barely a day where I go without reading at least one study related to this subject, so I really am a proper nerd. Please, don't hold back using any medical terms Recently, I have been thinking what to do with all the scattered pieces of knowledge I have, so I contacted a dermatologist who works as a professor at a medical university. Well, two of them, in fact. One rejected me, the other one's reply simply said: "Anon333, let's start with this *attaches a simple word document*". Now, I have access to many studies I haven't had access to before and I am ecstatic! I have so many questions coming up in my mind! I know there must be a lot of you here who feel the same way, so why not share our knowledge/questions/theories/ideas? Of course, let's keep it scientifically backed up Only so our conclusions will have a meaning. The inter webs are already full of anecdotally based science when it comes to acne. Although - personal experience is always ALWAYS welcome. After all, we are a group consisting of individuals So, to start with. A little something I was thinking about the last days and haven't found much about it. Maybe somebody is familiar with this. I am sure most of you heard about DHT (dihydrotestosterone) at one point. DHT is the reason behind hypertrophy of sebaceous glands which means the production of sebum is enlarged. 5α reductase (type II) is what converts testosterone to DHT. We know that sebum production, or at least, quantity of it, isn't the sole player in acne formation. One of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease is oily skin, but not acne. Anyway, DHT being what I have been reading about lately, I was also researching the connection between DHT and aromatase (enzyme responsible for the aromatization of androgens into estrogens), meaning, how would an increased aromatase effect levels of DHT. There seems to be very little on the internet about this. Any thoughts about this?