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    Acne has broken me down but i am hopefully that one day things will get better.

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  1. Congrats to you. I would recommend though that anyone willing to do accutane should go through a licensed medical professional. It's a serious drug even though many try to downplay its possible effects. Most people that go on it are fine but who knows if years down the line something will pop (we thought cigarettes were harmless too!). I did it and it worked wonders for me......for a while. So i did it again and again. 13 years after my first course and i am still dealing with acne.
  2. Day # 225 and beyond....

    Hello my people! Hope everyone is doing well. My apologies for not updating on here. I made the choice to have my spiro blog elsewhere because as much as i love the majority of positive people here, the few that take pride in trolling make the whole experience a sour one for me. If you're interested in my regular updates, just PM and I will send the link. I am almost at the eighth month mark which makes the one year mark oh so close. I started out with so much hope and expectations for this medication. This truly was my last resort and frankly, when the the time comes to call it quits, there is nothing new on the market to try. With that said, i have hit another dead end.........again. Eight months is plenty and while i see improvement that cycles from decent to bad, there is no consistency whatsoever. I honestly feel disappointed. Disappointed in myself for caring so much and placing my hope in something that in essence means very little. I'm disappointed that i let such a small thing bother me so much and most of all, I am disappointed that at almost 33, i am still emotionally in turmoil as if i were 16 again. But like what big girls do, i brush myself off, pull on my big girl panties and prepare to move forward. If anything, this whole experience (all 16 years and counting) will make me resiliant so at least there is that. On a non related acne note, I am in the process of looking for my first home! Very exciting time indeed. I put in for an offer which seems like the sellers want to wring every penny out of me, put no house is worth me being poor so if they're not wanting to be reasonable, they can keep it. Anyway....thanks for listening Chow!
  3. Food allergies

    I don't think the issue is that few people will listen, imo, it is more about how the message is delivered. People on both sides of the fence have come off very 'know it all' and condemning and the fact of the matter is that there is no sure fire way to stop acne for everyone due to so many factors. So when people post saying 'this will help or cure you' or ' don't listen to your dr and take a prescription' or even 'diet doesn't affect acne', it comes across as preachy and dismisses the idea that nothing else will work and that a person is in essence wasting their time unless they try that one particular remedy. For the younger readers here, that one track mind thinking can lead to an unhealthy view on controlling acne.
  4. It could that your skin has changed. I did great on the regimen which is all about the BP. It one day suddenly gave me eczema that has never gone away.
  5. pics of my daughter

    Icing helps. Also it depends on what is causing the acne. It could be food related, product related or plain ol hormone Neal imbalance
  6. This will be an interesting thing to watch. Accutane does not work for n hormones but may show improvement in your skin due to other factors. Also, you can definitely have hormonal acne with normal periods. I'm surprised your derm didn't try Spiro first since accutane is a last resort. birth control is really the devil good luck
  7. Post Acne Depression? Help!

    Confidence is more than skin deep so practice going out and confronting your fears. Look people in the eye, stand directly in front of them and do all of this sans makeup. When you allow yourself to feel uncomfortable and to see that people are not really making it all about you, you'll see that your insecurities are mostly internal rather than external. The marks will fade given time of you could use an AHA. Waiting a few months after accutane is a must.
  8. Give the facts, there is a strong probability that you have an intolerance to dairy and soy. If you value your skin and health, let those two things go. Both have adequate dietary replacements and why would you want to put yourself of any meds if you can treat this beast holistically. Many of us here wish we were that fortunate.
  9. Can I pray for you?

    Great post! Acknowledging that something is not quite right is the first step. Will definitely pray that God guides you on the right path and that you can finally let go.
  10. I'm 32 too and I've been struggling in and off since age 16 myself. Been on accutane 3 times and I think you are brave for not choosing that as a first line of treatment. I'm currently on 150 mg Spiro and weening of oracea (low dose doxy). It's doing an ok job and I'm not breaking out as much as I was but I still clearly have acne -it's been almost 7 months. i highly recommend cutting dairy and gluten out for a few months and going paleo if you haven't tried it. I would do that before wasting money on supplements.
  11. Cannot figure out why i'm breaking out ..

    You sound like me except I am aconscious meat eater so as organic as possible. I am on Spiro over 6 plus months with normal periods before and now. Hasn't cleared my acne but breakouts are better for 1 week outof the month. The first few monthswere so awful though and I will get those nasty breakouts every few weeks. It's worth a try and given the choice of that or birth control, it seems the lesser of two evils.
  12. Hormonal Body Acne After Coming off Beyaz

    Hormones are slow responders so going off and on births control is like turning on and off a switch in your body. Keep in mind also that generics may not work as well as name brands and vice versa. If by the 6 month mark you are no better off , see a derm or a holistic person that can help you balance things out. Things you can do in the meantime is clean up your diet, exercise, lower your stress level and try to relax. Acne is frustrating at any age but as an adult, it sucks hardcore. , good luck
  13. My Story

    Kudos to you. Accepting what is will be the best decision you've ever made. Looking forward to your journey. love the hair!
  14. Losing my battle with adult acne. advice?

    Your advice is very balanced..... Thanks for sharing
  15. Congrats on the clear skin. Please try to enjoy your success and remember how far you've come. It is so easy to become fixated with the next battle with skin which for you is scars. Acne seemed to consume your life, don't let the process of scars do that also. If the scars are pitted into your skin vs just red marks, then the derm and their tools are your best bet. If scars are superficial then aha may help as well as a derm a roller. Be gentle with your skin especially the first year post accutane
  16. It could be absolutely connected. It's hormonal so it has that ability to mess with hormones. Ironically enough, Spiro is used to regrow hair. I would not recommend getting back on though. Eat healthy and consider testing your hormones and filling those deficiency gaps. Maybe biotin?
  17. Acne slowing come back after Accutane

    As a repeat user of accutane I can tell you that more is not necessarily better. If the breakouts are limited to the chin then hormonal means may be better such as Spiro or even birth control. I'm approaching my 17 th year with acne so I get the frustration. Hang in there.
  18. Spironolactone advise

    Definitely wait at least 2-3 months if you are hesitant to increase the dosage. i agree with the above poster that 100mg seems like a standard for many. I am on 150mg but it took several months to increase to this dosage. Side effects have been minimal. I am still breaking out as i approach 7 months but I don't think my experience is the norm so give it a chance and be patient.
  19. Are you stopping suddenly or gradually. Stopping any acne fighting producting cold turkey is never a good idea and can have a rebound effect making acne worse than it was while on it. Start by maybe using duac every other day and then in a few months, do two days between each application, continuously reducing the dosage till you are done. You may continue to breakout as your skin is still acne prone. A healthy diet while helpful may not be the only reason you're having acne. Also, it is possible to eat healthy and not lose weight so look into maybe getting a nutritionist to help you meal plan. Good Luck
  20. How bad is my acne? (pics)

    could be hormonal since it seems to occir only or mostly around your period - definitely not accutane material. spiro or hormonal supps may work.
  21. The above poster gives great advice. Also, i am seeing hyperpigmentation rather than active acne. Definitely adjust your diet and maybe start a mild retinoid. Your skin looks really decent so no need at this time to be harsh with it.
  22. it could be eczema or perioral /perioccular dermatitis
  23. Need some hope.

    Since you have not been on the tretinoin for 3-6 months, keep going. If in 6 months you are seeing no consistent progress, move to a higher strength at .25 is low. I am glad that you are willing to put off accutane. There is many things that you can try BEFORE taking the plunge different strengths of retinoids the acne.org regimen (if you do not have sensitive skin or are eczema prone) spiro or natural hormone balancers seeing a naturopath Good look and don't give up.
  24. Acne Won't Clear

    Balding and hair loss can also be a genetic thing so since your family is pre disposed tot his, you may end up getting it anyway, accutane or not. As other posters have said, accutane is really the most efficient treatment as far as far as pharmaceuticals are concerned. It does not guarantee clear skin for life but it will help the majority of people who take it. If you don't want to continue, try retin a or another retinoid. You may also find it beneficial to look into diet and lifestyle changes. The acne.org regimen is also an option if your skin is not super sensitive
  25. Bad water making acne worse?

    Since you have weighed other factors like stress and diet, it may be time to to experiment with the distilled water. Give it a few months and if in that time you clear up, you'll have your answer.