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    Acne has broken me down but i am hopefully that one day things will get better.


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  1. Day # 425

    I must be going for some sort of record! 425 days on spiro! Oh what a journey. I have made many discoveries about myself and my skin which i will discuss in another post but for now, just the facts. Still acne prone, still breaking out but i have discovered via my derm that my chin is most likely a very stubborn case of perioral dermatitis. Going to be trying soolantra for that so we'll see how that works. Definitely still dealing with acne. Not mountains of it, but definitely inflammed stuff but if you don't count the stuff on my chin/mouth, the acne is not that bad. It's a struggle to still be going through this for the last five years straight but alas, we all have a cross to bear. I love and value myself a lot more than I used to and i'm hopeful that God will see me through another year. Will definitely keep you all posted and if anyone is interested in following my journey, i have a blog with pictures up at realself.com. PM me and i'll gladly supply the link. Stay strong everyone and happy thanksgiving
  2. November 2016 Update

    I'm glad to hear that things are going well. I would caution against OCM as while it works for many, it can be disasterous for those of us with problematic skin.
  3. Mirena and spironolactone.. frustrated

    You may have to change your bc to one that is known to help with hormonal acne such as ortha tri. I have been on spiro for over a year and helped my acne a lot but it's not consistent, it just makes it not as bad. It took many months to even begin to see improvement - like 8+ months. Give it time as hormones are slow and it takes time for your body to adjust.
  4. Took 2 Plan B pills in one week... HELP?!

    Did you have an acne issue before this incident? Plan be is hormones on steroids so it does a number on our bodies. Best advice is to let your body go through the motions and get the hormones out of it. Research ways to naturally flush estrogens from the body. Drink lots of water Clean up your diet Try to not stress
  5. 35 and the worst acne of my life

    Acne as an adult is definitely no fun. I'm 33 so i get it! As for supplements, i would recommend not taking a supplement or a group of supplements because of the internet. It may be worth getting tested to see if you are deficient or to match up your lifestyle and diet and their symptoms. Supplements can definitely do more harm than good. A good place to start before getting professional help is by looking into your diet and lifestyle. Diet doesn't correlate to everyones acne but it may be an issue in your case. Big culprits are: dairy gluten night shades nuts sugar processed foods If that fails after a few months of doing it diligently, then go see a derm. As much as we all like the natural way, sometimes its ok to need professional hellp, especially with stubborn acne Good Luck!
  6. Day 415

    im sorry. You've made such great progress inspite of the setback. It may be time to either switch things up or finally try accutane. I would recommend diet changes and if that's a bust, then accutane. Anti biotics for acne will not help things long term IMHO. Chin up! Hugs frm NJ
  7. Extremely Severe Body Acne/ Scarring

    Accutane is the gold standard for treatment but keep in mind that treatment continues to work after you stop and that for some cases, it may take a second course to get things under control. Acne is definitely a physical as well as an emotional thing. Are you able to go and talk to someone where you're stationed. It will definitely help with the emotional aspect of things. As for the girl, it's hard sharing that something that most people take for granted (clear skin) bothers you. Be honest and she may just surprise you. Stay encouraged
  8. ALmost 2 months on spiro

    I agree! It takes a loooooong time. It also may not give you 100% clarity but it does help. Give it time and try to think progress in terms of months and not weeks.